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EP Photography is a custom portrait and commercial photography studio That specializes in creating photography that makes a statement. We focus on creating images that tell viewers a story. We achieve this by walking our clients/customers through our unique process where we design and refine details that create the "words" to your story.


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5 May 2011

I just love Erica! We had an engagement session, which was so fun and we got some great pics, which made cool Christmas gifts for our parents. Her blog shows a few "sneak peeks", but I am still waiting to see all my wedding photos, and I just can't wait! She is a talented photographer, who captures moments beautifully, and she is a pleasure to work with. Don't forget, your photographer will be with you all day on The Big Day, so pick someone you like being around! Erica Payne was a perfect fit for me! I would definitely recommend her. More...



3 May 2011

We got out engagement pics from ep photography and all i have to say is that it was the best decision ever, once we saw her work we knew it was it and didnt regret it, the session was professional but at the same time laid back and very fun. She came with great ideas and they all came out better at the end when we saw the pics, good quality, responsible, professional, flexible, i highly recommend it =]] More...



5 March 2011

I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE!!! ERICA IS AMAZING! I cannot brag about her enough! She is extremely flexible and has a lot of fabulous ideas and an amazing amount of knowledge of her art. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!



5 September 2010

I am absolutely happy with my decision of using EP Photography for my engagement and wedding pictures! She did amazing with the engagement pics! It was so easy to follow her direction, and the pictures prove it! I can't wait for her to capture our precious moments at our wedding in a few weeks. I know they will turn out wonderful! I will definitely recommend her to friends and family. More...



21 May 2010

I totally loved my experience with Erica for my engagement picture sessions! She took the time to make sure shots were perfect, had some great ideas that I never would have thought of and the entire thing was much more fun and relaxing than I imagined it would be! I cant wait to see what she'll be able to do for my wedding pics, she's highly recommended! More...



19 April 2009

We love EP Photography, She's professional & creative. Her photos are clear, unique, and one of a kind. Ep photography does a wonderful photo session. I recommend her work to everybody i know.......... More...



17 November 2007

Erica is such an amazing talent! Her work was breath taking from the bridal portraits to the day of coverage. There wasn't a single thing she missed. I truly valued her expertise and will cherish all the wonderful unique shots she was able to capture... I have not met anyone with as much style and grace as her. More...



29 April 2007

Thanks to EP Photography, memories of my wedding day were even more beautiful than I imagined. I was married outside on a sunny day which proposed even more of a challenge for any photographer, but EP's expertise and skill made my final prints look amazing! Thanks for traveling all the ways to Tennessee with no hassle. WE are forever satisfied with your service More...



19 April 2003

My wedding was photographed beautifully! EP Photography went above and beyond to make sure each picture was the very best that it could be, both on site and during development. Looking at my wedding album always reminds me in the best way how beautiful the occasion was! Wonderful photos of the bridal party and the guests vividly bring back the event for me. Always on time, professional and personable, I would recommend EP photography for all the brides and grooms who demand only the best. More...

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Understanding what you want say and understanding what's being said at that time so you know what you're capturing.

How do you want people to feel when they look at your image?

Pausing a moment in time that people can relate to and understand all in just a glance.

Because that's how photography works. It's not about what camera you have, or what light, or even how many tutorials you seen. It's about the knowledge on how you arrange it all together and knowing what to include in that arrangement because you; yourself has taken time to understand the subject.

I'm fun, creative, easy to relate too and like to achieve as close to perfection as possible on all my work.



Photography Elevated to art.

Specialized in editorial, Food, headshots and lifestyle content for social media.