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Specialize in online dating photography, modern professional headshots + branding, and corporate culture + about us photos as well as location scouting, creative direction and wardrobe selection.


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Gabriella G.

12 August 2019

I had a fantastic shoot with Eddie. Very knowledgeable and professional. I high recommend hiring Eddie for your actor headshot needs!


Caitlyn S.

25 July 2019

Eddie is great to work with and his photos always come out stunning. He is definitely one of the more talented photographers I've had the pleasure of working with. I would definitely recommend Eddie to my friends. He does not disappoint! More...


Charlotte J.

23 July 2019

I am super late in writing this review BUT my experience and photos with Eddie in San Francisco was 5 Stars! Eddie made me feel comfortable, had a wonderful vision for the shoot and I couldn't compliment his talent more. Thank you so much!


Susan B.

16 May 2019

Eddie is a consummate professional who is a pleasure to work with and delivers great photographs. We needed head shots for our new website, but we wanted unconventional ones shot at a beach with the executive in a wet suit. Beyond that we didn't have a specific creative vision. Eddie turned up for a very early morning shoot with a great professional attitude and valuable creative direction. Best of all his images were fantastic. And his fees were extremely competitive. I am in the public relations industry and I have worked with a lot of photographers and I would say Eddie is one of the best in the business. More...


Cathy C.

14 May 2019

Eddie put me at ease during the photo session and captured the natural feel that I wanted in the photos. He is creative, conscientious, technically savvy, flexible with scheduling, professional, and communicates/listens well.


Greg I.

11 May 2019

Eddie has a great system worked out for getting a set of dating profile photos that look good without being over-produced and unnatural.  He is also a source of good tips.  I am happy with the photos and received compliments on them.  They certainly increase match rate on apps as intended. More...


Leslie B.

6 May 2019

I had a lovely experience working with Eddie. I hired him for an on-site (streetscape) headshot for business purposes, and since I hate being in front of a camera, I was nervous about the experience. I met Eddie downtown and felt immediately comfortable with him and with the experience. He gave me tips to help me look my best on camera, and I think they helped. The whole experience felt surprisingly natural.Eddie involved me during the photoshoot by reviewing photos with me, and he was both willing to experiment with some of my ideas and experienced enough to direct me to something that would be a success. I shared the final photo I selected with a friend, and she said it captured my personality, too. I recommend Eddie and would hire again. More...


Radha B.

25 April 2019

Eddie took my headshot for my LinkedIn profile and I am thoroughly pleased. He was great at answering all my questions regarding wardrobe recommendations, background inquiries and poses. He really knows the city inside out. The process is pretty seedless as he coaches you on angles and poses and shows you samples along the way so you can see what the photos look like. His relaxed attitude put me at ease right away.If you are not photogenic or not experienced taking photos, this is your guy. His photos are organic and bubbly not stiff, overly photoshopped nor edited to make you look fake. He aims to capture you in a flattering manner and make people look comfortable in their own skin. I wish I would have found out about him years ago. Definitely reach out with any questions or for a consultation. Thanks Eddie! Will recommend you to all my friends and colleagues. More...


Winnie E.

15 April 2019

Eddie is easy to work with and does a beautiful job! Highly recommend for headshots that are sleek and professional.


M B.

4 April 2019

Eddie's a really pro!  Although he does very thorough work in presenting someone like myself in an online dating context as far as photography is concerned, he does understand the need for good head shots and was able to work with me in the Downtown San Francisco Financial District as far as this.  I needed to set up my business and so while the photos were primarily online dating-oriented, they were still business professional enough to merit being used for my eventual website.I will use Eddie again at some point down the road.  He knows his stuff, is very patient, understanding and straight forward.  In case it matters, he's also a Bay Area native and knows the scene well. More...


Kat C.

10 February 2019

Eddie was really fun to work with! I needed a new professional headshot for my LinkedIn profile, and he absolutely nailed it. We shot at a few locations in San Francisco and I really liked the colors that Eddie scouted out, as well as his attention to good lighting. He helped me with my posture and outfits and selected the most flattering photos from our photo shoot for me. While he has great camera equipment, he truly has an eye for the best photo. Thank you, Eddie! More...


Kristin M.

15 January 2019

Eddie was a pleasure to work with both before-and-during my photo shoot.  I'm pleased with the outcome and have three professional headshots I'm happy to use!


