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Tucson, Arizona

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Creature Comforts Pet Resorts

Tucson, Arizona


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Anthony Schiavone

2 July 2019

Dogs are alive.


Mary Beth Rosenthal

30 June 2019

I boarded my cat. She loves it there. The people are so nice.


Jude Sadler

23 May 2019

They took such good care of my high maintenance dog. I WILL return.


Gabe Beita-Kiser

12 May 2019

We’re thankful to the Creature Comforts staff for the loving care they gave our dog Canelo and to our family in a time of transition. They treat us like family and know dogs very well, and have always been very attentive to our good boy. They’re good hearted people and pick up on the needs of humans and animals alike. More...


Gabriel B.

11 May 2019

We're thankful to the Creature Comforts staff for the loving care they gave our dog Canelo and to our family in a time of transition. They treat us like family and know dogs very well, and have always been very attentive to our good boy. They're good hearted people and pick up on the needs of humans and animals alike. More...


Laraine Jones

18 April 2019

My dog came back to us happy and relaxed after our two weeks away. He enjoyed Doggy Playcare and had laps to sit on and fire hydrants to use.


Dave Lopez

14 April 2019

Exceptionally professional, warm, friendly and caring staff compliment the clean facility and generous accommodations. We first began using CCPR's mid-town facility over 10 years ago about once a summer for overnight boarding anywhere from 7-9 days at a stretch for our "buddy boy" cocker spaniel. We were always very pleased with the service. We just left our two puppies there for an over nighter this past weekend and the experience was just as positive as before. The owner and her staff are very gracious and welcoming. I highly recommend CCPR. More...


Diane Snedden

27 March 2019

Very caring, responsible staff. I totally feel comfortable leaving my pet here


Linda Fahey

1 March 2019

Great service and facility. My Dog loved it.


Thomas Gustafson

25 February 2019

The girls there treat our dog like their own! Very happy with the service, and attention provided.


Ali Bramson

25 February 2019

We travel a lot and feel really good leaving our dog here every time. He gets really excited when we pull into the parking lot. He runs right back to the play area (after having to greet all the humans of course) and is so excited and happy to say hi to everybody and they very obviously have gotten to know him and enjoy him too. It makes us feel so much better boarding him knowing that he goes to a place he loves and is loved. More...


Moriah S.

9 January 2019

We needed last minute boarding for Bernie who's daily life is spent mostly by the side of her owner. I was so nervous that she wasn't used to being around so much commotion and dog energy and noises and away from her other half, and three weeks later I just picked her up and I couldn't be happier! She made friends with the humans here and dogs! She's sooo calm and at ease, she had tons of personal growth! She got to be her individual self because she's normally the companion and caretaker for her owner and best friend. We are on a walk in reid Park right now and she's soo laid back, meeting dogs, let a puppy jump all over her! The people there were such dog lovers and attentive and personable. I'm soo grateful it all worked out and that it was life changing for Bernie instead of a terrifying experience. Thank you so much creature comforts! More...


Morning Star Traders

27 December 2018

My cat stayed here for a week for the first time. She loved it. When I picked her up she was clean and happy. Thank you for taking care of my baby.


Casey Smythe

27 November 2018

They do a great job with our fussy terrier at a reasonable price.


Susan G.

4 October 2018

We've only been here once as we are new to the area. We do not allow our pets to go just anywhere. We visited several places and decided to give this place a try. Our pups came home happy and tired. Both of the young girls we encountered we very pleasant and reassuring. A customer coming to pick up raved about it so we felt good. Only wish there was some grass to play on. Will update review after we have used the facility several more times. More...


Rachael Sedgwick

26 August 2018

Thank you for taking such great, loving care of my poochies! You are my favorite groomers--always kind, gentle, and available. And, best of all, my poochies love spending the day with you! :) More...


Paco D.

6 August 2018

When your hotel says NO to pets, Creature Comforts makes it All Good.  Coming from out of town and spending too many days away from home fòr work. We wanted our rescue pup with us. Creature Comforts (CC) was more than amenable to our busy schedule and the Tucson summer heat making safe outdoor time even more limiting.  Our pup stayed with CC fòr the night and we spent our free time during the day with him seeing the sights of Tucson. The Pima Air Museum was a great pup friendly place.  We did two days there.  And CC was always working with our schedule and our pups medical requirements. I having only the best words for Creature Comfort and the staff there. When you want to be with your pup,  CC works with you to make it happen!!Thanks More...


Gabriela C.

5 August 2018

We have been boarding our dogs at the Camino Martin  Pet Resort since 2001. There is no place else we would EVER board our 4 legged family members, they are happy and extremely well cared for. This is our third "pair" of dogs, when you find a place that cares and babies your "Babies" you stick with it!Beast and Nikita give it 5 PAWS.....Pat C. More...


Clarence Andressen

30 June 2018

Boarded our two Afgans twice here and both times we and the dogs were pleased with the experience.


William Carson

26 May 2018

We have been boarding our dogs here for the last 3 years and we have been very happy with the results. ( Anywhere from 1 to 10 day periods) The best part is that once our dogs arrive at creature comforts, our dogs get so excited to see the employees and run straight in for some kisses. I can assure you they do not do this for all people.The facility seems very clean, employees seem to be happy, and we have never had any issues with our dogs stays. I would recommend creature comforts anyone who asked where I suggested to board pets. More...


Jennifer Campbell

26 May 2018

My dogs LOVE coming here! Your pets are in good hands here.


