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Jess McZombie

27 January 2019

I came to elite 9 months ago with the goal of joining the navy not really expecting to get near anytime soon struggle with weight loss and self esteem for years you name I had pretty much tried it. as I write this I'm on a train to start my navy training in the last 9 months I have dropped 40kg but also learnt how to maintain it I couldn't recommend Mac and elite highly enough :) More...


Rob Caston

7 September 2018

I would highly recommend Mac. He's very knowledgeable about fitness & strength training, but also on nutrition & how to not only shift the weight, but how to eat cleaner & better to give you more energy. I feel better & stronger than I have for many many years & I'm no longer intimidated by gym weights! MAc also ensures it's actually fun to workout. More...


Karen Wood

29 November 2017

I joined Mac at Elite 5 months ago. He is very professional, super supportive and his knowledge of nutrition and exercise is outstanding. Every session with Mac is fun, varied but challenging - he knows just how hard to push you! The combination of encouragement and training alongside the 21 day challenge gets amazing results - lighter, leaner and stronger with bags more energy - and super motivated to continue! Thank you Mac! Would highly recommend Elite. More...


Scott Gourlay

18 October 2017

Elite health & fitness is excellent. I had a kidney transplant in 2016 and needed help losing weight and getting fit. Mac gave me a personalised diet plan helpful advice and perhaps most importantly lots of encouragement. I have been doing 2 semi private training sessions a week with Mac , these sessions are very varied , Mac ensures you push yourself and get the most out them . This type of training has been far more effective than anything I have done before. Mac has helped me establish a much more healthy diet and exercise routine , the result is I have lost 2 stone and feel better than I have for years . More...


Rebekah Louise Banks

4 October 2017

I travel to sessions from Gloucester every week...it is the best thing I have ever done, the help and guidance mac gives me is amazing. I do it with my friend as well and we have both have had amazing support. I'm not the most easiest of people to work with and Macs support is amazing :) xxx More...


Georgia Louise Reeves

4 October 2017

I have been with Mac at Elite now for 4 months and I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made. I have recieved unbelievable amounts of support and I am reaching new targets I never thought was possible (22Ibs down ). Mac along with the whole Elite community encourage and inspire me. I have seen so many changes and improvements within myself. Highly recommend! More...


Michelle Parsons

4 October 2017

Struggled to find a training regime due to many ops on my right knee until i signed up with Mac at elite. Taylor made program that challenges me, stamina has improved along with range of movement on top of which the 21 day challenge help me identify foods that did not agree with me......you get a warm and friendly welcome, enjoy every minute More...


Rodger Williams

4 October 2017

Not only is Mac a great bloke to work with he has transformed my fitness and managed my weight down by 20kg. I always feel welcomed and supported and would recommend Elite wholeheartedly.


Anna Simson

4 October 2017

Not one to write reviews usually - I must say I (mostly) love going to Mac's sessions. By nature I'm lazy (!) so need the discipline but he's got me moving, fit, having fun and laughs along the way! Thank you Mac.


Jayne Davie

4 October 2017

I 'signed up' to Mac's fitness program a year ago following a diagnosis of chronic rheumatism in both knees and the possibility of a double knee replacement. This past year has seen me build muscle and stamina, losing weight too. I follow the nutrition program 90% of the time and the benefits are that I feel energised, motivated and proud of myself. Mac is a wonderful motivator...a good guy. We have a laugh and I wouldn't miss a session. I actually look forward to the gym! More...


Rachel Jones

4 October 2017

Mac at Elite Health & Fitness is an exceptional trainer. His experience and knowledge in relation to exercise and nutrition is very apparent during training sessions. The sessions are always varied, challenging (only to a level which is relative to your fitness), fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend! More...


Tom Payne

16 August 2017

I approached Mac with the aim of losing weight and strengthening my knees. Mac suggested that I do the 21 Day Challenge along with visiting the gym. This was a huge success and I am now about 1st. lighter and have lots more energy. Not only that, the gruelling sessions are fun and Mac will push you to your limits to succeed. Highly recommend! More...


Joseph Bird

5 April 2017

Couldn't recommend Elite highly enough, they look at every aspect of your fitness and will help with every step you need to take in order to achieve your goals. Would of loved to carry on training their Mac makes training much more fun than any other places I've been before More...


Andy Jarrett

15 December 2016

My wife and I have just completed the 21 day programme. Delighted with the outcomes. Learnt such a lot about eating more healthily and exercise. No where near as hard and rumbly tummy as we feared! Thank you Mac. More...


Ross Cutts

10 December 2016

Great team providing exceptional personal training - love our sessions and totally wouldn't want to go anywhere else


Tracey Davis

30 September 2016

Really happy to recommend Mac and his team in Cirencester! I needed to sort out the type of food I was eating and discussed with Mac, he recommended the 21 day detox .... BRILLIANT! I learnt so much from them about food groups, felt absolutely fantastic after the 2nd week, was sleeping better and feeling less overworked and stressed. With out going over the top it changed my life and I have become very mindful about what I eat. Thanks Mac!! More...


Francesca Pollara

2 July 2016

A very professional and fun team, incredible attention to details and requirements, great nutrition support. A pleasure to train with you guys! I'm loving the way I feel!


Rob Gibson

26 October 2015

Dave's years of experience and nutrition knowledge will enable you to achieve your personal goals.


Vivienne Lister

13 October 2015

Brilliant with much more enetgy and only just started week 3.


