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Kaitlee T.

10 April 2019

Elite Krav Maga has amazing instructors that are patient, caring, and truly care about their students.  This place teaches anyone from beginner level with no knowledge, to more advanced students, with previous training and backgrounds. The classes are a great workout, that help you stay or get into shape, and truly focuses on training realistic self defense techniques. These techniques can be used anywhere to protect yourself, family, friends, and loved ones.The students in the classes are all age ranges, from teens to retirees and great to train and learn with. Elite  Krav Maga isn't just about learning self defense and meeting new people, Elite Krav Maga is family! More...


Stacey S Trowbridge

24 December 2018

Great Instructors, great curriculum, realistic techniques for everyone. It helps that it also gets you into better shape.


Ingrid Cameron

22 September 2018

The instructors are very knowledgeable in self-defense and physical fitness. I workout 2-3 times a week outside of this class and their training kicks my butt and challenges me to work harder and increase my endurance. I highly recommend this top notch A+++ facility to anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves (and others) from becoming a victim. More...


Jeff DiMario

20 September 2018

Elite offers real world self defense training from instructors who are personable and care. A great way to get in shape and meet some really nice people. Try a free class if you can. You'll get hooked. More...


Sarah T.

5 August 2018

I have been attending classes for almost two years. The teachers are knowledgeable and encouraging. They take their time and are open to questions. It's a great atmosphere to learn how to defend yourself and get in a great workout at the same time. More...


William Conroy

2 June 2018

The best in self-defense and fitness training available anywhere in Central Florida.


Greg Spinner Vaughan

21 February 2018

Elite Krav Maga is a great school with exceptional staff and students. I dropped by for a class while I was in town and was treated like family. This is a awesome place to train.


Michael M.

3 May 2017

There is no doubt that Elite is good at what they do. The workouts are kick-ass. The people there are passionate about Krav Maga.  Unfortunately, I had to discontinue training because of a chronic ankle injury. When I left Elite forgot to stop charging my card. When this was brought to their attention they made a refund. Wish I could still train. Working out at Elite was challenging and one of the best workouts I have experienced. Comfortable friendly atmosphere, a great workout and form of self-defense. More...


Elvin Mejia

27 September 2016

The best at everything. Great team!!!!


James C.

12 May 2016

I haven't attended any classes there, but I spoke with Donald about the programs offered today. Even though they do not offer classes for kids, Donald took the time to chat with me about options for my son. I felt like he was a stand up type of guy and I would definitely recommend giving their program a visit based off my conversation with Donald and his commitment to answer my questions and help me out knowing I wouldn't be a customer right away. More...


Alyssa Smith

10 March 2016

From the moment I arrived, I've been at home. The instructors are helpful and encouraging. Everyone there with you is there to help you too. 3 classes in and I already feel 10x better. I would recommend this place to anyone! More...


Mike Penn

8 February 2016

The second I walk into the Studio I smile and forget about everything else going on in life. The people there are friendly, capable, and ego-free. Everyone is there to help everyone else improve and learn. I have gained very serious skills to protect myself and loved ones but the actual process of learning these skills could not be more fun. I am hooked. More...


Brent R. Herb

4 November 2015

If your looking for real world self defense this is the place. Excellent instructors teaching solid Krav Maga techniques!


Allen Pittman

3 October 2015

Great techniques for real life defense situations. Incredible workout and awesome instructors. If you think that self defense is a joke, come check us out. You will change your mind!


Wesley Gimenez

27 May 2015

excellent training ... Great instructor Chris ... I recommend


Lucy Kay

19 February 2015

I wish I could go more than three times per week.


Theodore Billiris

27 January 2015

Great training, great instructor. The 2 go together!


William Conroy

25 July 2014

“I have been at EKM for five years. Thanks to them, I've never been in better shape, or better able to handle myself in nearly any threatening situation. Thank you, EKM!"


Dennis Johnston

19 July 2014

Love Elite; took time off for healing. But look forward to coming back soon. Great place to train.


Dennis J.

25 February 2014

Elite Krav Maga:  Is a great school of instructionKrav Maga is no rules no MMA ring hand to hand combat self defenseThe school is taught by 2 well certified instructors with over 10 years experienceKrav Maga is Isreali Defense Forces IDF military hand to hand combat est. 1948 by its founderYou will get in great shape as the classes are good cardio and self defense learning Be prepared the get some bumps and bruises; its not for the shadow boxers; we do get physical here w/ Gear on of course. But I find this to be the best way to learn. You can't learn when your pulling your punches.Call them or come by for a class and see if its right for you.Check out the website. More...