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Michael Leverton

4 January 2019

Shhhhhhhhh. They have the best and newest equipment. It's spotless inside, a job well done for cleanliness. It's so clean, it smells nice in the gym. The reason I have this titled as "SHHHHHH" is because it's a gem, only refer and invite good members. Not members who get lost when it's time to put the weights back on their correct place, no screaming or yelling during sets. This gym doesn't have these issues, let's keep it that way pleaseGym is closed forever - effective 12/25/18.. R.I.P. Evolution Fitness More...



4 January 2019

Why are you closing down....whyyyyyyyyy?!? Was the random $40 maintenance fee a last second cash grab or was it desperately needed to keep the gym running? I'd gladly pay the $40 if I knew the gym would close otherwise. The gym seemed busy enough always, I'd like to think being in a industrial park rent was fairly low, membership fee wasn't stupid cheap (on par with gyms like NYSC and Gold's), and they were making improvements all year long (powerlifting room, yoga studio, kids daycare/babysitting), so it comes as a surprise this place would just close abruptly. Had to be poor financial planning and bad management behind the scenes, but it's anyone's best guess. Goodnight sweet prince. RIP. Hopefully this gym is reopened under new management at some point. All the chain gyms in the area suck compared to here. More...


Kelvin M.

31 December 2018

Update on their website in photo below. Still wish they relocated instead of completely closing down.


Chris G.

14 December 2018

I was scammed and I know how to fight it so if they try to open a new business or even they file taxes they are screwed. Google- consumer financial  protection bureau. File a complaint.File a unauthorized charge with CC or bank- u will get $ back for the $39.99 fee this month. I spoke to owner 2x. He sounded like a jerk both times. He tried to convince me the 2nd charge was not real and offered to come down and show my bank statement. I was told last Thursday I would be refunded. This Sunday phone was not answered for 4 straight hours. Other times it was busy half the day.  I worked as a personal trainer, gym manager and I know gyms are the worst biz to make $. Too much over head and insurance. MVP was always packed. Evolution was always empty. MVP owners were great. But, gym biz is not worth it. It's an ego thing. " I own a gym"... meatheads. The owner committed credit card fraud and I would cancel the card they have on file ASAP. He's a complete fraud and moron as he will face steep issues now. I'm going to sue them. They have no respect and stole $ during the Xmas holiday I believe so it's hidden in CC statements. Con artist and scammers!!! I never have a good feeling when they tried to get a security deposit for a no contract gym membership. I know the biz but they stupidly tried to convince me it's standards. I'm not renting an apartment. Security deposit? I even said if u close your doors I lose my $. I stood by ground and got a $34.99 membership.Website 800 # does not work, no one returns emails.The entire gym needs to go after these jerks. Stealing $ during holidays is pathetic. I hope I come face to face with the owner. But, he's too scared to show his face. Email me if you want to join me. I take this seriously as I had a feeling they were going to rob the members from day 1.  This guy is trash. And who cares if he is alright- he set up this scam. Gyms are worst biz to own. $ is not made from memberships. That's barely covers expenses. I know how to go about getting out $ back. I'm Chris at gia023 yahooI'm out for blood. This guy called me and lied to me and conned me. If some want to just let him go and continue his fraud elsewhere I can't stop u. But, he deserved the worst. He played us all. Again- cancel your card you have on file with them ASAP!  This piece of garbage may charge a January fee. Contact me and let's get justice More...


Ron Kay

4 November 2018

This is absolutely the cleanest gym I've ever gone to. I love the classes and the spinning. Amazing cycles! My only complaint is that there aren't enough classes in 8:00 am to 10:00 am time slot. Hope that happens soon. Especially on Tuesdays. More...


Shari Giarraputo

4 October 2018

Love the classes. Very clean gym.


Guy T.

20 September 2018

Great gym that has all your needs and continues to add to their facility.  Nice, friendly ppl at the front and the members are just as friendly!