Debora G.

3 January 2019

Eddie was hired twice by my company to take our employees' headshots. He is extremely responsive and quick to do his work. We are happy with the pictures he took for us. We will definitely hire him again. More...


Varrun R.

31 December 2018

I chose Eddie to get a set of photos towards online dating. Overall, I am satisfied with the photos and the experience but not impressed. Eddie was professional in his arrangements and communicative about what was required, outfits and place to meet. My main points of contentions if any were that the cost of the service is rather high and was geared more towards folks new to online dating with tips and recommendations, rather than just focused on good photos alone.PS: Be prepared to walk a lot More...


John A.

23 December 2018

I contacted Eddie to take some headshot photos and update my LinkedIn profile. My experience working with him was wonderful from start to finish. Before the photoshoot, Eddie was very detailed with his rates, guidelines and what to expect when working with him. The day of the shoot, we met in the Financial District to start taking photos. During the shoot we engaged in casual conversation to ease into the process and get more candid shots. The whole shoot was done outdoors in order to get the most flattering natural light. Eddie was a pleasure to work with the whole way through. His laid back demeanor makes it easy to get relaxed around him. While taking photos he will give advice on how to get better shots such as standing in a better positions and tips on better facial expressions. He is very accommodating of your needs and personal tastes and quickly adapts to it. After receiving the photos, all of his advice came in handy as I could see significant improvements from the shots I took at the beginning to those taken towards the end. I got several good shots that it was tough for me to choose just one photo for my LinkedIn. I will definitely be using his service again when I'm in need of professional photos. More...


Joe G.

23 October 2018

Eddie was a pleasure to work with. Incredibly smart and thorough. I was taken aback by how generous he was with his time and insight.


Michelle R.

17 September 2018

I've worked with Eddie twice so far and have always been impressed by his professionalism, his ability to make you feel comfortable, and eye for different angles. He's very easy to chat with - shooting with him is like shooting with a friend. I've always been pleased with his photos and his willingness to try different things. I've shot headshots with him, but also more athletic shoots as well. He has a good sense of lighting and above all, provides a fast turnaround on your photos. Very much appreciated! He's also punctual, communicative, and very easy to work with. I highly recommend Eddie! More...


Nicole M.

11 August 2018

I had the pleasure of working with Eddie on two separate occasions, shooting images for my @KALEJUNKIE Instagram and blog. He is punctual, kind, and most important, INCREDIBLY TALENTED. He is detail oriented and takes great pride in the quality of the photos he takes. He also makes it really easy for me to by my goofy self and feel comfortable doing handstands and other lifestyle shots that I've asked him to shoot! I hope to work with Eddie again and again. Highly recommend. More...


Daniela G.

8 July 2018

Really cool photos, color capturing, and creativity.  I really enjoy seeing what's next on the reel.


Anthony A.

25 June 2018

I contacted Eddie for a set of photos a week ago, I instantly liked his dedication, through emails, trying to understand my personality to picture the best shots for our session. But the best part was the session itself, not only he picked awesome locations downtown SF, but his way to take pictures is quiet unique. I was a bit stressed about it as I don't really like being in the model role, but the only thing I did was just chatting while enjoying a coffee or a beer. And, without breaking the eye contact, Eddie would just take pictures when I wouldn't expect it. Definitely a great experience! if I need more pictures I know who to call now. More...


Teresa K.

22 April 2018

I was in a crunch to get some head shots done and Eddie came to the rescue! I contacted him on a Saturday morning and we were able to shoot the next day. He was super professional and communicative and even provided some input on best colors to wear for the shoot. We shot at different locations in about 45 min and I received my head shots that evening. I was really pleased with the shots - they look so much more interesting than studio shots. Eddie also had great insight on different locations to shoot at. Places I didn't even know existed in SF. Highly recommend Eddie if you're looking to upgrade your professional head shots! More...


Danna A.

8 March 2018

I booked Eddie for a two hours session in February 2018.  I wanted to get few nice pictures to give to my husband as a gift.  Eddie is a brilliant photographer.  He is very professional and extremely talented.   He took his time to make sure that the final product is perfect.   I'll for sure call him again in the future and recommend him for portraits, personal or business purposes.   I'm glad I found an amazing photographer in San Francisco and that my husband is thrilled with his gift. More...


Sean B.

