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I am a home cake baker and designer that only uses the best of ingredients. I take great time, effort and care in all my work and I strive to make the best cakes possible for all my clients no matter what the budget.


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I love seeing that my clients are happy at the end of every creation I do. Not only do I get pleasure out for making them but also seeing their reaction. For me it’s a pleasure to create them.

Having always enjoyed baking thank to nan, it was a person let down at the last minuet by a company that made me step in and offer a cake. What I thought was just my hobbie and passion was greeted with so much praise and request for cakes I decided to make it a buiness and now enjoy every day working.

All my creations are made with loving attention to detail and with the best ingredients. I take pride in all my work, not only for the perfect taste but for the perfect look too. I spend many hours perfecting the perfect creations and enjoying doing so which I think shine’s through in my work.