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Eve S.B. Web Design

Luton, Bedfordshire

Eve S.B. Web Design logo

Eve S.B. Web Design

Luton, Bedfordshire


Hello, my name is Eve, nice to meet you.

I am a freelance web designer and developer, and I can help you with your website, be it a new project or an existing one.
I will design your website, code it, make sure it looks fantastic on every possible screen size, take care of an on-page SEO, install a Content Management System (CMS), connect it to front-end and deploy it all to the hosting provider of your choice.



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Well, it depends on the type of the website, but generally, every great site always responds to its end user's needs first. When you think about your user, you look more reliable and trustworthy. And of course - the more you think of your user, the more Google likes you too! Win-win!

1. Do you have a brand?
2. What are the business goals of the website?
3. What are the goals of each individual page?
4. What CMS are you using/want to use?
5. What is the deadline?

Wide variety of skills and topics involved in making the website.

I started my own business because I wanted to do the work I am proud of.

I am an experienced self-taught web designer and front-end web developer. I have a wide range of skills, and I love my job.

All in total I have over nine years of experience in this field, for more information, please visit my Linkedin profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/evelina-blakcori-820a0b43/

Recent websites I built:
MottMac: https://www.mottmac.com - front-end and CMS integration
Sequence: https://www.sequencehome.co.uk - front-end and CMS integration
Connells Surveyors: https://www.connells-surveyors.co.uk - design, front-end and Umbraco CMS integration
Tidy Garden all Year Round: http://www.tidygardenallyearround.co.uk - design, front-end.


Aesthetics and interactions of the website, making sure the user interface of the site is consistent, making sure the website is usable on all devices.

Designing and coding of the website. Mobile, tablet and desktop design.

Wordpress, Shopify and any other CMS setup and integration.