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Toledo, OH

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Eternity of Memories DJ

Toledo, OH



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Joel Cossins

26 July 2018

Did an awesome job at our daughter’s wedding reception! Great variety of music for the younger and the more “mature” crowd. � Had a blast! Thanks, EOM!


Moving between songs to keep the energy level high, don't play a song too long to kill the mood, but play it long enough so people get in the groove. Variety is key. Young and Old alike want to have a good time, find ways to connect with everyone.

Electric. No dull moments but nothing over the top.

Keeping smiles on the faces of those in attendance.

My inspiration came from others charging so much money. The basics of the service is playing music. Some DJ's charge way to much, in my opinion for what they do and what they have. I bring a concert style feel with lighting and TRUE professional gear, no walmart speakers or toys-r-us lighting.

Clients should choose me because I TRULY have their best interest in mind, including their budget. No high prices, no nickle and dime pricing. What you get includes everything and all services.