21 February 2018

Excellent photographer. Very easy to schedule and work with. Came onsite to my corporate office and did a fun shoot with me and my girlfriend, each got separate headshots. The photos turned out extremely well, exactly what we were looking for. More...


Anna P.

4 January 2018

As a non-profit, we had never had a photographer on site for our events, and we decided it was time to document and showcase our work - and we were so glad that we found Eddie.  He is extremely skilled at getting in there to get great candid shots without interrupting the flow of what is happening.  He has this lovely quiet presence, yet is not shy about jumping in and finding creative perspectives.The communication with Eddie was exactly what I hoped for:  quick response time, answered all my questions, checked in on me several times to make sure I got everything I needed from his work.  He was great at anticipating things I might need before I even thought of them.  It is always really satisfying to work with someone this professional and attentive.Eddie is a helpful person in all regards. We had a technical issue with our projector, and he stepped in and fixed it for us.  Not only is he a fantastic photographer, he is incredibly reliable, and a straight-up great person to work with.  We have already decided that Eddie is our photographer for all future events. More...


Luis V.

18 December 2017

Look no further if you are looking for great pictures that don't feel canned and boring. The photoshoot I did was geared towards online dating and it was a great experience.Eddie is very knowledgeable about interesting locations for photos in all areas of the city. The photos and advice helped me be more confident and helped shape my outlook on online dating.A few of the pics were also perfect for my LinkedIn, so all of my social media got an upgrade. Eddie was super flexible and can accommodate your specific needs. He also made the whole experience painless: I had no idea what I was getting into and Eddie was really good at keeping it relaxed and guiding me through the process.Highly recommended! More...


Jenni S.

11 December 2017

Eddie was so easy to work with and photos turned out great. We spent over and hour together, scoping out different locations and he made sure  I got a ton of great options to choose from. The whole process felt really natural and he kept me laughing throughout the shoot. The end result was a selection of pictures that really captured the professional/ yet casual vibe I was going for. More...


Yvonne H.

8 December 2017

Eddie is so great! He is extremely flexible with his time and always tries to work around everyone's schedule. On very short notice, we needed someone to help take pictures and Eddie was happy and willing to help!As far as the pictures we got, they were AMAZING. We gave him little to no direction because we had never been to the area as well, but he was able to take BEAUTIFUL pictures. He gave us a wide variety of options as well. I would most definitely continue to go to him because he is extremely kind, professional, and reasonably priced! More...


Josh S.

17 November 2017

Eddie is awesome. I am not comfortable being in front of a camera, and Eddie took the edge off with good conversation and light humor. He is super professional, was timely, and turned around my photos extremely quickly. He gave awesome recommendations throughout the entire process. He helped me pick out the right outfit, and find the right locations. I would recommend working with Eddie to anyone. More...


Ashlyn R.

15 November 2017

Eddie is an absolutely amazing photographer. He is super professional, punctual, and most of all very skilled at what he does. We met in the mission for me to do some shots for a comp card I am working on for modeling. He was able to capture me in 4 different outfits in under two hours. He did a remarkable job capturing many versatile poses, styles, and facial images. To top it off, he was quick to return the images to me. I would totally use Eddie again, no doubt! More...


Lisa B.

3 November 2017

Working with Eddie was great. I usually take terrible photos, but he managed to make me look like a professional for needed work headshots and my LinkedIn profile. His price was reasonable and the work is excellent quality. I would definitely use him again! More...


Laurie H.

3 November 2017

Eddie was great to work with.  He listened to what I wanted and the final product was better than I even hoped.  He's attentive and relaxed and quick.  Hire him now before he gets famous! More...


Mike H.

16 September 2017

Best photographer in SF. Anything you need he can do. He took care of my professional photos and did an outstanding job.


Spartevan V.

5 September 2017

I had a blast working with Eddie Hernandez. We updated some headshots in early August on site around The Mission. We exchanged a few texts regarding wardrobe, and Eddie is a fan of bold, solid primary colors. As am I, so this worked out well. I did bring some furs with me, you know, since it was August in San Francisco, but overall the shoot was much less glam squad and much more urban sophisticate. I'm sure you could set expectation if you prefer more "boudoir" look and feel -  but overall I feel Eddie's forte is ubiquitiously "San Francisco": Effortlessly urbane. From his impeccable location shots in The Mission, to his unflappable professionalism when encountered with nude men watching our shoot (you knew I was going to bring up the naked leering Peeping Tom - and you should see my facial expressions he captured!), to his ease and desire to capture one's natural spirit and charisma. (Although, I'd be happy with a less wrinkled charisma, but hey - I'm a funny gal and laughing is dangerous for the skin).If you're looking for someone to capture your essence and the spirit of San Francisco/Bay Area, Eddie Hernandez is a premier choice. More...


