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Elwyn Scott Personal Training

Wadhurst, Kent and East Sussex

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Elwyn Scott Personal Training

Wadhurst, Kent and East Sussex



I am an experienced Personal Trainer, working closely with my clients to help them lose fat, improve fitness and better their health. Travelling to clients homes to do all the training there: for those who don’t have that extra hour to travel to and from the gym or simply don’t feel comfortable in gyms, this is the perfect solution!


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26 August 2014

I originally got in touch with Elwyn as I was going to Ibiza for my 30th birthday and wanted to be in the best shape possible. I had been unhappy with my weight for some time and although I only wanted to lose about a stone, it was a stone I was unable to shift on my own or at the gym. <br />Working with Elwyn made me realise I actually needed to lose body fat and turn it into muscle rather than<span id="moreReview514292" class="hide"> just lose weight on the scales. I reached my goal for Ibiza and have decided to continue with the sessions to maintain my weight in the run up to my wedding next year. <br />Elwyn makes each session different, fun and informative and although I sometimes dread him arriving (just being honest!), after he's gone I feel so much happier that I've actually done something. If you're like me and you need someone to give you a kick up the you know what or you just don't have time to get to a gym, I would highly recommend seeing Elwyn for a consultation. The best bit about it is that you can fit the workouts around your lifestyle and work patterns and I think the value for money is very competitive.</span> More...

8 March 2014

I've been working out with Elwyn for just over two years and he's helped me lose 35lb. I'm stronger, healthier - and a lot happier, and much of that has to do with his consistent guidance and support. He is the best trainer I've ever had and his enthusiastic spirit and deep knowledge of health and fitness means I'll be sticking with him for a while. Elwyn is lovely and no-nonsense all at the<span id="moreReview482400" class="hide"> same time, and a real pleasure to work out with. Best decision I've made in the last few years!</span> More...

14 February 2014

Elwyn is a wonderful personal trainer. He has a very good understanding of his field. He put me on a really healthy diet and a really good workable weight lose program. I have lost a stone and four pounds. I have not felt this fit for many many years. More...

1 November 2013

I love love these boot camp classes. The classes are varied and fun and not only to you get an all over body workout but also help with nutrition and setting personalised targets. The gym is amazing and much better than rolling around in the mud like other boot camps I have tried. I cannot recommend it enough! More...

31 October 2013

I have a real interest in keeping fit but sometimes find difficulty in keeping up a schedule to do this however with Elwyn's boot camps I found it such fun and different to normal exercise routines plus extremely effective in getting fit so really looked forward to each session and will definitely continue.

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I actually find the best way I help my clients achieve their fitness goals is by keeping in good positive communication with a high interest in their progress and appreciation to the hard work they put into each challenging workout I give them. It seems the admiration and appreciation I give is the highest motivating factor that keeps them going, and achieving the fitness results they are looking for.

Ensuring my clients understanding of how nutrition directly effects their progress in achieving their results; and hence guiding them to what will achieve those results, which is in truth the biggest secret to achieving the body of there dreams. Plus ensuring progressive consistancy in challenging workouts and programs specific to clients physical abilities and strengths.

I have the opportunity to be a large part of my clients decision to change, not only by increasing their fitness level and changing their body shape; but actually always turns out their health, personal wellbeing and self confidence in having achieved there goals. Getting to be a direct part of this, and watch the change is probably what I love most about my job.

Having been gym going for many years on and off. When I decided to become a Personal Trainer, I new from the amount of people I had spoken to that there was a very large amount of people who really did want to improve themselves (fitness and weight loss wise). But really felt uncomfortable, out of place, and self conscious even at the thought of going. So I decided not to work in any gym for this very reason. People want to feel comfortable and not self conscious while they working so hard to improve themselves for the better. This is why I started up my own business training clients from their homes.

I think anyone who is looking to change themselves for the better should be commended, As deciding and acting on that decision is to a large part the hardest thing to do. Its only fair to my clients that I give 100% of my expertise, and I can honestly say that people should only choose me to train with if they are 100% truely committed to getting results, because it is a partnership between client and trainer which gets results.



Training for Weight/Fat Loss, Core strength training, Muscle strength training and toning Nutritional guidance and weight loss management. Muscle Gain Using a range of training method styles from to cater for individual abilities and goals. Kettlebell training, Resistance training, I work with a large variety of clients, from people wanting to lose weight, gain strength/muscle size, posture correction and rehabilitation of old and new injuries, to help them make reach their fitness and weightloss goals.