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Thank you for visiting my skillpage, which is constantly evolving and changing to reflect my interests and experiences in education technology and training.

I have over 30 years’ experience in education and training fields. I regard my solid background in teaching as being a foundation for all the work I have done since.



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Experienced in technology training for adults, including those who find technology daunting, and children. Skills used within the education, commercial and public sector, having worked in schools, private companies and government agencies. As well as delivering face-to-face training, I have also delivered training online using virtual classroom technology.

I have experience of both using and training users in delivering content and training via online virtual classrooms. These could be via online services such as Elluminate, Blackboard Collaborate, Wiziq, Webex or Adobe Connect. My experience is especially strong in delivering live (synchronous) sessions and in arranging sessions across timezones.

I have been developing elearning skills and experience across several years. My work first started out in the 1980 and 90s with Prestel and early FTP internet use. Through the years I have developed experience in using technology, both online and computer based, to support learning. Much of this has been done in school classrooms but I have also worked in commercial and public government settings.

I have been involved in educational technology since its very early inception in the 1980s and have played an active part in its development. I have a passion and enthusiasm for the use of technology in education and I love to play a role in developing or exploring new ways of best using technology. I am able to offer experience and insights into using computer-based tools, handheld tools and online services in support of learning in schools and in training.