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Enhanced Chiropractic London

London, London


Enhanced Chiropractic London

London, London



We are committed to providing the highest level of Chiropractic care in London and we will help you reach personal goals, whether it's pain relief, correction or to be the best you can be.

Ultimately, we want you to lead a healthier, more comfortable life and reach your optimal health.


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Niki Baguley

8 February 2019

Prem is fantastic. He has really helped relieve my back and shoulder pain/tightness in only a few sessions. Cannot recommend him highly enough.


Byrony Seifert

12 January 2019

I went to see Dr. Prem to help me with some chronic lower back pain and shoulder pains that were not going away with typical stretching. After a few sessions, my back was feeling better than ever. In addition, the stretches and advice he gave me really helped me move on from having to see someone on a very frequent basis and made my job and frequent traveling much easier. Definitely recommend! More...


Florian Thamer

8 January 2019

Super friendly staff, fixed my back pain instantly and gave me great exercises to avoid future problems.


Chris Hill

8 January 2019

Having had a disc bulge for over a year, I went to see Prem as nothing else had fixed it. I immediately felt at ease and confident with Prem. He took the time to listen and was patient with me throughout. He worked on breathing, stretches, adjustments to my back and explained everything he was doing and why. Within weeks I had noticed a huge improvement and it has continued. I'm back cycling, doing all the usual things I could do before. I still see him not every 4-6 weeks. He really is brilliant. Couldn't recommend him highly enough. More...


Preston Yoo

8 January 2019

There are few practitioners that are not only knowledgeable, but have a true passion for the practice and care for their patients. Prem really stands out with this and I always feel he goes above and beyond in his practice. More...


Aman B

18 December 2018

I tore my rhomboid muscles through gym and had problems with muscle tightness in my back for years. After going to regular sessions at Enhanced Chiropractic Clinic I saw a massive improvement and feel as good as new! Highly recommended!


Even Stevens

18 December 2018

The team at Enhanced are great. Very patient, very knowledgeable and brought my back to full health after a car accident. Couldn’t thank you enough.


Jaskaran Tatla

14 December 2018

Dr Prem is amazing. He has really helped me understand what the root cause of my neck pain. I would highly recommend him


Rozzy Freeth

13 December 2018

Prem is fantastic! He is professional and always takes time to listen. He uses a variety of techniques meaning you can grasp what works best for you body- highly recommend.


Jasdeep Rai

8 December 2018

I was suffering from back pain and didn't quite know the cause but Dr Prem was able to alleviate the pain in the first treatment. Will be returning for follow up treatments and would definitely recommend - great results and overall great experience. More...