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Alex T.

10 September 2019

I have direct experience with Eric and his Wing Tsun teachings.  Our association began in our church with Eric as the leader of our Personal Safety ministry.  As such, my work as a firearms and personal safety instructor naturally brought me in contact with Eric and his ministry.  We have worked together in this ministry for over 10 years.  Students from all walks of life and age groups have benefited from Eric's teaching.He started the ministry with the understanding of the need for self protection and safety that many of our congregants had.  Eric's mastery of Wing Tsun and all its components allowed him to use his knowledge and apply it to everyday situations that may call for the use of some of those skills.  He does an excellent job of translating and building up some of those techniques even for students who are not normal martial arts practitioners.  This shows the depth of his knowledge and his ability both to demonstrate the various skills and to teach them to others.He also has a solid understanding of the of martial arts for self defense purposes and not just to boost one's own ego or to misuse the skills he teaches for personal gain.  He is able to convey this attitude of passion, self-confidence and good citizenship in all of his classes. More...


Kendyl Y.

24 August 2019

To be fair- Eric is my brother, so I am hardly unbiased. On the other hand, Eric has been teaching me amazing things for my entire life. so, in a way, I am the most qualified person in the world to give him a review.Eric has had a life long obsession with the principles and teachings of Kung Fu. He believes in self-empowerment and the power of being able to maintain safety and control in any situation. He also teaches how this physical training affects you in all aspects of your life.Eric is a gentle and patient soul. He is able to teach anything with infinite compassion - he will never make you feel stupid or inadequate. He is also innately curious- if a student is not making progress he won't rest until he figures out how to teach that particular student in a way they can "get". Eric has had plenty of experience with bad teachers - he will never be one of them.Personally- and this is the very biased part of the review - any student is incredibly lucky to study with Eric. He has the power to transform your life. More...


Bobby S.

21 August 2019

What a hidden gem!.....Coach Eric is an amazing and gifted teacher in the art of Wing Tsun. He is very patient and he makes sure you understand the basic principles and concepts of wing tsun. I have trained with many instructors over the years but it is a pleasure to learn from Coach Eric. I hope to continue training with him for many years to come. More...


Cho S.

12 August 2018

I have been studying with Coach Eric for roughly a year now and it was an awesome experience. What I like the most about studying with Coach Eric is that Eric is a great martial artist and he is excellent in explaining complex subjects in a easy to understand manner. I am highly satisfied with how this class ran and the curriculum that Eric designed for each of the students. Therefore, I would strong recommend Coach Eric class to anyone that want to start learning Wing Chun. More...


Lj L.

19 September 2016

Coach Eric is an experienced martial artist.  His knowledge of wing chun is top notch.  In my years working with him, I've found him to be patient, to pay attention to detail and underlying principles (so important for wing chun), and to explain material and concepts well.  He works through WC in a systematic way, which I prefer to a more traditional approach.  For these reasons I highly recommend anyone interested in wing chun to train with him! More...


Rod T.

30 August 2016

Started learning wing chun with Coach Eric this month. Had several lessons now. Coach Eric is easy to learn from and very attentive to my proper learning. He has good attention to detail which I like and always happy and interested to explain things. It's fun and I enjoy learning wing chun but I can see that I have a lot to learn, of course. Fortunately, Coach Eric makes it fun and not complicated to learn. His method is methodical which makes it easier to pick up and not  overwhelming or confusing. I highly recommend 562 Healthy Wing Chun Kung fu for Peace for health and fun. Lot more fun and interesting than the gym! More...