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We provide computer repair & data recovery services in New Jersey.

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Allie R

29 June 2018

Brought in my laptop that my toddler broke, needed to get all the stuff from it onto a hard drive. Was done very fast and easy! Def recommend the place.


Nikhil Shankar

11 June 2018

Dave Computers did an excellent job recovering my data from Dell Inspiron laptop... would highly recommend this place for recovering data.


Matthew Gates

23 May 2018

Fair prices and quick turnaround time to fix computer issues. I also have received good advice on what's worth repairing or not, and I picked up a great little refurbished mini tower computer that works great and was very reasonably priced (and had Windows 7 which was a HUGE plus).


Anthony Pusateri

15 May 2018

Keyboard lights on my ASUS gaming laptop inoperable. The solutions ASUS recommended didn't work and a Geek Squad fix was also unsuccessful. Dave's Computers found the problem quickly and offered the correct fix. I highly recommend Dave's Computers! Very Satisfied More...


Michael Kaminsky

11 May 2018

I have a business in Branchburg New Jersey had a computer issue all day was told by Comcast it was on their side Unfortunately they were wrong I called Dave at 10 at Night by 8:15 this morning I had somebody at my office door by 9:30 I was up and running what more can I say this is an amazing company amazing service.


Maria-Cruz Garcia

5 April 2018

My experience with Dave’s Computers is GREAT. This time I had a USB failure, so none of my usb port will work, I could not connect my mouse or any usb dongle with data on it. Dave's performed a very quick diagnostic test and within 1 day I had the problem solve. They were extremely competent, efficient and knowledgeable.
This is the second time that I need their services and on both occasion they did a fabulous job.
On my previous experience my laptops apparently was dead, or that was the diagnostic on the previous store that I took it ( Best Buy – they recommended to buy a new one) . Dave’s computers fix it, and saved me lots of $$$ !! Thank you !!. I am a very happy customer and trust your advice with any of my electronics issues!


Nitin Kini

28 March 2018

Very efficient service - took only a day to have my laptop serviced. Dave ensures that your needs are met and I have nothing but good things to say. Highly recommended.


Cody Obropta

26 February 2018

I brought my desktop in after it was having issues turning on. After a quick assessment, I left it there with the promise they would take a look at it ASAP. Shortly after lunch, maybe two hours later, they got back to me with the news that my motherboard had failed. They offered to transfer everything over to a new tower that would be comparable and they even offered to upgrade me to windows 10. Overall, it was a bit expensive, but my computer was up and running + upgraded within hours of the initial drop-off. The quality of work was excellent and should I require assistance in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to bring my computer to Dave's. More...


Deanna Cannatelli

26 February 2018

This is THE place to go for computer repairs! Dave is awesome; he is honest, knowledgeable, and dedicated, and will do whatever it takes to resolve your computer's issue. He successfully diagnosed and resolved my MacBook's issue after the the techs at the Apple Store could not. I felt confident leaving my laptop with him and he is very responsive to any questions or concerns you may have while he is working on your computer. His prices are very reasonable, too. I highly recommend this business. More...



14 February 2018

Love Love DAVE and his staff, always super helpful no matter the time or problem!!Would recommend anyone and everyone with computer issues to go to Dave! Super trustworthy especially with all my documents being very important for work, wouldn't let anyone else touch my computer!THANKYOU DAVE and STAFF! YOU'RE AWESOME More...


David Lau

20 January 2018

Window 10 update deleted files on my laptop. I brought my computer to the Microsoft store. Not only they did not recover my files, they over written my hard drive and caused permanent damages. On top of this, they charged me over $150 for the service.

If you ever running into a similar situation, please don't waste your money and time in the Microsoft Store or elsewhere. Come to Dave's Computers for friendly and professional service. His store should be your first stop!


Robbin Seidel

12 January 2018

I had a hard drive failure and needed a new hard drive, operating system and files recovered. Dave's performed all of the tasks within 1 day. They were extremely competent, efficient and knowledgeable. In fact, my computer was returned to me in better condition than when I first bought it. Very happy customer ! More...


Cindy Dalrymple

3 January 2018

Had a great experience! Dave and his staff were friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They came to my rescue when my old desktop was failing and had me up and running on my new system in no time. Service was fast even during the busy holiday season. Highly recommend to anyone and will use again for my computer needs! More...



28 December 2017

Problem diagnosed and repaired and at a fair price. Would definitely use them again if the need arises.


Nicole Gregor

18 December 2017

My experience was perfect. My laptop is working like new again and it was returned to me quickly and professionally. Thank you!


Dave Dallafior

28 September 2017

Junior was absolutely FANTASTIC! Friendly, professional, and HE ACTUALLY CARED! I cannot recommend this establishment high enough... 5 Stars? How about ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! More...


Susan Stokes

21 September 2017

I have a business that is reliant on my computers, and I can’t afford to be down. Therefore, I use Dave’s managed virus protection service. When I started to get alerts of suspicious activity, I contacted Dave’s and his team was right there with remote support. My computers were scanned and put into order with little wait time without my having to leave my home. I highly recommend Dave’s for all your computer support needs. More...


