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I guide busy business men with young kids escape the trap of serial dieting and lose 2 stones in 12 weeks ...

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Lateef Badat

11 September 2018

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mohammed as part of his 12 week transformation programme.

He challenged my thought process in relation to healthy eating choices and increased my overall strength.

Mohammed brings a special knowledge of psychological tools, science based expertise, and a practical programme that makes it easy and sustainable when it comes to diet and exercise.

It’s been a challenging 12 weeks, but well worth the effort and I now have a personalised programme that works for me and the quality support is always there after the 12 weeks.

I’ve seen first hand the quality results of others Mohammed has worked with and nice to be part of the fitness family. If you’ve tried lots of other things and want something that works and continues to work then I highly recommend Mohammed in your corner.


Mohammed Kazi

23 July 2018

I like to think im an excellent weight loss and lifestyle coach and all my clients would agree with me too :)


I help my clients reach their fitness goals by addressing the barriers that have been stopping them until now to become the best version of themselves.

Their isnt really a secret you just have to figure what is the most enjoyable way for you to get from point A to point B. I help you to figure that out by getting you to gain clarity, direction and focus through my transformation coaching methods. Once we know what to do the exercise and nutrition will become easy to implement.

When i see my clients are happy and they have achieved what they wanted.

My own results with weight loss which made me want to help other people to do the same.

I will help you to gain permanent results by guiding you to overcome the habits that are keeping you overweight. Most guys regress back to their old habits because they do not work on the habits that keep them over weight and do not enjoy the journey. I will help you with changing your habits and we will do it in a way which you will enjoy the journey.