Shoshana G.

7 August 2017

I took headshots with Eddie last week in Oakland and I'm so impressed with his work! I felt really comfortable and at ease right away. He picked some really great locations in Downtown Oakland and the pictures look both natural and professional. If you're in the market for new headshots, I would definitely recommend booking a shoot with Eddie! More...


April H.

24 July 2017

Eddie is creative, punctual, and devoted. Enjoy this artist while he is still up and coming because soon you won't be able to get on his calendar. I was supremely thrilled with the outcome of our shoot. More...


Clara V.

19 July 2017

Eddie was amazing! I needed headshots on very short notice (I contacted him during the 4th of July!!!) and he was incredibly responsive. He worked with me the following day, was so detail oriented and thoughtful in his work. I got some fantastic headshots. Could not recommend more highly :) More...


Semira M.

19 July 2017

I love how the pictures turned out. The lighting, the background and just the overall quality. Eddie has a good eye and is great with choosing flattering angles. He really took his time and I felt comfortable. I ended up using 2 of the pictures as a cover for my books, one for each book. I plan to work with him for more headshots pretty soon. I highly recommend him. More...


Aimee D.

17 July 2017

Working with Eddie was great, the headshots came out better than I could have hoped for and for an unbeatable price. His work was turned around incredibly fast, so needless to say I was 110% happy with the results. I highly recommend Eddie!


Amy K.

20 June 2017

Eddie was great to work with on my LinkedIn headshot, and I couldn't be happier with the results.  He made me feel really comfortable during the 'shoot' and was flexible in taking a variety of shots to give me some really good options.  I'd been putting off getting a headshot update, but I am so glad I did it (I now get lots of compliments) and it was actually an enjoyable experience with Eddie's professionalism and chill personality.  I highly recommend Eddie! More...


Jennifer J.

19 June 2017

Eddie was absolutely fantastic to work with on my corporate headshot! I had reached out to a couple photographers, and I ended up going with him because he was one of the most responsive, flexible, and upfront. I don't take a lot of photos, including selfies, so it was great that Eddie provided just the right amount of input without being overbearing/confusing. We had some good laughs during our shoot which made the whole process that much more pleasant, and now I'm even considering setting up some time for my husband with Eddie. Definitely would highly recommend. More...


Jasmin H.

15 May 2017

Eddie is a talented and skilled photographer, very professional and easy to work with. I've long wanted to get a professional headshot but have been putting it off. I found Eddie here on Yelp and reached out to him. I asked for a quote, and he responded back to me quickly and we were able to schedule a shoot within a short time period.During my photo session, Eddie gave me helpful tips and cues which made me feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera lens. We also went to different spots to test out the difference in lighting and backgrounds, and this left us with plenty of great photos to choose from!Eddie definitely has a creative eye for capturing shots in a natural, effortless way. I also loved his recommended spots - I thought they were unique and cool. The photos turned out beautifully with great lighting and were captured in the right angles. The exact style and feel that I was hoping for.The turn-around time for the photos was also surprisingly very fast. Eddie was able to put everything together much sooner than I had anticipated. He did a great job and I was blown away by the results. The hardest part for me after was deciding which photo to use as my official LinkedIn headshot. I really appreciate his recommendations and for giving me options for comparison. It's hard for me to distinguish minor differences in lighting and style, so it helped a lot that I was given different versions to compare side by side.I highly recommend Eddie if you are looking for awesome portraits shots and fast, quality work at a good price. It's well worth it! You won't be disappointed!! More...


Tara C.

15 April 2017

Shooting with Eddie was awesome! He's super sweet, talented and open to suggestions :) We shot in the streets of San Francisco for a couple hours and I got so many amazing shots from that shoot. I would definitely recommend him to  anyone looking to get some nice portrait shots :)! More...


G C.