Melissa Goddard

19 July 2015

I've only been training at Elite for a couple of months but have already seen a massive improvement in my fitness and energy levels; my lean body mass is on the rise and my body fat is heading in the opposite direction and fast! Mac and Matt make everyone feel welcome and regardless of age, size or fitness level each week I see their clients making huge strides in their health and fitness goals. Their sessions really push you hard but we have a lot of laughs along the way and most importantly, get results! More...


Alex Mustoe

11 July 2015

When I found Elite I was bouncing back and forth between different exercise plans and fad diets. I was totally confused by all the different information on both nutrition and exercise and all I was doing was gaining weight and losing confidence. It got to the stage where I wasn’t going out because I thought I looked horrible in everything I put on. My energy and confidence levels were at an all-time low. I met Mac at Elite and it was such a relief to finally talk to someone who made sense. I have never felt less self-conscious talking about my health, fitness and goals with anyone – very quickly we identified where I was going wrong and I embarked on the 21 day kick-start programme. The 21 day is an amazingly easy to follow, nutrition plan with exercises routines are provided and some brilliant advice and support was given and I am now 5 kg lighter. I never expected such great results in such a short time not only I’m 5kg lighter I have reduced my body fat by 3% and have more energy than I have had in years and have enjoyed a lovely evening out with friends feeling fantastic – all this in 21 days ! I am definitely going to keep up with all the changes I have made, including going to the fitness classes – it’s not faddy or even a restrictive diet, it’s a lifestyle change that makes sense – and a difference. I owe so much to Mac and Matt at Elite, they are always there for help, support and motivation and I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone who wants, and is ready to, make a change. More...


Georgia Smith

2 June 2015

Best work outs EVER!!! The guys at elite fitness have created a great environment, full of energy, friendly and a lot of fun! Keep up the good work guys ! P.s loving the 21 day challenge, I would recommend for everyone to get involved! More...


Amber Fisher

15 May 2015

Mac and Matt really know how to kill you off! Such a fun but hard workout they won't let you give up! Really lovely people and such a lovely group to work out with! If your not aching by the end of the session, then you haven't worked hard enough but they boys always make you work your hardest! Would highly recommend the classes to anyone ☺️ More...


Stephanie Suzanne Ricketts

14 May 2015

Great great great sessions and always feel like you've put your all into it, and definitely work hard!!!!!, instructors are brilliant and really get you motivated!! would definitely recommend to anyone. More...


Dawn Griffin

5 February 2015

Have been training with Joe at Elite for over a year and remain as motivated as ever. I have lost weight but more importantly have changed shape gaining lots of lean muscle something dieting alone will never give you. And just when I think I am going to plateau Joe changes things up allowing me to push through and smash new PB's.The facilities are excellent and the atmosphere is always great as the trainers are all very friendly. They are also very knowledgeable and I have gained lots of great nutritional tips. This place offers truely personal training at its very best, why not see what they can do for you ! More...


Robert Henderson

22 January 2015

I came to Elite for personal training at the studio which I thought was state of the art and bespoke to personal training. I have since moved away and still have coaching from Mac by email and skype. I would recommend any time A****** More...


Dominy Cutts

22 January 2015

I have been having PT with Mac for nearly a year now and in my honest opinion his results are fantastic, he is very professional and his knowledge is outstanding. Every session with Mac is fun and different yet challenging and he know just how hard to push you! When I first signed up I thought I would have my ten sessions, loose abit of weight and that would be it, but actually Mac attacks are addictive and when you see results you want them to continue, also his dietary knowledge puts you on the right path! Elite fitness has a friendly environment and the whole team are welcoming and friendly, all I can say is go sign up and feel good!! :) More...


Craig Young

21 January 2015

Very friendly atmosphere and great help available if needed......Top class...


Laura Rettie

29 July 2014

The professionalism of everyone at Elite is absolutely splendiferous. It's been an eye opener for me to be trained here-nothing like I've experienced before and has put the fun back into exercising for me. The range of different drills they've got me doing is exerting me harder than I've ever worked out. The trainers are very very friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and most of all really genuinely care about your progression. Each of them are very proud of their clients and monitor progression meticulously. The studio has everything you need and is a modern and fresh environment to be in with free parking and even a mini kitchen and shower. I've never been in the studio with more than two other clients at anyone time. This is not a public gym, so it feels very private and exclusive. I couldn't recommend more highly. Best of all I can see results after just 5 sessions and it's ignited my enthusiasm for weight training. (Never done any before-was worried I was going to get bulky-actually it's sculpting my body much quicker than any amount of running I have ever done) and in a way I love too. Special thanks to Joe for changing my attitude to training and to nutrition. More...


Becca Moore

22 April 2014

Having done a fair bit of PT over the last few years, previous experience doesn't compare with the Elite experience! The set-up is fantastic - a dedicated PT studio with only a couple of others training at any one time so the space and equipment is excellent. With Tony, every session is different, keeping it interesting. I was once told you know you have a good PT when they take various measurements to benchmark your fitness and show your progress, which is what they do at Elite. It's very pro! You work hard, you have fun and you see results. Worth every penny! More...


Thomas Holliss

2 March 2014

Joe is an amazing personal trainer really encouraging and supportive! He allowed me to excel on my trip to Ecuador and I managed to climb the upper andes! The gym looks brand new and well kept and has a friendly environment to train in :) x More...


Hannah Rose Sturman

17 November 2013

Thanks to Joe at Elite my shopping trip today has been enjoyable. .down a dress size and losing inches off my jeans. Only been training with these guys a short time. Thanks!


Osteo Steve

8 November 2013

Elite fitness has an excellent set up with personal trainers that know how to get results. Thoroughly recommend.