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DJ Drums is a collective of Drumming DJ's that have been performing and DJing event for over a decade. Group members have performed in Dubai, India, Disney Cruise, and have been seen on national tours and television.

When you hire one the the DJ Drums DJs, you're getting a DJ that will focus entirely on making your event fun, energetic, and stress free.



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Reading the crowd. Having the proper knowledge to know when to flip styles, or when to keep going with what's working.
Also, having a vast knowledge of music helps!

My style is whatever the client wants. It's not about me. It's about the party.

Helping a large group of people have a good time! It's all about having many people smile. dance. and enjoy the event.

Knowing I have a skill set that could greatly benefit many people!

Because they feel I'd be a good fit. It's more than just picking someone to play music, it's gotta be a good reciprocal match.