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Erik Fabian

28 January 2019

Cristina is a knowledgeable, trustworthy and insightful psychiatrist who has made a big difference in my life and was key to my present mental well being. Before her, I consulted many professionals who misdiagnosed me, recklessly prescribed meds, and I ended up having more problems than I had when I first looked for help. Although I was a very difficult case, she took me as her patient. With her help, patience and dedication, and the right medication prescribed by her, I finally got my life back. I am so grateful to have found her. I highly recommend her practice. More...


Sarah Rosen

30 October 2018

Just absolutely wonderful! With our fast food medical system, it is so difficult to find the right counselor and prescriber who will take the time to really listen and help. Her approach uses a combination of traditional and holistic medicine to treat her patients. She also uses individualized medicine to help select the right medications for you. She takes so much time with you and I feel like I am being heard with respect to my personal medical problems. I wish I would have met her sooner considering how much happier and healthier I feel. Cristina is amazingly smart and insightful. She treats many trauma patients and her expertise in this area is exceptional. She is always available and her personal assistant is the best! More...



28 May 2018

Very compassionate, caring, professional. Great office staff who accommodates my appointments. They are all very friendly there. They know by my name and I feel very respected by their personalized way of dealing with patients. More...


Stephanie Acosta

28 May 2018

Ms. Desa was so great! She is very professional and friendly. When I am talking to her, it really feels like she listens and understands me. I hope to continue to see her for as long as I need to. More...


James C.

28 May 2018

Cristina is a wonderful NP! She has helped me overcome some issues in my life and always takes the time to listen to what I have to say, providing me with constructive feedback. She is very friendly and pleasant to be around.
Don't listen to these other reviews, especially the one from the "drug-seeker"...



28 May 2018

Cristina is a wonderful NP, and is so knowledgeable and kind. Finding a provider who really gives you the time and concern seems to be impossible these days, but Cristina is that person! Thank goodness I found her, she has changed my life, and my health for the better. I look forward to every visit, knowing that I am always heard, and that she truly cares about my health and well-being. She never makes me feel rushed, and she is always available for all my questions. The office is so relaxing, and the office manager is so courteous and I never have trouble getting an appointment. She is the best of the best!! More...


Chantel Magane

28 May 2018

Cristina and the staff here are all exceptional. I have nothing but positive words to share about this practice. She is extremely friendly and professional. If you are in the need, this practice is the place you should seek. Although my experience has been wonderful with Cristina, I too have heard amazing things about Daria. I would certainly check out either one of them! More...


Helen Hughes

28 May 2018

The nurse practitioners there are friendly, helpful and very warm. I am currently seeing Daria there and her warm approach, knowledge and expertise really impressed me. The place is relaxing, clean and the office manager is very pleasant and always returns my calls for appointment changes. I definitely recommend them. This place is a hidden gem! More...


Cornelia Waring

28 May 2018

I have met with both Christina and Daria at this practice. They are both thoughtful and intelligent NPs that are easily approachable. The office is clean and relaxing with lots of parking as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone! More...

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