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Hello, my name is Sarah Cunliffe and I am an Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor, NLP Practitioner & Elite Pro on Bark.com

Persistently unhappy? Angry? Suffering with depression? Low self esteem? Confused? Anxious all the time? Ill health


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16 October 2019

Right from our very first conversation on the phone I felt completely at ease and natural talking to Sarah. Such a happy, kind, caring and understanding lady - I thoroughly looked forward to our weekly sessions and it became more of a catch up with a friend but with huge benefits to myself and my relationship. I will never regret making the decision to have emotional therapy and would 100% recommend Sarah More...



3 September 2019

I found my time with Sarah to be hugely beneficial and made progress with my mental health almost immediately.



3 September 2019

Really loved meeting and talking to Sarah every week. She provided a safe space for me to reflect on my childhood and connect more with my past. She introduced me to a lot of really useful tools and exercises to use for self reflection and self development, would really recommend her as a counselor. More...


Daniel G

19 August 2019

Amazing experience working with Sarah. Pinpointed the problem in my brain and treated it within one session. Easygoing and will always listen to anything on your mind, which is key in therapy!

Will happily recommend!



5 June 2019

Sarah is an outstanding counsellor who believes in her clients and i would highly recommend Sarah to anyone. I entered into seeing Sarah as a broken shell and from an abusive childhood past but over time Sarah has helped me to see my truth and worth. Sarah has huge compassion and empathy, its very easy to be able to talk to Sarah and express your most awful pain and Sarah is able to hold a safe place for you. i am eternally grateful for Sarah and her amazing help she has given me. More...



30 May 2019

Sarah is both professional and easy to talk to. She made me feel comfortable and took a genuine interest in my issues. The sessions were really helpful.



2 May 2019

Sarah, thank you for giving me the safe place that allowed me to work through the issues which have dogged me since childhood (it turns out). The creative tools were excellent, allowing me to see for the first time what the sources of my problems were. Thanks again Sarah. Highly recommended. More...



1 May 2019

I found the sessions enormously beneficial and I am quite sure they have encouraged me to look at how my childhood has affected me and my reactions in my adult life.
I trust Sarah both professionally and as a person and would have no hesitation whatsoever in seeking her help if the need ever arose in the future.

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I love empowering clients so that they can be progressing towards what they want to achieve even when we are not in a session.
Seeing clients lives change for the better, more fulfilled, released from what has been hurting them & impacting their lives negatively.
Seeing that initial nervous look on client's faces melt way in the first 5 minutes when they realise I am just a very ordinary person, very human and unjudgmental and that I really get where they are coming from. I find human beings fascinating and I feel honoured to temporarily play a small part in supporting that person on their journey back to feeling whole again.

I wanted to do a job that I really enjoy which exploits my personal strengths, experience and training in order to make a real difference to other people's lives. There is nothing more fulfilling.

I also wanted to reach a greater audience as I have also done a lot of research into emotional wellness and relationship dynamics that I want to impart where appropriate.
Over the years in other jobs I have really enjoyed building relationships and bringing out the best in people, improving communications, acknowledging talents and potential in others and I wanted to have a chance to work in this area in a more focussed way.

I get results - no flimsy temporary approaches that don't last. Clients come to me when other therapies have not worked for them. I don't patronise and I am respectful. Men and women have expressed they felt comfortable talking to me openly and I explain clearly how it will work.

I am a people person, I am unjudgmental, I really care about others and always commit myself to giving the best counselling I can. I would be working for you with an agreed list of things you want to achieve.

Very successful with a long track record of success with clients even in the most severe cases.
A safe pair of hands, well trained, certified and accredited and keep my continual professional development training updated annually, store client data as per the Data protection Act and communicate within GDPR regulations. I am fully insured.
I can work from various bases in Bristol and Bath -Southville clinic in Bristol has free parking & disabled access, Bath ICE has a huge paid car park at the back.
Various counselling options, in person, online via skype, then email or on the phone if it suits the client.

Clients have kindly shared that they really appreciated that I am very, very gentle when needed but also if later on they were procrastinating or felt stuck I was honest with them and gently challenged them in order to get them back on track. I do not agree with keeping clients in sessions any longer than they absolutely need as I want to empower clients to get back on with their lives and back in the world.

I have worked in many different industries and have lots of life experience, I am caring, I am pragmatic, steady, honest and a realist and I never give up.