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DJ Bluesilver - BluesilverAudio

Brooklyn, NY, USA

DJ Bluesilver - BluesilverAudio logo

DJ Bluesilver - BluesilverAudio

Brooklyn, NY, USA


I am a DJ / MC, I provide a professional, but fun party experience for my clients.

I have various set-up options and equipment to set a mood in the location you choose.
I use Professional Speakers, 18" Subwoofer (Seperate Large Bass Speaker for added low end frequencies), and various lights for an elegant lighting effect, which I can customize.



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You have to have the right music for the Party or Event. I can gauge the crowd and play the appropriate music at the appropriate time. I have certain songs that can move a crowd and hype up the action, getting the people to dance or participate . I like to create an emotional attachment to the music, as music is the soundtrack of our lives.

I have my own traditional style of mixing, but I do also like to add a performance element to the party.

I love having the songs blending or beatmatching into the next one and have continuous music with out any gaps.

I Love music and seeing people get joy from dancing and having a good time, and reconnecting with family and friends.

I was the DJ for my nieces party and everyone came up to me thinking I have been doing this business for 20 years.

I always wanted to have a Mobile DJ Business, and the timing was right.

This is a Professional DJ Business with Professional Equipment and I am Fully Insured.

If you hire someone unprofessional and they use a broken ipad and bad speakers, and they call themselves a DJ, you are wasting your time and money. That is what you might get for $200 for a 4 Hour Party. They probably do not have insurance, which means the Catering Hall or Restaurant might not let them play without being insured for at least
$1 Million Dollars. This means you have no Music for your party and you and your guests will be disappointed.

I am a Part-Time DJ/MC, but a Professional.

My Full-Time Career is in Corporate Audio Visual as a Senior Operations Technician. I am a Professional with many years of working Audio Soundboards, Video, and Computers.

I provide a fun and professional good quality service.

Visit my website for more information.