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Eek! Design is the work of Chicago-land area graphic designer Emily Knowles-Grumble. Eek! design is a full-service branding and graphic design studio with over 18 years of industry experience. We specialize in logos, branding, display design, social media and web graphics we're a jack of all trades with experience in every aspect of graphic design.

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JO Guinness

Always the greatest work ethic and designs into excellence.


Adrian Flower

Professional, personable and attention to detail - second to non.


Matthew Duhan

Excellent work, very professional!! Very easy to work with and very client-focused!


Tim Araujo

Incredible work! The time, energy, and creativity poured into every project is clearly evident in the final product.


Mona Petrakovitz Miltner

Emily has done a wonderful job creating my bridal shower invitations, as well as my wedding invitations. She truly captured the feel that we were going for.


Michael Ziemer

Excellent quality products, friendly staff, great service, most definatly recommend!


Becky Jarrow

An amazing designer! She worked on my wedding and baby shower. Easy to work with and full of great ideas


John Galgano

eek! design design developed my website so I could get my name out when I was out of work. Remarkable work was done in a short period of time. It made a big difference in my ability to find work when I needed it. Thanks, eek! design. More...


Andrea Hawkins-Kamper

Innovative and superb design work. Themes are clear, product labeling/branding is on point, customer service phenomenal. Would rate more stars if possible.


Lexi Taylor

eek! Design is top-notch! Clear and evocative imagery will communicate your message in eye-catching design and detail. Emily is great to work with and will genuinely care that you're absolutely in love with the final product.


I always like to start new jobs with a kickoff meeting. Usually just a 15 minute call where i'll ask questions about what your basic goals are for the project as well as preferences regarding various design elements. After an initial kickoff meeting i like to start everything in my sketch book. Having a quick sketch sessions allows me to conceptualize the basic layout for the project i'm working on and gives me a starting point for the job. From there i move onto the computer so I can come up with mockups for presentation.

I usually like to have a 15-30 minute kick-off call with every new client in order to learn more about what they need. Also can be done via email if needed.

I work with a lot of small business owners who want to see their dream become a reality. I like that i get to be a part of that process since i can relate to it since I am as a small business owner as well. I also just love getting to do something so creative for a living. Even as a middle-schooler I enjoyed drawing my own designs for the inserts of my mix tapes and making signs and painting. I love solving the problems that come up in visual design.

I wanted the opportunity to explore fun design outside of my full time job at the time. Starting my own business gave me the opportunity to grow as a designer not only with paid gigs but with non-profit work as well.

I think the main reason is professionalism. After 18 years and hundreds of clients, the one thing I've learned is that even if you're the best designer in the world, no one will want to work with you if you can't answer an email in a timely manner or effectively communicate about your work. I pride myself not only on the quality of my work, but on the professionalism that comes with it.