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Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

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Middlesbrough, United Kingdom


We are a professional website development firm. We specialise in the development of a vast array of website designs, ranging from static websites to eCommerce stores. We can confidently apply your site to a myriad of frameworks including, WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, and Lavarel.



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1) User-friendly interface
2) Load time should be quick
3) Database query should be optimised to ensure information is relevant and quickly found.
4) Show related information that is relevant on the website to make the site as useful as possible.

1) What are the aims and objectives of the website?
2) Do you want to build site in specific framework and language, like PHP or .net?
3)Do you have hosting and domain rights?
4) How much traffic do you anticipate to your site? We ask this to ensure we provide the adequate servers.
5)Do you have the website links to your competitors to help us ensure we can build a high quality and competitive website ourselves?
6) Do you have any potential ideas for the website design you desire?
7) Shall we incorporate the site information or do you require a template which you will complete?
8) Do you need your site to be a place of eCommerce?
9) Would you need another website in the future?

1) Resolving complex challenges provide me with great personal fulfilment.
2 ) A chance to delve into my internet, technology and computer passions, every day.
3) Writing and dealing with code.
4) Seeing other people's visions and dreams become a reality through our support.

1) Personal freedom, choosing my own hours etc
2) Being a leader and developing on all levels, at my pace
3) Maximising control of my life to achieve my dreams and ambitions

1) Quick response times
2) Available to call most of the day
3) Experience in the field as well as genuine concern for the human aspect of website development, creating a user-friendly site while being friendly and professional with our clients to ensure they are comfortable dealing with us.
4) We aim to give our clients the best possible experience of us while being wholly satisfied with our services at competitive rates.



We can design and build a website using PHP for example dashboards, and information orientated site.

Any website that you desire in WP, we can build, we can create custom plugins for the site or install existing ones with API.

We can create themes for Shopify and customise themes as per your requirements, in addition to this we have built a vast number of private apps.

We can build new websites from scratch or modify existing ones to ensure they are modern and user-friendly to make you as competitive as possible. Making sure your site E-commerce is ready to make you money and reach out to more potential clients.