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We are a creative team of amazing video professionals that developed & created video marketing content for our clients?‍?‍?‍?. Our team not only creates the video content from script to screen, we help bring that video content in the real world.


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Jamar Haynes Lee

23 July 2018

Crossing River Studios was perfect company to use to shoot my video. The quality and creativity brought great ideas I had never thought of. I'm extremely satisfied with the results. More...


Megan Shroy

26 May 2018

I had the pleasure of working with Doug at Crossing River Studios to produce several recruiting and brand-focused videos for my agency, Approach Marketing. Since our team works 100% remotely, it's rare for everyone to be gathered in one location. I appreciated that Doug was extremely flexible with his schedule and always happy to adjust to our availability. Working with Doug was a true delight - he put everyone at ease in front of the camera, adapted quickly to changing scenarios and delivered stellar results every time. I would absolutely use Crossing River Studios for future projects and confidently recommend the company to my friends, colleagues and clients. More...


Josh Hall

20 March 2018

Doug at Crossing River Studios has been a tremendous asset in my network. As a web developer and designer, I've tried to surround myself with passionate, trustworthy, talented people in order to best serve all my clients needs. Doug has done just that. He's been a reputable, reliable source and has come through in flying colors for all of the clients that I've referred to him. For video production or any visual marketing need, I strongly recommend Crossing River Studios and will continue using him for all my clients video needs. More...

Hi Josh! Thank you so much for the amazing review!


Airspace Aerial

26 May 2017

When I was in the early stages of developing a marketing strategy for my business, someone suggested a brand video to me. I didn’t realize until after working with Doug at Crossing River Studios how impactful even a short brand video could be. It is the perfect vehicle to convey the soul of my company to my clients! Crossing River Studios came up with the idea, the content, the shooting, editing and SEO optimized publishing, and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product! More...


Jonathan Scott

26 May 2017

I worked with Crossing River Studios on a promo video for my fitness company. I was completely blown away from start to finish with their professionalism, attention to detail, and all around speed. I gave them the concept one time and they nailed exactly what I was looking for. The video Crossing River Studios did for us has put our company and brand into a more professional light and we are taken more serious now. I highly recommend adding video to your marketing and I highly recommend working with Crossing River Studios. More...


Rachelle Parsley

1 February 2017

Doug Dibert and Crossing River Studios is top notch! Doug made the recording of the videos for our fitness gym, 9Round - Grove City, very easy and the final product was nothing but professional! We met with him, brainstormed, told him who we were trying to reach and he took it from there. He has an eye for things we didn't even think about as well as some creative ideas that we never would have dreamed up and we had a ton of fun : ) I would definitely recommend Doug and Crossing River Studios!! More...


Meg Cabosky

26 May 2016

Doug's video production company is top-quality! He has such a creative eye and working with him has been great. I would recommend his video services to anyone!


Stefanie Jackson

26 May 2016

Doug was a referral from my brother-in-law, Dr.Jason Feltz of Tree of Life Chiropractic. Doug produced the videos for his website and I thought they looked great so when I needed a video produced for my own business I decided that Doug would be a great fit. We knew what emotions we needed our video to evoke for our clients but we didn't know how to go about making that happen. Doug was full of great ideas and went above and beyond to ensure our video was perfect! He was so easy to work with and it's obvious that he has high standards for the work he creates. Thanks!! More...


Dara Barker

26 May 2016

Doug at Crossing River Studios has recently completed a few videos for my team & I would highly recommend him! The level of customer service is excellent & the the finished product is amazing!Doug had come very highly recommended to me and I was very impressed with the videos I had viewed that he had created for other businesses. It was recently brought to my attention how beneficial video is in marketing and branding, so I decided to give it a try. Doug created a brand video for my team as well as several other more specific marketing videos. He took the time to get an understanding of my business & what I was trying to achieve. Based on the info I provided, he helped us plan & create our videos. He makes the process very easy & fun. My team & I were amazed at how great the videos turned out & how well they performed on Google! He was also very helpful in giving us advise on how to use our videos in our marketing. Video is definitely a way to take your business to the next level. We are very pleased with our experiences with Doug at Crossing River Studios and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to grow their business by video! If you’re looking for video production service in Columbus Ohio, let Crossing River Studios handle all your video needs. More...


Rob Alexander

26 May 2016

Doug rescued us. I had a video that I needed to have produced in less than a week for one of our partners, which happened to be one of the country's largest private companies. I was nervous. As it turned out, I shouldn't have worried because Doug came through big time for us. The final cut was incredible! We were blown away with what he was able to put together in such a short amount of time. Doug is super-creative, but also a great guy to be around, which makes him fun to work with. My advice is to give him some creative control and let him run with his ideas. You'll be impressed with his storytelling ability and his knack for capturing people's attention. More...


William Clifford

27 May 2015

It was a real pleasure working closely with Doug on a recent video project. I learned about his work through a referral and had high expectations Doug quickly exceeded, once the project began.He was willing to do whatever it took to create the high quality professional videos our project required and it shows in the final product. His creative and personable approach helped our on-camera subjects deliver comfortable, natural performances, even though many had no previous on-camera experience.Doug was very conscientious in his work and proactively followed up to insure that all our goals were met. I'll happily recommend Doug's work and look forward to working with him on future video projects. More...


Achievers Real Estate, LLC

27 May 2015

What a great experience. I've always been interested in doing an informational video and one day a friend sent me an email with a link to a video Doug had produced. I knew instantly I wanted him to do one for me. I was nervous of course but Doug helped put me at ease. Doug does great work and my video proves it. It turned out better than I had expected. The quality of the finished product is top notch. If you've been considering video for your business, I'd encourage you to give Doug a call; you won't be disappointed. More...


Denise Brown

27 May 2015

Doug at Crossing River worked with me on the production of a video for my new book. He is so easy to work with and took the time to work through all that I wanted to accomplish. He is so insightful and guided me through the process. He has a genuine desire to really bring out your story for others to see. I had zero experience on what would make a good video and his ideas and professional experience were a great help.I am extremely happy with what he created and hope to work on more very soon! More...


What we love most is hearing our clients not only saw WOW about their video, we love hearing the, "Our Videos are Kicking-Butt!" It's so important to us that our clients get the right video for the right audience at the right time.

Most people in our profession love to say it's all about the story, "We love telling stories!" right? We'll story is great and all, and believe me, it's important. What we love the most (and feel like this is what makes us stand out) is see out clients get real-world results with their videos.

Results! Your story is important and making the video look amazing is important, but if your video doesn't speak the language your audience is speaking then, well....who cares.

Our focus is making sure we are crafting a video that brings results. If you want a video that does that, you're in good company.



A uniquely-crafted, powerful Video is a Salesperson that sells for you while you sleep. We make the Video Production process simple. The Biggest Fear any client has when they decide to produce a video for their business or non-profit is: “Will I see a return on creating this video?” If you simply set out to make a video because it will look cool on your website, then it will most likely fail. You need a Video designed with purpose. You have to give your video something to do, a target to hit. Otherwise, its just noise in an already clustered media-driven world. At Crossing River Studios, our main goal and focus are producing a video for my client that goes after it’s given target.

Don’t waste important time… doing take…after take…after take on camera. Stop worrying about forgetting your lines! Want your video presentation to look professional? Have an important message you need captured on video and don’t have the team to create it? Then you found the right place! Crossing River Studios provides complete Teleprompter services from Script to Screen. We not only provide the Teleprompter Service you need for your project, we also provide the Sound, Lighting, and Cameras you need to capture that message clearly and quickly.