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Developed Over Coffee (DOC) Productions will quickly and cost effectively transform ideas into phenomenal video products. DOC focuses on using a documentary approach to tell compelling stories. We can storyboard, script, produce and edit dynamic video products that you - and we - will be proud of.



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One of the things that keeps me interested in documentary storytelling is that it affords me the opportunity to immerse myself in another world, have new experiences and learn new stories. I love uncovering other people's stories. Everyone and every business has their own unique and compelling story. I bring that story to the screen.

It's been a life-long goal that I was afraid to act on until recently. After decades of producing videos for the federal government (primarily the military) I finally felt that the time was right and stepped out into the great unknown.

I want to be just as happy with the final product as the client is. I show up on time and provide the level of service that I expect when I need services completed. Your story is important and I want to ensure that it is professionally captured and told with the highest level of competence and service.