23 January 2017

Eddie has an eye for lines, colors, palettes, exposure, lighting, backgrounds and framing.  Great for portraits, events, capturing moments, essence, and emotions, Very professional, easy to work with, would definitely work with again.  Highly recommend!


M. B.

29 June 2016

I had a great time shooting with Eddie. He is professional, courteous, and he has a great eye. I loved the shots he took and I hope to work with him again.


Crystal K.

22 June 2016

I had the opportunity to work with Eddie on a few different occasions and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a reliable and skilled photographer.  I love all the images Eddie and I created, from scenic Yoga poses to badass Fitness shots to beautiful head shots.  Eddie has a great eye for detail and setting.  He has the ability to capture so much more than a photo, he tells stories through the details of each image.  Eddie is also a blast to work with and is very punctual and professional. More...


Cynthia F.

23 March 2016

Eddie was everything I could have hoped for in a professional photographer. He responded quickly to my request, which for me was very important, for I was pressed for time. He listened to my needs and was quick to understand and help me articulate them. He was able to make an  appointment for a session quickly, and was flexible about timing and location. He was a fantastic photographer to work with in terms of making me feel comfortable (this kind of thing is hardly my forte!!!! Was my first professional photograph in fact) without any artifice. He shot quickly and was efficient and his results, which he also produced incredibly quickly, were outstanding. I would recommend him 100% without hesitation. Smart, efficient and kind person. I'm truly a fan! He also was reasonably priced!!! More...


Nina R.

18 January 2016

I never look forward to photos, immediate forced smile awkwardness in front of a camera BUT I left my session with Eddie feeling like a fabulous, beautiful and successful professional. Eddie took the lead on locations & wardrobe pairing, really knowing what makes sense and looks great. My favorite part was how he always showed me how the pics were coming out on his camera so that I could adjust. He was clear and calm with pose suggestions and as a result, everything turned out great. We shot for a few hours, including different locations and I easily have 10 headhsots to chose from. More...


Monica L.

3 September 2015

I had a great experience working with Eddie to do professional portraits. I used the photos he took for my professional website, FB, and linkedin profiles and I still get tons of compliments months after posting them. Eddie is great to work with, very easygoing, good communication and guidance. He also knows all the best spots in the city to take photos in interesting and varied settings. More...


H. J.

11 August 2015

It was a pleasure working with Eddie. He photographed one of our exclusive events at my work. He was very reliable, and he captured so many great moments. We were pleased with his work and impressed with his professionalism. Thank you, Eddie! More...


Shaun T.

10 February 2015

Oakland Digital ODALC.org hired Eddie to take photos for our annual Inspiration Awards gala this past December (2014). We needed someone to take ambiance shots of the venue/crowd, shots of the speakers, guests, musician, honorees and volunteers and we were quite happy with Eddie's ability to navigate to/from the various rooms in the venue and obtain posed and candid shots throughout the event. He was professional and turned around the photos within a few days, so that we could share the photos on our website and various social media pages immediately following the event. Furthermore Eddie was able to place our photos in San Francisco Magazine through his connections - this was beyond what we were hoping to receive from his services. As a non-profit, we always welcome opportunities to obtain much exposure for Oakland Digital Arts & Literacy Center. modernluxury.com/scene/o…On behalf of the team at Oakland Digital, we would love to work with Eddie again on future projects/events. Together, let's continue to INSPIRE OAKLAND! More...


Michelle F.

5 February 2015

We hired Eddie back in August 2014 to take shots of our Fried Chicken fundraiser and the San Francisco Street Food Festival, an 80,000-person event in the Mission District. We cannot stress enough how amazing it is to work with Eddie. Not only was he exceptionally professional but he captured our shot list perfectly (even when we weren't always clear on what we needed during the chaos of the event). Finally, his photos were spectacular and we continue use them in digital and printed collateral. Since working with him at the events last year he has done photo shoots with several of our clients including spectacular portraits and food shots. Again, the quality of the photos has been nothing short of astounding, and we wholeheartedly look forward to working with him again. More...


Heidi S.

29 January 2015

Eddie did photography for the TAPAS 2014 Grand Wine Tasting.  He captured a great variety of creative shots that we continue to use in our publicity.  His people shots were especially good.  And, he is a pleasure to work with.  - Heidi Stine, Executive Director, TAPAS (Tempranillo Advocates, Producers and Amigos Society - tapasociety.org) More...

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