Joseph Veneroni

4 August 2018

Hands down best gym in the Commack/Hauppauge area and easily the nicest gym I've ever used!!!


Ryan F

4 August 2018

Very nice gym!! All new equipment. Super clean environment.


Itz Anthony 7

4 August 2018

Love this gym, great environment, nice people, very clean and brand new equipment


Mercy Ferrante

25 July 2018

So glad I joined. #GreatEquipment #Greatevent #Motivated#awesomeclasses#Great staff


Stephanie Eth Ierano

25 July 2018

Totally remodeled! You must check it out!!! The new cycle room is �!!


Jessica Sarah Lippert

25 July 2018

I've recently decided to commit to a healthier lifestyle and I can't imagine doing it without this amazing new gym!


Amanda Grace Accardi

25 July 2018

This Gym has everything! Beautiful facility with brand new equipment, and three different group class rooms, including a separate yoga studio! I am very excited to join the evolution family as a yoga teacher � More...


Patricia McMonagle- Sullivan

25 July 2018

Another great class with Pat today! She always keeps it interesting. Amazing full body workout with weights, bands, bar and some TRX. If you haven’t taken her classes yet you are missing out! More...


Jacki Martinez

25 July 2018

I’m so happy I joined Evolution! The gym is so nice, super clean & the people are so friendly! I took a great class with Pat today. I can’t wait to try more!! The spin room looks awesome too! They just opened a childcare room that is adorable. I will definitely be bringing my kids soon. Best gym in the area! More...


Mike L

16 June 2018



Mike Weber

12 June 2018

Great gym with tons of new equipment. Everything is clean and working and the staff makes sure to keep it that way! The rates are amazing for the amount of gym you get and the location is extremely convenient! If you live or work in the area, it's the best gym by far! More...


Mike W.

11 June 2018

I changed to this gym a few weeks ago. I knew I had to join as soon as I walked in. If you had tried this place when it was MVP Fitness, you definitely should give it another shot. They've completely renovated the space. All new equipment, plenty of machines to choose from, and a staff that cares. It's amazing how much gym you get for the money! There's classes daily, included in your membership. Should you choose to work with a trainer, rest assured you're working with a true professional. As amazing as this gym is already, they're still working to improve it! It's also really conveniently located in the Hauppauge industrial area! The rates are incredibly reasonable for the amount of gym you get, too. Anyone in the area looking for a new gym, or even just a change of pace, should check it out! More...


Joseph W.

10 June 2018

Extremely clean, friendly staff and great group classes! Definitely one of the best gyms in the area, I would highly recommend.


Kevin M.

5 June 2018

Wow! This gym remodeled. State of the art equipment. Full squat and Olympic lifting platforms, full DB racks, functional training area, cardio machines, and turf area. Looks like group classes are offered. Gym is clean, spacious, and equipment is new. Check it out More...


Nicholas Lam

12 May 2018

Nice and clean gym in this area. Fully recommended


Jennifer Eagen

10 April 2018

I used to frequent LA Fitness and am impressed with the quality of this gym, top notch equipment (latest models in the industry!) and studio quality classes at a comparatively low price! More...


Joe C.

4 April 2018

A complete turn around from previous gym MVP Fitness. Evolution Fitness is always immaculately clean, luxurious, and has a sharp newly renovated design. There is a variety of great equipment to cater any style of lifting. Whether you are into powerlifting, bodybuilding or an average fitness enthusiast. You will find everything you need and more.You can tell the new owners put an extreme amount of care, attention to detail and effort into their business. They are doing everything they can to satisfy customers, create a fun fitness environment and put this hidden gem on the map. Keep up the good work! More...


Michael K.

27 March 2018

Great gym. Saturday workout class with Keith was amazing. Very happy with these guys.


keisha simmons

25 January 2018

Very clean and great staff. Equipment always available regardless of the time you go.