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EmmanuelleChaix provides top dog walking, dog day care, dog training, dog grooming, dog photography, and dog filming services for Kensington and Chelsea.

Call/text +44 (0)7957 327 904

Dog Walking
We provide an initial assessment and evaluation of your dog’s behaviours. We pick-up your dog from your home or workplace on the days your dog needs a walk and on an ongoing basis. Our walking services are tailored one-to-one walking sessions. We also do group social dog walks and pack walks. We consider your dog’s personality so he/she gets the most out of each walk. Socialisation with other dogs takes place whilst out and about. We use quality dog toys for play times and for dog games to stimulate him/her mentally and physically. Your dog shares fun times with the best dog walkers in London at her/his pace. We can combine dog Walking with dog Day care. We tailor for all dog ages, dog sizes, and dog health conditions including dogs with injuries and dogs in rehabilitation. The dog Running/sporty service enables your dog to release his/her energy levels. We go to the River Thames banks and to many parks including Hyde Park, Holland Park, Brook Green, Ravenscourt Park, Barnes Park, Putney Heath, Bishop’s Park, Wandsworth Park, South Park, and Green Park. Areas we especially cover include Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Fulham, Hammersmith, and Shepherd’s Bush. We drop-off your dog while you are at work for ease.

Dog Day care
The initial assessment allows us to evaluate your dog’s behaviours to best fit with the day-to-day interactions. We pick-up your dog from your home or workplace as needed. The care provided enables your dog to relax and develop a bond with the team. Time outdoors is in place for fresh air and exercise. We make sure we meet the pace of your dog. We feed your dog as needed, including special diets. We offer a calming environment where your dog can rest around activities. We welcome dogs and puppies of all ages, pedigree, mixed breed, and rescued dogs. We drop-off your dog while you are at work as needed.

Dog Training
We assess and evaluate your dog’s behaviours and what you would like to achieve. We use tailored dog and puppy training including dog obedience techniques, as well as clicker training to train your dog and puppy. We only use positive reinforcement training methods. The programmes are adaptable to identify the gaps and the strengths to focus on. Your dog will get a bespoke activity calendar. The training sessions are structured, on a one-on-one basis with you and your dog. It allows you to develop a strong bond and better communication with your dog. We also encourage dog agility building. We guide you step-by-step, we provide coaching and follow-up dog training sessions.

Dog Grooming
We provide a mobile dog grooming, dog nail clipping, and dog hygiene service. We confirm a day with you for your dog’s appointment. Once booked, there is no waiting time and so it helps keep your dog calm. It is a personal and caring service, only one dog is groomed at the time. Long haired dogs and short haired dogs are fully washed, as well as brushed and groomed as needed. Hair mats are removed. Your dog feels, looks, and smells his/her best. It offers a stress free dog grooming experience.

Dog Photography and Dog Filming
We provide the following:
1.Dog photo shoots
2.Dog portrait studio photography
3.Dog portfolio builder for TV or personal use
4.Fashion shoots with dogs
5.Photo shoots with dogs for magazines
6.Dog creative filming
7.Dog film and dog video casting

EmmanuelleChaix works closely with a network of veterinary practices and clinics in London who supports our work and activities with dogs.

EmmanuelleChaix believes that treating all dogs as our own is key to our small London dog business. To deliver the best, the initial assessment and evaluation allow us to determine the best care plan for your dog and you, to suit your lifestyle.

EmmanuelleChaix provides an informed level of practice and care with one point of contact.


www.EmmanuelleChaix.com pour toutes reservations
07957 327 904 / mchaix@gmail.com

EmmanuelleChaix peut vous offrir un service pour vous ainsi que votre chien ou chiot en Francais. EmmanuelleChaix a une grande passion pour les animaux et enormement d'experience avec les chiens. Le business specialise en la garde de votre chien pendant la journee, ou chez vous, promenades, dressage, brossage de dents, bain, toilettage, service pour votre chiot ainsi que conseil pour le choisir, sejour vacances a Londres ou en residence campagne, conseils veterinaires, acupuncture et therapies complementaires

La garde la journee est soit dans un milieu calme a l'interieur et avec acces permanent a l'exterieur dans un patio jardin ferme, soit au parc en promenade, soit chez vous. Cela est decide avec vous selon les besoins de votre chien ou chiot pour que ce soit une experience sand stress et tres agreable

A bientot

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Emmanuelle Chaix Reviews

Emmanuelle Chaix Reviews

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Oscar Arris
5 08/01/2018 Oscar Arris

Emmanuelle rocks! We have a very nervous English Bulldog, and she and the team keep him happy and healthy when we can't be at home. We've used their services a few times now, and each time we are extremely pleased. Nothing is too much trouble, communication and texts are always welcome to reassure me.

