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Daniel Pashley

26 April 2019

Well-stocked electronics shop with friendly, knowledgeable service. Great for sourcing older, hard-to-find components.


Grant Rennie

27 December 2018

Great electronics shop with large range of components, spares and audio equipment, good selection of cctv equipment sold in store.The shop is small inside in terms of the customer area, you can bring in a list of what you need and they will fetch all of it from out the back.I dropped by 2 weeks ago and remember getting their catalogues in the post as far back as 1999, they opened many years ago and have a reputation for repair parts for sound equipment.Well worth a visit. More...


Max Reger

28 September 2018

This shop used to be known as Marshalls when I was a lad - long before Maplins turned up. As it was local, I used to buy all my components there - I still have some of them in their original Marshalls plastic bags!SInce I moved to Harrow about 30 years ago, I used the local Maplin stores there and in Burnt Oak and Brent Cross. The service was appalling - kids who knew nothing about electronices, loud pop music in the background and a very long wait before anyone deigned to serve you when you waited at the parts counter. But it was conveniently local and I put up with it.Since Maplin's demise, I found myself returning to Cricklewood and have been there several times in the past few months to buy various tools and components. OK, the journey is a little longer and parking is metered, but with my geriatric's Freedom Pass I can now get there gratis in only 30 minutes by train. To my delight, the friendly service of the good old Marshalls days is the same as ever and all the very helpful staff are experts who seem to enjoy working there. The prices are reasonable and contrary to the claims of one or two malevolent reviewers on this list, the quality of everything I have bought in the past four months has been perfect. The place is a treasure trove of components and tools; you are very likely to find what you want there. Highly recommended. More...


Remi Shergold

29 August 2018

Needed a single component in my hand today. The staff were really knowledgeable and friendly. Was definitely worth the trip.


1w1 ltd

30 July 2018

Very happy with this place .... friendly stuff.... good choice of components at good prices ...I definitely recommend this place for electronics specialists


keith driscoll

26 May 2018

Amazing wish to
There was somewhere like this near me


Music Repair Services Wales

26 May 2018

Superb Service yet again from Igor and the crew. I had a client with an urgent repair requirement. Part ordered on the phone at my shop in less than 24hrs! Thank you guys :-)


Richie Priest

28 January 2018

Helpfull friendly staff and quality bespoke cctv equipment well packaged goods delivered by top couriers highly recommended.


Jack Walsh

13 August 2017

Amazing old school electronics shop, they have every component under the sun! Staff are very helpful, knowledgable and friendly and prices are good, i hope this place never closes


Ilyas Mirza

10 August 2017

Bought DVR from them. Salesman was very professional.
Product was easy to setup after demo at shop.


Troy Lewis

20 July 2017

I have been using them for years. Always helpful no matter how small your purchase .Always willing to help those with less knowledge with an explanation of how to do things. One of the last electronic component shops left in NW London since Henrys Audio moved from Edgware Road to Golders Green, 10 times better than Maplin for small components.Any bad reviews here are false, I dont work for them im a genuine long time customer. We need to keep shops like this one, a rarity in these times Highly recommend this shop More...


Chris Li

5 March 2017

Great place for electronic components. Cut cables, speakers, everything you need! Hard to find shops like these nowadays for electronics hobbyists. Really helpful and friendly staff too. 5 stars More...


Russell Scheef

30 March 2016

Just a brilliant supplier. Use them. And no - I've not been paid to write this! Ordered a 16ch DVR (Topp16) and some cheaper cameras to work alongside. They used their recommended installer.... and helped me set up the email motion alerts etc. No quibbles and probably the best service I've had in years. Well done guys. More...

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