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Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and wear

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Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and wear



Newcastle upon Tyne web design agency that creates affordable quality websites for contractors and companies in the region.
If you’re thinking about getting your business in the digital landscape, we are a web development agency with the right tools and solutions.


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Oprea Marius

25 July 2018

Great team to work with. Highly skilled and customer oriented


Shaun Richards

18 April 2018

very professional company, we received fantastic advise and customer service, Julian went the extra mile to help us out with the website and spent a lot of time making sure that the website was as we required.
would definitely recommend this company.


John Aitkinhead

1 April 2018

Great service and skills. Marius has understood all my requirements and built a great looking website for my business. Since my website went live, I’ve started getting regullar calls and quotation requests. It is amazing how fast I’ve actually got a return on my investment. Thank you devmarket. More...


Emma Lonsdale

31 March 2018

Excellent service from this company. Thanks for all your help


A Google User

31 March 2018

Really skilled web design agency. These guys went above and beyond in building my business website. My website went live a few weeks back and we are already seeing an increase in sales and new customers.


David Wilson

27 January 2018

Great team and amazing job building my website which went live in just 2 days from my consultation with Marius. Now after a few weeks, I can see a considerable increase of jobs coming from the website.
I was a bit worried that the lower price would reflect in the quality of my website, but I can say that the site looks very posh and proffesional. Great job, and I hope to work with you guys soon.


Ilie Oprea

25 January 2018

I would like to thank the DevMarket team for building us a nice modern looking website. Quick turnaround (our site was ready and live in 2 days only) at a very affordable price. Their project manager got here on time, understood our requirements, and built the website exactly as we have visioned it.
I recommend these guys for your website building projects.

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There’s a lot of so called ‘web designers’ out there who can make your site look great, but the question is, is that what makes a great website? Not really.
Your website needs to bring in business, it needs to convert visitors into customers, it needs to attract the right traffic, and never the less it needs to look awesome on both mobile and desktop. That’s what makes a website great.

What’s the purpose of your website (sell products, showcase products, advertise business, run a blog, etc.)?
What is your target audience?
What is it that you’re advertising?
What is your budget?

We start off by finding out more about your business or the products you’re advertising.
Then we look into your competitors and see what they have to offer.
We then have a one on one discussion with the client to get an idea of what sort of design he has in mind and to find out more details.
At this stage we advise on what we think it would be best practice for the project and we let the client decide on what needs to be built.
We then take all requirements to our design team, and build a mockup.
The client will then approve various stages of the mockup before we build the full model.
As development progresses we build the internal SEO, encryption, backup, and site security.
Just before launch, if the client does not require an ongoing support agreement, we dona full handover.

We would require as much details as possible about the business or products advertised on the website.
If the client is looking to sell or showcase products online, we need to know how many products we need to setup as this might take a toll on the final quote. Usualy when we build e-commerce we setup a few products then we train the client in setting up products on their own. This leads to huge savings over the client’s budget.
Also if the client has got collateral already we need them asap to start development. This would include things like photos, logos, text, descriptions, etc. We provide secure space to upload files in the cloud.

Every project is different and every story comes with different challenges.
We love a challenge and we love to innovate.
When building websites we have to chance to innovate and create unique designs that maje a difference for businesses around the world.

We feel that the local market needs an agency that innovates, builds quick, and it is affordable.
We tick all the boxes and our passion for technology makes us a serious competitor on the digital agency landscape.

Because we are professional, deliver fast, and at affordable costs.
Not only we have the technical skills, but we have an extensive business and marketing background that can have a huge postive impact on your ROI.


Whether you have a website and want to make some changes, or maybe you’ve never had one and you thought it would cost a fortune. We will take you on through the whole process, from consultancy where we determine what is the best solution for your situation, to purchasing your domain, registration, setup and development. The only thing we need is about 1-2 hrs of your time where we will ask a couple of questions about the content your site needs, we will present a few samples for you to choose from, and then you sit back and relax while we do the whole thing. We have various hassle free packages where we provide you with everything from hosting, email accounts, setup, development, and we will even post articles on your new site. All at an affordable price!

UX, UI front end development and setup in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards. Bespoke administrative applications development. We cover the whole process from consulting, demo apps development, testing, setup, and delivery. Do not settle for the built in features, we can do much more and automate many areas of your business processes. Pimp up your intranet with user friendly apps built using HTML5, CSS, and the common built-in lists and libraries.

We use an array of tools to automate these processes, with powerful features, modern design, and extended reports. You don’t need to hand us your customer details, we build the surveys for you, using your branding style, and feed you the reports. Your data stays with you, and you get to be in control from planning to delivery. Whether you’re looking to have a professional Customer Complaints Form, trying to get some feedback from your employees, or maybe you’ve launched a new product and want to know what your customers have to say, we can handle these projects using modern up to date designs. Our techniques are non-invasive, intuitive, with delivery through either email, link to a web form, embedded on your website, or even in your support chat box.

Scraping competitors websites for data is something every company does these days (whether they admit it or not, yes they all do it). It could be maybe you need a full list of products and prices nicely laid out and formatted in Excel, or maybe a bunch of descriptions, we can provide that. You just need to tell use the website and what data you need. We will then do an initial scrape and provide a sample data set. After you are happy with the data format, we will then scrape it all and provide you with the full range of data in your chosen format. Imagine what you could do if you could get your hands on all your competitors prices (provided they are available publicly on a website) in a nicely laid out Excel list where you can do further comparison and analysis. We can even do the analysis for you, and provide interactive dashboards and charts based on the scraped data.

VBA is the programming language used to automate Microsoft Office Applications. It is most commonly used in Excel and Access, however it can add cool functionality to PowerPoint and Word We use it a lot to automate spreadsheets, create user friendly dashboards, cleanse messy data, and even scrape data from other websites. There are endless possibilities and we have built quite a number of applications using VBA for a various industries. From forms used in the medical industry, to price calculation tools based on complex algorithms, we have the right skills to meet your requirements and built the product you need. We can deal any sort of requirements and automation needs when it come to Excel. Our Excel and Data experts have years of experience and they have dealt with many business models and data types. Give us a call for a private conversation. The solution to your problems might sit with us.