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Emma Combes

Ealing,, Greater London


Emma Combes

Ealing,, Greater London


I focus on getting to the root cause of the problem with my clients so things can shift powerfully, permanently and quickly.

I only work with people if I'm absolutely certain I can help them get results.. please contact me to discuss your issue / challenge.



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Helping people transform and seeing clients have major breakthroughs that often affect many different areas of their lives.

Helping other create change in their lives the way I've been able to in my own.
Also, to help others discover their true potential and get over anything that's preventing them from doing that.

Im focused on fast lasting results that get to the root of an issue.
I'm passionate about creating positive change in someone's life so they can go on to positively affect others in whatever way that may be, and by doing so create a ripple effect going forward.

I only work with people who are serious about getting results and deeply transforming their lives.


Deep transformation over 4 months. A private session with me every 2 weeks. Plus email access between calls.

Want something to blast through an individual limiting belief, pattern or addiction. This is for you. I'll always let you know if I think you need more than one session.