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We are a highly talented, friendly team of professional event and project managers, specialising in corporate events who live and breath events, it is our passion!

We cover a range of events:

Trade Shows
Press Conferences


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Leanne Kabat

24 October 2018

Rarely do I come across event planners who are so meticulous and dedicated to a full experience, but Debbie is exceptional! An event is successful when everything is in place before the first person arrives, and DG Events ensures that the goals of the event, the format, theme, scope and desired outcome are all explored at the initial planning stages so it is successful for all involved. I am truly impressed with the level of professionalism from this team! More...


Steven Haggerty

23 October 2018

Huge thanks to Debbie for helping streamline my events and add a little more structure to them! She is a knowledge hub!


Cillian Keane

22 October 2018

I would recommend Debbie 100%. So much knowledge and so much value from the documents she sent me in organizing my own mindset event. I hadn't much prepared initially but now I feel my event will be so well organised and will be a success with her super guidance. :) Thanks Debbie More...


Cherilyn Leeson

20 October 2018

Debbie helped me massively to prepare for an event, her knowledge for event planning is amazing and cannot thank her enough for the help she's given me with all the tips etc. Thanks again!


Jason Hulott

13 October 2018

Just picked up the event setup and management pack from Debs Gibbons. Only just managed to get round to giving it the attention it deserved yesterday and wow, just wow! I am so going to use this for the next event I put on.. I have run a few things in the past, but this I know with this info will take it to the next level. Roll on 2019. Thanks Debs, great stuff! Thank you! More...


Enda Quealy

8 October 2018

Amazing attention to the smallest detail, thanks, Debs! :)


Colm Baker

15 August 2018

Debbie is a fountain of knowledge and experience when it comes to event planning and management. Her insights have helped me tremendously and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her and the DG team to anybody looking to plan an event for their business. Thanks for all the tips Debbie


Seb Hearmon

7 August 2018

I worked with Debbie on numerous events during her time at Centrica. She always impressed delegates and stakeholders alike with her complete control of an event, and her unflappable nature in dealing with the inevitable last minute requests and changes. From the start she worked alongside to be clear on the event purpose, objectives and budget. She carefully built partnerships with venues and suppliers enabling her to hold them to account in a firm but engaging way to ensure excellent delivery at good value. And on the day of an event she always ran a tight ship, always had a smile on her face and was never fazed by unusual requests from speakers, stakeholders or delegates. More...

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We live and breath events, it is a our passion. We love taking care of all the details, big and small to take the stress out of running your event so you can enjoy every minute of it knowing your event is in safe hands.

The love of events, and having the creativitiy and control to ensure we provide the best support we can for you.

Don't take our word for it, hear from our customers​

Seb Hearmon
Head of Internal Communications (energy trading) and Change Manager (Workday implementation) at Centrica

"Flawless execution and exceeding customer expectations are consistently her hallmarks and it is always a joy to sit down and start planning an event together." Seb Hearmon

​Gabe Winn
Managing Director at Blakeney

​I've worked with a lot of events professionals in corporate communications, and Debbie is one of the very best! There's no panic or last minute scramble when Debbie's managing an event; everything is planned-for, thought-through, insured-against, and delivered to an exceptional standard; and the delegate experience is always front of mind for her.

Jane Mullins
Head Of Internal Communications at Metropolitan Police Service

​You are in safe hands with Debbie and the team. She is one of the most organised, calm and effective events managers I have worked with. She helps the whole team stay focused on the priorities, brings a creative flair to solving any challenges and exudes an air of calm that benefits everyone involved.


DG Events Management have many years of experience offering ad-hoc events support, management and delivery for the tightest of deadlines. Our “Can Do” philosophy and extensive knowledge make us the ideal partner to step in and help when the pressure is on. From venue research and planning, through to staffing, delivery and total project management our one stop solutions are available at a highly competitive day or project rate.

With our vast experience gained from developing and delivering over four hundred high quality events, DG Events Management are ideally suited to take the reins and guide your event from concept through to delivery and beyond. As qualified project and event experts we never leave anything to chance. We work with you to get it right every time. Leaving a lasting impression for you and your clients.

The Venue you select can make or break your event. There is so much to consider, including size, accommodation, geo-location, logistics, catering, functionality, special requirements, cost, negotiation and numerous other, often unforeseen, factors. DG Events Management have excellent working relationships with many top events venues. We know them inside out, and are happy to resource and negotiate new Venues to suite your requirements.

As highly qualified Events Specialists and Project Managers we are in an ideal position to deliver professional quality training to your events staff. Whether your staff are new to events or have some experience, we can work with them in a friendly and highly informative manner on both theory and practical projects. We are proud to teach everything from basic conceptual preparation techniques to advanced negotiation, making your staff the best they can be.

DG Events Management are also happy to work as consultants, to help you with concepts, design and development of your events. This allows you to steer and deliver your own events, but still benefit from our vast experience. We are heavily interlinked with agencies that can support you with strategy, comms, design and production.