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• Fresh, Visual, Modern , eye-popping , poetically dark Magic tricks woth everyday objects as playing cards, coins, junk, bottle , pop cans, iphones , borrowed items etc!

• Something to enjoy while having a drink and a chat, something casual.


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I started to study magic and its history at 5 !
And after 7 years I had my first paied job , I used to work once per week for 1 year in a theatre.

A very casual magical experience, to enjoy between a drink and a chat, very friendly and casual .

The connection that I make with people, I love to listen to them, their dreams, their lives and try to
change those dreams into reality.

If they want something fresh, modern and seriously professional, I'm the right person.
No more glittered coats, color full handkerchiefs and fat rabbits out of the top hat!