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We are a Smartphone (mobile) and tablet repair service based in Carlisle. We offer replacement screens for your smashed, damaged non working tablet devices and laptops and also smartphones. We also service those devices that are having charging issues or battery problems. We have solutions for those fluid damaged smartphones that have been affected by water and other fluids. We have recently invested heavily in new tooling to enable us to offer microsodering and in particular whats commonly known as board level repair.

Cumbria Tech Reviews

Cumbria Tech Reviews

Review of Cumbria Tech by Jane Eden
5 06/07/2018 Jane Eden

Repaired my Ipad screen. Quick and efficient. Looks good as new. Very happy

Review of Cumbria Tech by Jaimie Hughes
1 20/12/2017 Jaimie Hughes

Warning ,this man's a con man and if he doesn't like your open and honest face book review he just blocks you, hence lots of good reviews and few bad.

Review of Cumbria Tech by Nathan Frazer
5 09/06/2017 Nathan Frazer

Sent my phone off Wednesday received the device back Friday morning. Fantastic turn around and repair. If I had gone with Samsung I would of lost all data I never backed so I kept everything. The price was quite expensive I found but overall service truly satisified

Review of Cumbria Tech by philip2809
1 13/03/2017 philip2809

Glass screen and LCD replaced on iPad Mini at a cost of nearly £100. Failed a week outside the 3 month warranty, and Sean refused to carry out any goodwill repair. Eventually he offered to “meet me halfway”, however I could be in the same position again in just over three months’ time! Clearly the third party parts used are unreliable and are not fit for purpose – especially as the iPad was never as responsive after the repair, and the home button was stiff. Apparently the original repair now costs £150 too! Look elsewhere, and for somewhere that offers a 12 month warranty!

Review of Cumbria Tech by Nicky Falder
1 07/02/2017 Nicky Falder

Sent iPad 2 with damaged screen in for repair, still worked so just cosmetic.Was quoted a 2 hour repair 6 days later picked up and the screen was replaced but the power and volumes keys now don't work at all. Only thing I got back was 'you will just have to use the assistive touch to turn off the screen or change volume' . Updates through whole process were very sketchy and made me feel as though something was going to be wrong with it when I collected it, I wasn't told prior to collection that anything was wrong with it. I am very disappointed because I read through lots of reviews before deciding where to take it for the repair and I am now no better off than before the 'fix' !!!

Review of Cumbria Tech by Laura Winter
5 Laura Winter

Cannot fault the service I received, iPhone 6 screen repaired and is working perfect � Excellent customer service, went the extra mile to make sure everything was working and even put a screen protector on for me. Would definitely recommend �

Review of Cumbria Tech by Hazel Little
5 Hazel Little

I can't recommend Shaun enough, I enquired online and he rang me that day to book me in. My screen took an hour to fix and now is perfect again. Great service, thanks �

Review of Cumbria Tech by Jane Jones
5 Jane Jones

Great service. Collected my phone from work and returned it fixed within a few hours. Excellent price too and my screen was smashed into pieces! Thank you.

Review of Cumbria Tech by Kath Hughes
1 Kath Hughes

DO NOT USE this company. This man blocks negative reviews and argues with customers who don’t agree with him, just look at the reviews he’s decided to leave on his page.

Review of Cumbria Tech by Fiona Curwen
5 Fiona Curwen

I am so pleased you were able to fix my iphone, my son gave it to me for Christmas so I was pleased you could fix it.

I can definitely recommend for tech repairs

Thank you

Review of Cumbria Tech by Vicky Cuthbert
5 Vicky Cuthbert

Brilliant service from Sean.
My new iPhone 6 battery is working a treat.
Work was done in about half an hour. Well worth the £30.
Follow up service also very good.
Would highly recommend.

Review of Cumbria Tech by Emily McCausland
5 Emily McCausland

Absolutely brilliant service!! I contacted Sean on Sunday night asking whether he would take a look at my phone - he got back to be straight away. Took it in at 12:00 today and it was fixed by 15:00! I spilt a drink on it and thought it was a complete goner. Would recommend to anyone.

