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About Credence K9 :
*We do not , at this time , offer board and train programme
* We offer clients a professional service. We know that our communication skills with the owners are every bit as important as our dog training/ whispering skills .



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Dogs have always been a passion of mine, having grown up with them . I love being able to help people whom clearly love their dog and want it to be a balanced, happy member of the family but for whatever reason , things have gone wrong and the owners want to put it right. I think what I love most about my job , is the fact that , dog training is a continual learning process. I constantly learn , building on my existing knowledge and experience, each dog teaches you something else again .That for me , is the beauty of dog training

In all honesty, it's something that friends and acquaintances often suggested I should do, having on occasions helped them with their dogs. I was undertaking canine related qualifications, as well as animal care , still wasn't confident my own business was something I could make a success of , bit pessimistic, I realise . Anyway , I think , my true inspiration came from two of my Border Collies. They , over the years , taught me to have faith in myself . They taught me to realise I was a skilled trainer in my own right, to trust my instincts , judgements and do things my way. The way I believe dog training should be implemented . I have been lucky enough to have been taught by some very knowledgeable trainers . But I don't think anyone taught me more than the afore mentioned dogs

By selecting credence k9, you get a trainer whom is , and has been her entire adult life , completely dedicated to dogs and her work. So much so , it is not unheard of for the trainer to rush off , on her day off to an emergency case .
Those owning GSDS and Border Collies should especially choose us as those are the two breeds the trainer rehabilitates , trainers and owns herself and has done for over two decades . If you have a collie , you need the collie woman ! That being said , credence k9 don’t discriminate and always welcome the bigger breeds such as cane Corso, Rottweiler, pit bulls ect . We continually look at how we can improve and update our qualifications , undertaking more courses to further our knowledge , and provide the best service possible. Credence k9 also try to provide a flexible service by working weekdays and evenings , also weekends.


We teach owners how to combat the aggression in a positive manner . We look and identifying the cause ie intact male during mating season and best means to progress ahead