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Polegate, East Sussex

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DELTA Discos

Polegate, East Sussex


Planning a celebration? Need a DJ to save your life? Then look no further. We supply friendly, reliable DJs with a passion for music and many years’ experience in getting people on the dance floor and keeping them there.

From fifties classics to the latest top 40, from sweet sixteens’ to 60th wedding anniversaries, we have experience in catering for every occasion.



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The secret to a great party is closely observing what the guests respond to and having the knowledge and experience to know which tunes will work and which won't. It's a real art and requires an encyclopedic knowledge of music. The best DJs respond to the audience and adapt to what they know will work.

I adapt my style to meet the needs of the guests. For example, I will play a very different playlist for an 18th birthday party to what I would play at a 60th wedding anniversary. Obviously, the former I would play more up-to-date stuff and the latter would be a tour through the ages. I then work out what works from there. For instance, if I find that the audience loves cheesy 80s music, then I would focus more on that era. Every party is different. I am very quick to work out what works and what won't.

I love generating a great atmosphere and keeping people entertained. I like being part of the party and vibing off the crowd.

I love music and I wanted a way to share what I love. I started DJing many years ago and just really enjoyed it.

I have the knowledge, skills, personality and experience to get people on the dance floor and keep them there.