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Our focus is your success! We serve real estate professionals, business owners, as well as the travel and and hospitality industries to market your property! We offer traditional photography, Matterport 3D/VR Walk-Throughs, aerial media, floor-plan creation, portraits, headshots and much more.


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Patrick Blaha

23 June 2019

Josh has always been professional, prompt, and easy to work with. Photos are great quality, and Josh accommodates request for specific shots when he can. Haven't used DFW Virtual Tours, I recommend giving them a call for your next photo shoot! More...


Sesi Odury

11 April 2019

A must for every realtor and every seller! Josh Moore has done a fantastic job with a flawless virtual 3D tour of our house. He was easy to work with, listened to our suggestions, offered his ideas when sought, filmed every nook and corner of the house for the virtual tour. Though we hired DFW Virtual Tours just for 3D tour, we liked his workmanship so much so that we hired him even for photoshoot. He took every photo multiple times with multiple shutter speeds and ultimately combined them to highlight different focal points. The end result was amazing. We are very pleased with DFW Virtual Tours and highly recommend Josh Moore! More...


Kimberly Beckum

23 July 2018

I have been extremely pleased by the professionalism and production work of DFW Virtual Tours. The qualify of their pictures and video are amazing. Josh Moore is very talented. The need for qualify pictures and video when you are working with real estate is crucial and they MUST be professionally done. What a difference it makes not only in the presentation but in the ability to sell your home quicker and for more money. I highly recommend using their services! More...


Well, each type of photography has it's own challenges. The key is knowledge combined with experience. All of our photographers have a passion to excel in photography and making our clients happy.

If it is a real estate job, what direction does the house face. This will allow us to figure out the best lighting to capture the property in it's best light.

As much as I love every aspect of photography, I love the people Our staff truly wants each client to be successful. We recognize hat if you are successful then we are successful.

I have enjoyed photography from a very young age. I have done sports photography for over 20 years. I was looking at MLS listings one afternoon and was appalled at many of the photographers used to represent beautiful homes. I figured I could help the agents by saving time not having to take the photos themselves, help the home owners by having better representation of their home, help the potential buyer by them not missing out on what could be their next home due to inferior and unwelcoming marketing.

It's all about the quality of the product combined with the level of service. We are quick and we provide nearly any type of real estate or property marketing you could ask for. Our typical turnaround time is 24 hours or less.



With a Matterport 3D Walk-Through a viewer can move through the property at their pace unlike videos where they are at they must move when and where the video dictates. In addition, you get the dollhouse views, the floorpan views along with stunning 3D Imagery that is fully Virtual Reality capable. Did I mention that it is Good Street View enable? 3D Walk-Throughs are great for any residential listing and incredibly beneficial for any business, doctors, office, place of worship or hotel.

We utilize HDR photography which captures 3-7 images at different exposures to capture all the visible details of any given scene. Admittedly, this can be a very difficult process in post production. Many times you will see HDR images that look more like paintings that realistic photos. This can be great for architectural renderings, landscape photographer, etc. however, it often times is not flattering for real estate. This is why we have a dedicated team that has perfected this process to make each image look natural giving you a consistent look from project to project.