Review of Cumbria Tech by Paul Elliott
1 Paul Elliott

I have just been quoted £215 for an s6 edge screen repair now i know from 3 previous quotes from other shops it would of been round the £100 mark with the original Samsung part n 12mth guarantee. Hench why ive gathered a few quotes. Im no expert in this field but i was shocked at this figure. I will leave this one here n appreciate any feedback from the members.

Review of Cumbria Tech by Amanda Jackson
5 Amanda Jackson

Cumbria tech repair has sorted our phones. One was completely broken and has replaced 2 iphone screens. He fixed them quickly and for a great price. All phones have worked perfectly since being fixed. Fabulous service. TOP marks from me.

Review of Cumbria Tech by Sarah Betton
5 Sarah Betton

Took my iPhone 6 into Sean after it took an unplanned dunk in the bath, despite getting it straight into rice and leaving it for a good 4 days it was goosed! I didn't hold out much hope but thankfully it is now as good as new!! Highly recommend them for mobile repairs.

Review of Cumbria Tech by Carly Jayne Watson
5 Carly Jayne Watson

Unfortunately I smashed the screen on my iPhone 6! I got in touch with Sean and he got my fit in really quick! Dropping my phone off I was told it would be ready in an hour!!! Really great quick professional service. My phone is now back to being perfect again.I hope I never need to get my phone fixed again but if I do I will definitely be coming to Cumbria tech. Fast and very professional work carried out. Thank you again.

Review of Cumbria Tech by Fill Trevor
1 Fill Trevor

Had an appointment booked for 2pm! Given the fact that I got home off a 12 hour night shift at 7am I got my arse out of bed and and made it there 15 minutes early! I waited and I called. I waited and I called and had fk all response! There is a hand written note saying back at 2:30pm! What an absolute time waster!! No message no nothing. I got 2 reminders off him aswell saying my appointment was in an hour! Couldn’t even be arsed to inform me or answer his phone. To keep myself occupied while my fingers were going numb I thought I’d have a read through some of his reviews. Well. Thank fk I didn’t leave my mothers phone with this CLOWN! I’d have never seen it again! AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE

Review of Cumbria Tech by Charlotte Mallinson
5 Charlotte Mallinson

After thinking my iPhone was beyond repair due to it not charging/a loose cable point I took it to Sean and he fixed it straight away replacing both the battery and the cable port. Very efficient and friendly service. Kept me up to date the whole time and at a very reasonable price. Would most definitely recommend.

Review of Cumbria Tech by Lindsey Carney
5 Lindsey Carney

I won and got my daughters iPhone 6 screen replaced done within an hour and fab job and put a screen protector on and managed to free her some extra storage space and showed me how to do it in the future , great service and I recommend to anyone needing a repair

Review of Cumbria Tech by Suzie Satterthwaite
5 Suzie Satterthwaite

Fantastic service, the owner was lovely to deal with and got the iPad back just an hour and a half later. I intend going back with my phone to be repaired. Top job

Review of Cumbria Tech by Nicky Varah
5 Nicky Varah

Fantastic service ,even went out of his way to pick up and return our phones over the Christmas period within a few hours ,fast efficient and one happy customer thank you so much Cumbria tech.....I would highly recommend You �

Review of Cumbria Tech by Claire Wilcox
5 Claire Wilcox

Excellent fast service. Good price given for job. Used him before will definitely use again

Review of Cumbria Tech by Nicola Barclay
1 Nicola Barclay

If you ever intend on seeing your property again don't use cumbria tech!! I had taken my Samsung phone in after it went for a dip, was advised of a procedure in shop they would try and then get back to me, never heard anything!!! My husband then messaged them to say he was just gonna come in and collect the phone. He was told that wasn't possible as the phone had been sent (without permission might I add) to Bradford and Samsung were having problems with parts (Samsung weren't aware of this problem as I have contacted them enquiring!!)

After numerous messages back and forward and various unanswered phone calls over the case of almost a year where the parts were blamed for the lack of my phone my husband again messaged to ask about the phone and what was happening only to be advised that my phone was unrepairable and had been discarded months ago (again with no contact from the company to receive permission or offer the opportunity for me to collect MY phone!!!!

So unless you want to be hassled with finding and printing emailed receipts of them having your phone and all correspondence between you which trading standards and our lawyer have requested before taking it further id really advise running a mile from this company!!!!!!

