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Dennis Sisterson Animation

Station Cottages, Alnwick, Northumberland


Dennis Sisterson Animation

Station Cottages, Alnwick, Northumberland


I'm a freelance 2D animator specialising in cartoon/character and illustrative animation in a variety of styles.

My experience includes many stimulating years as animator and animation director for London-based TV productions including cult animated sketch show "Monkey Dust", topical comedy series "2DTV" and BAFTA award winning CBBC series "The Secret Show" and "Horrible Histories", a nomination for British Animation Award for a TV commercial for Irn Bru.



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Getting paid for being creative, and not having to wear a tie.

See above! Seriously, it means I get to do what I love doing, and working from home means I can live in the nicest part of the country while being a day tip from meetings in London or most other places in the UK.

20 years experience in animation, 8 of those working independently producing short animations for corporate clients, charities and businesses. I can work in a rage of styles including my own blend of animation and time-lapse illustration, an approach that keeps costs realistic for small business clients while producing an engaging and communicative result.