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Working out isn’t just something you do to look good. We strongly believe it is the path to living a healthy and fulfilling life and we are committed to creating workouts that challenge you both physically and mentally. We pride ourselves on the unique personalized approach that keeps our clients safe and injury free.


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Cullen M.

23 May 2017

My daughter is taking kickboxing/self defense classes with Daniel.  She is 11 yrs old and having a great time.  When asked what she liked best she said, "I like the confidence it gives me, I like the strength and conditioning aspect and I have a blast with Daniel because he makes me laugh."  Daniel has been a pleasure to work with and he really knows what he is teaching and talking about.  Highly recommended!!! More...


Jason D.

30 June 2016

I have been training at Edge Performance Training with Daniel Ancheta for nearly five years and I love it!  I participate in his morning "Meat Grinders" group sessions.  The thing I like the most is each workout is different and always challenges you no matter how fit you may be.  You may box a heavy bag, perform burpees, slam a hammer on a tractor tire, push a weight sled, perform box jumps, perform some medieval mace like weighted ball slam side to side and row a 1000 meters.......that was Monday!!  You will get a new workout on Wednesday and again on Friday!  The other great thing about Edge is Daniel.  He continually educates himself on the latest fitness and health trends.  In addition he invests money back into his business through new torture devices!  See earlier comment on medieval mace like weighted ball.  Anyway, if you are looking for a great workout in a friendly environment then check out Edge Performance Training!! More...


Korrynn B.

31 July 2012

Daniel is an absolutely amazing trainer!  Within a few weeks, I saw results that I hadn't seen in months working with another trainer.  I love the small group setting and the intensity of our workouts. . .just when I get remotely close to feeling like I'm good at something, he throws another challenge at us.I won't be looking for another place to workout. . .he's stuck with me! More...

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