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Echo Brand Group

Wilton, Connecticut, United States

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Echo Brand Group

Wilton, Connecticut, United States



Echo Brand Group's three founding partners are innovative marketing, creative and technical industry influencers experienced in transforming brands. Echo Brand Group works at the intersection of technology, analytics and design; building solutions marketers need to win in the most competitive environments.

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Jeff Walsh

26 May 2017

I hired Echo Brand Group to design and implement changes to my website and am very happy with their level of expertise and service. They also are very responsive to any questions or issues that may come up and handle them in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend reaching out to them if you are considering updating or re-building your website. They have a wealth of experience and the feedback from my client base has been very positive. More...

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A great website embodies the company's vision, provides all required functionality to support the business, speaks in a relevant voice to the intended target, is responsive across all media platforms, SEO optimized, and user-friendly.

What are you selling? What stage of growth is your company? What is your company's long-term goal/vision? Who is your competition? What makes your product or service unique? What are your company's strengths? What are your company's weaknesses? Have you established a budget for your project?

Typically, our creative process starts with research and a clear understanding of the task at hand. Once we're able to fully define the challenge and build an objective platform, we can then allow our subjectivity and creativity to run wild. There's no point in creating, designing or writing without a basis or platform for critiquing and evaluating the effort.

We start by defining the clients' needs in the context of their specific industry. We seek to gain an appreciaton for each clients' compeitive set to better understand the playing field to ensure our solutions will provide benefit. Working in a vacuum doesn't work.

The constant challenges every client provides, each requiring a unique solution.

Some people are just meant to be entreprenuers. Bruce, Adam and Chris are all hard-working, enthusiastic and passionate about what they do in this industry and perfectly-suited in their complementary roles at Echo Brand Group.

Clients work with us because we are experienced pros, and results-driven.