Sometimes your pup will even get a little extra exercise (thanks for jogging with him!). :-) Booking online is simple and convenient.

Highly recommend!

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Katie Yeo
5 05/01/2018 Katie Yeo

Excellent company, your dogs will love being taken care of by Emmanuelle. She is knowledgeable and extremely professional. I would recommend her to anyone.

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Charlotte
5 30/12/2017 Charlotte

Emmanuelle is 100% reliable and very professional. She always replies very fast to emails and my French Bulldog Lola loves her very much.
I can highly recommend her services.

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Frank Fijalka
5 20/09/2017 Frank Fijalka

Max is delighted every time he gets picked up.
Always comes back tired and happy
Have had a few dog walkers in the past Emmanuelle Chaix is by far the best.

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Kelly Nunes
5 17/09/2017 Kelly Nunes

My chihuahua Yoda has never been left with anyone for 7 years until now. I was very nervous but Emmanuelle answered all my questions, met me a few times and I am actually feeling very relaxed now. Yoda has been on his third walk and seems to be happy so I would definitely recommend her services. Thank you!

Yoda loved day care with Emmanuelle and he had the best 2 weeks ever. Emmanuelle sent me photos and updates through the 2 weeks and treated him like he was her own dog. Emmanuelle loves animals and I trust her 100% and thank her and her team for looking after him so well.

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by I Tu
5 21/07/2017 I Tu

My two dogs love the team at EmmanuelleChaix, I feel so relaxed when I go on holiday and for their regular care I know my babies are well looked after, well done x

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Bassam Al Tamimi
5 03/07/2017 Bassam Al Tamimi

I relied on the services of Emmanuelle Chaix in October and November in 2016 for my West Highland White Terrier Brus prior to us moving to France and I do not know what I would have done without her. I met Emmanuelle Chaix through a friend who relied on her services for his dog and who highly recommended her. I called her immediately. She did everything from working with Brus on some of his socializing issues to training him to walking him. I completely trust her with Brus. She loves him and it shows in how he responds to her. After boarding Brus with Emmanuelle Chaix on two counts during week long overseas trips I had to make, I was walking Brus on the evening of Diwali festival celebrations in Holland Park and the fireworks frightened him and he ran away. He was missing for twelve hours. At 6am the next morning he showed up at the doorstep of Emmanuelle Chaix and there is really no higher testament than this for how good Emmanuelle Chaix is. When Emmanuelle had two hours left in Nice before returning to the UK last month, she came to visit Brus and I in Nice and brought him a toy gift which was very thoughtful and sweet of her and Brus was very happy and excited to see her and he also loved his gift which pushed all his ratter instincts. When she left us for the airport, Brus kept turning back to see why she was no longer with us and with a sad face. If anyone wants to talk to me to get further information, just let Emmanuelle know and she will give you my phone number.

What I appreciated most about Emmanuelle was how much she went above and beyond what I was paying for. She has constantly given me pointers and resources on how to best train and handle Brus, has kept an eye on alternative dog food options for Brus’s sensitive stomach and even caught what turned out to be a potential dental problem in Brus’s mouth. This, in addition to just how thorough and detailed her socialization recaps were, made me feel very pleased with my decision to introduce her into Brus’s life.

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Kelly Nunes
5 16/05/2017 Kelly Nunes

My chihuahua Yoda has never been left with anyone for 7 years until now. I was very nervous but Emmanuelle answered all my questions, met me a few times and I am actually feeling very relaxed now. Yoda has been on his third walk and seems to be happy so I would definitely recommend her services. Thank you!