No contact unless you persist, no customer service, no regard for other people's property!!!!

Review of Cumbria Tech by Philip Groom
1 Philip Groom

We were very disappointed with our experience with Cumbria Tech Repair.

My son’s iPad Mini had a new glass screen and LCD fitted by Sean at Cumbria Tech Repair, following an unfortunate incident late last year. About a week after the 3 month warranty, the iPad started “glitching”, typing text randomly and opening up different apps. This indicated that the newly fitted “digitiser” was faulty.

I contacted Sean straight away, however he was quick to point out that the warranty had (only just!!) expired, and there was little he could do to help. He agreed to reconsider his position, however when I called in today he initially refused to do anything, with an attitude pretty much of “tough”. He then said he’d replace the screen – great, I thought, however a few minutes later he then revealed “he’d meet me half way”! Not good enough really; especially as the same could happen again at just over three months! Also I have doubts about the quality of the third party parts that are being used – the iPad never felt as responsive, and the home button has been stiff following repair.

The digitiser failing just outside of warranty is concerning and frustrating enough, but to be offered very little in terms of customer support and goodwill – literally just outside of warranty – is infuriating. As is the blatant insinuation – no, accusation – that we must have damaged the iPad ourselves since the repair. Additionally in the email correspondence, Sean was very quick to point out he’d only made £25 during the two hours that the initial £90 repair took (which apparently they now charge £150 for!), however how this is any of my business or concern is beyond me!

The general tone of unhelpfulness and arrogance, and being referred to as “my friend” also illustrates Sean is desperately in need of some refreshing in customer service. Furthermore Sean is very ready to garner feedback via email soon after repair – this in itself is fair enough, but we weren’t impressed that this was then used on his website as an official testimonial, with full name published and with no prior permission! He has agreed to remove this unsolicited testimonial account. It could have remained if he’d seen us right!

As much as I’m all for supporting local business, I strongly advise against Cumbria Tech Repair. There are other repairers out there who offer longer warranties and better customer service.

Review of Cumbria Tech by Mark Weatherill
5 Mark Weatherill

Yet another phone screen fixed by Cumbria Tech, great communication, super quick repair,
alue for money and one happy daughter. Thanks again Sean.

Cumbria Tech

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Cumbria Tech Q&A

Cumbria Tech Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

The vast capability of modern smartphones means that we can capture instantly one of lifes precious memories that will last forever. Your child taking her first steps perhaps, or that last photo you had with a family member no longer here. Having that power within your hand to send a message instantly to a business colleague on the other side of the world or speak with your auntie in New Zealand and wish them a happy birthday is amazing and this piece of tech has enhanced all our lives. Now imagine youve woke up late and rushing about the house and your phone drops down a toilet, hits the kitchen floor and the screens black and it wont switch back on again. What about that photo with your dad took last year or how will the school get in touch with me as my son or daughter is on a weeks long school trip.
NIGHTMARE! So what i love most about my job is reversing the broken bit and seeing the relief on my clients face and the joy that goes with this.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I cant ever remember having that LIGHT BULB moment where all of a sudden a thought went through the mind I'm going to start my own business.
My story was since I was a toddler I've enjoyed taking objects that had a screws to bits. Household items like clocks, irons and record players (Remember them?) went missing at home and me with them. I was fortunate and old enough now where I grew up with technology so can remember the first home computer and started to build my own. Smartphones came along and I broke mine. The phone had screws and was another object to take apart and unlike the iron - To put all the pieces back together again. What inspired George Best to become a footballer? He like me finding a screwdriver and a screw found a football. Cumbria Tech was founded in the early 1970's with an iron and screwdriver in a bedroom somewhere in Stanwix. 2014 was when it all came together.

Why should our clients choose you?

We replace your parts with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) spares. We offer clients 1 year warranty on these. We have great feedback and this is provided on our website and on our social media pages. Our prices are competitive and we consider value for money. We inspect your devices and offer a considered opinion on whether its economically viable to repair. If a replacement parts is 2/3 of the cost of a like for like device we let our customers know this. In many cases and parts dependent we offer a same day fix and within an hour on screen repairs. Other parts we dont carry and within a 24 hour period. We offer loan phones to use whilst yours is been fixed so your never without a phone.

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