Aslam Mohammed

17 August 2017

One of my laptops died just before warranty expiration, the vendor who sold it to me did not honor warranty. I took it Dave to get it fixed. Dave computers wouldn't fix the laptop with broken motherboard , but the advise he gave me was excellent ! he told me how to fight back since I was almost at the end of warranty. It worked and I got a replacement laptop as it was a possible manufacturing defect.. Dave computers advise saved me lots of $$$ !! thank you !! More...


Ritamarie John

10 August 2017

Dave fixed my apple computer at a reasonable cost and with efficiency. He also did it very quickly. There is no need to go to an Apple certified expensive and inconvenient store. The apple store is just making money off these places. Save you money and go to Dave's More...


John P.

27 July 2017

I freaked out when my work computer wouldn't boot up. The hard drive failed. They recovered all the data off my hard drive that would have taken years to redo. It wasn't cheap but it saved me my job and my sanity. I hope i never have to return but if i do I'll definitely go back. More...


Deborah York

14 July 2017

Brought my daughter's macbook air to Dave because the computer had shut down in the middle of a school assignment and I could not get an appointment with the Apple store until the next day. Dave fixed her computer within a couple of hours, he also increased her storage space and charged me a fraction of what it would have cost at Apple (the extended warranty that I purchased with her computer had expired a few months earlier). Highly recommend Dave's computer. More...


Jim Murphy

13 July 2017

A few weeks ago I visited Dave's Computer store to have my computer serviced and to check if there was any malicious software on it that would need to be removed. The turnaround was quick (less than one day). A different antivirus and malware software was recommended to replace what I had been using. Computer is running well. Cost of service was very reasonable. More...


Reason Peason

10 July 2017

Very fast service and quick to contact if anything goes wrong. I'm really happy with how my computer is running now, it's very important to my work and my social life. Dave cleared out a ton of dust on my overheating GPU which now runs 30 degrees cooler and he cleared out so much malware that I can actually use some programs I'd given up on in the past few years. Glad to say I can go back to gaming and video editing happily. :) More...


Mike DiGeronimo

8 July 2017

Had a problem with a possible email hacking event. Worked with Dave before and contacted him for possible assistance after I ran a virus scan using my Norton software. Dave established a remote session, downloaded some software and ran a scan to confirm there was nothing problematic remaining on the PC. Quick, efficient service. Well done, Dave.


Maxine P.

11 May 2017

My computer started going glitchy a couple of weeks ago (required numerous restarts) and finally got to the point where the programs would not run at all. My husband thought it was a problem with the hard drive not being recognized. We took the laptop to Dave and he looked at it immediately with an initial diagnosis of a bad laptop, the hard drive itself appeared to be OK (a great relief since I use it quite a bit). He confirmed this the next day and after a couple of phone calls to agree on the direction to proceed, I now have a new computer with the old hard drive, all my files and the same "look" that I m familiar with. Thanks for making the transition completely painless! Dave was completely professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with and the computer is running beautifully. More...


sue B

25 April 2017

Just used Dave’s Computers for the first time and very pleased. My computer got a virus which prevented me to do certain things; Dave provided valuable recommendations not only on how to fix the immediate problem, but on other issues as well. He fixed all the items that needed to be corrected plus helped me getting my applications up and running (since I’m computer illiterate). He also was a man of his word regarding price – honored the price quoted although the “fix” was more complicated and more time intensive. Should we need computer assistance in the future, I know who to call – Dave!!!! More...


Libia V.

26 October 2016

Dave is very nice and knowledgeable. My desktop crashed and he recovered it within a day. Thankfully no data loss :) I was so relieved.


Kamila M.

24 February 2016

I have been two Dave's twice and both times had very pleasant experiences. I came yesterday to pick up my PC that seems to be dead. Dave did not charge me the diagnostic fee which is great! Dave also has the online chat service which was very helpful. I spoke with him through the chat service the night before. In general, I trust his work and believe that he knows what he is doing. He is kind and can answer your computer questions quickly! More...


Rachael A.

30 October 2015

This was the first time I've been to Dave's Computers, but he clearly knows what he's doing. It's been a while since I've had my laptop checked out and I'm a student so I only use it for a few things, but Dave looked at it personally and got my speed and antivirus software up-to-date. He was friendly, professional, and the store, although almost hidden from the rest of the shopping plaza, was clean and easy to get to. His service on my computer was delivered promptly at the agreed-upon time, and I was called once my laptop was ready. He was also ready to answer any follow-up questions and was quite helpful, even though the service itself was free. As a Testimoniacs expert, I would recommend Dave's Computers to anyone who, like me, wouldn't necessarily consider themselves to be computer-savvy, but needed some professional assistance of the right kind. I highly recommend one to take the opportunity to get their computer diagnosed for free; visiting Dave is worth the drive.Rachael More...

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