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by pete baker
5 27/04/2017 pete baker

It has been almost a year now that Emmanuelle Chaix have been taking care of Chester my Border Collie. In that time Chester's behaviour has improved a lot, he is much calmer; he hardly pulls on his lead now; he seems much more content; I can even take him on public transport and he just settles down without any stress.

Emmanuelle Chaix as a company have always looked after him and never cancelled or let me down, I could not recommend them any more!

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Andrew Doughty
5 16/03/2017 Andrew Doughty

Emmanuelle looks after my dog Millie, Millie can be a problem with people and dogs she doesn't like but Emmanuelle works around this. She is always able to accommodate changes to her schedule.

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Diana Bilenko
5 08/03/2017 Diana Bilenko

Very good dog trainer, helping us to achieve our aim every session. I didn't have hope about to change my dog behavior, but now I can see the big progress since we met first time. Big thanks to Emmanuelle for her help and support.

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by charlotte finlay
5 13/02/2017 charlotte finlay

Thank you Emmanuelle for the past 6 months and more to come this year - Ziggy has adapted very well to day care and seems very happy. I am trying out some new training tips we discussed recently to help with pulling on the lead and random barking at some dogs or people...
Charlotte and Ziggy

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Evie Mocca
5 05/01/2017 Evie Mocca

I would like to send EmmanuelleChaix a huge THANK YOU for the excellent care she provided for Mocca & Evie while we were away in NYC. Mocca & Evie throughly enjoyed their time with her, they came home very content. I was always updated with emails & pics which made me relaxed knowing they were happy and safe!
I would throughly recommend EmmanuelleChaix for home care, very loving & truly professional.
Stacey Al-Nasser

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by pete baker
5 03/08/2016 pete baker

My Dog is only looked after for just a few days a week, but there has already been huge improvements in his behaviour; I now have peace of mind, I highly recommend Emmanuelle Chaix.

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Lenka Leadley
5 24/03/2016 Lenka Leadley

Fantastic service which you and your dog will love. Flexible and customised to your needs. Reliable, knowledgable, trustworthy and very professional staff. Best company of its type in London.

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Miss G
5 01/02/2016 Miss G

An amazing experience with Emmanuelle Chaix. Very professional, caring and connected with animals. Dogs Just love Emmanuelle and her team, and respond to her training. I can safely say any dog guardian would feel at ease with Emmanuelle Chaix. I can't say how good the services have been. Thank you.

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by A Bopa
5 13/07/2015 A Bopa

1. They work with one-to-one or small dog groups. Great for us because our boxer has a very strong prey drive.
2.Outside run where they can get some sunshine, and get outside
3. The dogs are always attended
4. Extended hours - I have to drop off early and pick up late, super convenient.
5. Emmanuelle Chaix have been super friendly and you can tell that they all love dogs
6. Very reasonable prices! Worth it for the peace of mind of knowing your dog is getting properly exercised which is another bonus.
7. I also really like that the dogs have quiet time. My dog can run for HOURS and literally exhaust himself so that is nice knowing they'll let him calm down.

Life-saver! When my partner started working full time, we didn't know what we were going to do with our crazy energetic dog during the day. We have used EmmanuelleChaix and it is exactly what we were looking for! He's been there a few times now, and LOVES it!

Overall, I highly recommend. I'm glad I went with Emmanuelle Chaix versus some of the other places I was looking into. I think both me and my dog are very happy with this place!

Review of Emmanuelle Chaix by Andrew Barker
5 25/06/2015 Andrew Barker

We use Emmanuelle Chaix for our clients dog care while away and they have always given us great feedback. We can heartily recommend her. Top marks!!!

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Emmanuelle Chaix Q&A

Emmanuelle Chaix Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

It is rewarding to see positive changes in the dogs wellbeing.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Working with animals.

Why should our clients choose you?

Listening to customers and considering their dog is the priority, whilst working around schedules.

Services provided by Emmanuelle Chaix

Emmanuelle Chaix Services

Dog and puppy services

Easy, straight forward, happy owner and pet alike – all dogs and puppies welcome £20 / upwards Dog day care Puppy day care Dog training Dog walking Dog boarding Dog holidays Dog grooming

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