Karen Jahnke

26 May 2018

We have taken our two Australian Shepherds here for about 4 years. They love it here! Everyone who works there is friendly and accommodating, and I have never had a problem getting a reservation. Our boys especially love Alex. Thank you for taking great care of them, Creature Comforts! More...


Janice J.

21 April 2018

It is my pleasure to tell you about how much we (including Sonny) like Creature Comforts.  Because Sonny is our beloved Pet (family member) we have always been particular about whose care we leave him..We were impressed on our first visit; large "rooms", shaded outdoor play area, engaging and welcoming staff who seem to truly take the welfare of their charges seriously; they encourage bringing the pet's toys, bedding and specific daily food intake; of course, they make sure all pets are up to date on required vac.  it has always been very clean without any urine smell if areas are not clean. We've taken Sonny there on at least 3 occasions and always ask for the "imperial room" which he now feels is "his room"...we also schedule play days where he is interacting with other dogs, which he loves.  The staff take pictures of him and offer written feedback. They even gave him a bath, n/c because he had been there over 7 days. (total of 11)..While, we try and keep his boardings short, (less than 2 weeks) b/c we think it's better for him (and us) we feel confident he is in good hands. Staff even told us to call anytime to see how he is doing.Janice/Craig/Sonny More...


Karen J.

4 March 2018

Our two dogs love staying here! We have been boarding them here for years and always know that our fur babies will be in good hands. I feel secure that they are being well taken care of. I definitely recommend this place and it's wonderful staff! More...


Jay S.

9 February 2018

Creature comforts is great. We use it and love it. It is centrally located and easy to get to. Good hours and friendly staff.


Eve S.

16 January 2018

I've just moved to Tucson and, when I realized I had to get my car and dog out of the way if the movers, my Vet immediately recommended Creature Comforts. She was not wrong: in addition to boarding (even having a segregated room for my FIV+ cat with no problem), mydog spent the day in their playgroup. You may differ, but I judge a playgroup by how hard my dog sleeps afterwards. Milo gives Creature Comforts 5 Z's! More...


Art E.

7 November 2017

Took my dog here to be boarded for 6 days last month. The facility is clean and the staff was caring. She had a great time, no problems and was not anxious to leave when I went to pick her up. I will be planning on boarding her there again in the future. More...


Louis T.

31 May 2017

This place has always taken great care of my English Bulldog. He always comes back happy and healthy. When he did become sick during his stay (diarrhea ), they took care of him and fed him rice & broth along with some pepto. They provided me a sheet with complete documentation of when it start until it was resolved. The rates are very reasonable with good staff who always remember my dog. More...


Sandra Rogers

26 May 2017

I have never had any problem getting a reservation here. And my pet is always well taken care of. Easy pick up and drop off getting back into town or leaving. I would appreciate not having to get a kennel cough vaccine every 6 months though. The vaccine my dog gets is good for 1 year (veterinarian given and needed once a year according to vaccine manufacturer) More...


Sky E.

19 March 2017

Super cheap in comparison to other places and my cats were not happy they had to leave!


Guinn K.

2 September 2016

Such thoughtful and friendly people. My dogs are always happy. Very simple and not at all corporate so it might not be everyone's preference. We keep going back because our dogs love it and they always remember our dogs' names. It's the little things. More...


L B.

21 June 2016

My dog is not one to be excited about being left with another person, but I swear she forgets all about me when we arrive at Creature Comforts! She literally pulls me in the door, runs for the closest employee and cannot wait to go back to the kennel area. Even though I don't board her often, maybe once every three months, she is always thrilled to be there and the employees are excited to see her and remember her from previous visits. It's really wonderful to see your dog so comfortable in her boarding place and so comfortable with the employees taking care of her. I took my dog to several other kennels around Tucson before finding Creature Comforts. Many were dirty with disinterested employees. Some kennels don't even take the dogs out to walk, they just expect them to pee in their kennels. The employees at Creature Comforts let the dogs out several times a day. And if your dog's stay is long enough, they give them a free bath. I can't imagine taking my dog anywhere else. Sure, the hours are slightly inconvenient for someone with a 9-5 work schedule, but I'm willing to work around that to know my dog is in a place where she's happy. More...


D P.

4 May 2016

When I was leaving after first checking this place out someone was bringing their dog in for a stay.  The dog was very happy to be there and I took that as a positive sign.  Plus it is a clean place and provided a thorough tour. (Many of the other kennels I checked out on the East No/East side of Tucson I found to be smelly and filthy, one I didn't even tour after stepping into their office.) I left my 2 small dogs here for 1 night to see how they did.  When I picked them up they ran back to the staff, tails wagging, to say good bye - what better recommendation.  They also acted this when when I left them there for a longer 2nd stay.  Since Ilike to board them in same kennel I use the Large.  This provides room for their beds and walking around space.   One last thing to add.  I have never boarded my dogs where if they were not picked up by noon you had to pay extra.  Some places charge for a full day if not picked up by noon.  This has been a practice I have seen in several cities so I was not surprised at all.  rules are rules for all to follow. More...


Chris B.

19 April 2016

I had to kennel my dog as I drove through town to meet with someone in Tucson.  This kennel was near the hotel and seemed reasonable.  They were patient on the phone and told me the paperwork I needed to bring.  When I got to town I had lost one of his vaccinations records and I thought I would be in trouble.  The girl who worked there spent the next 15 minutes talking to our previous vets to confirm his records and told me that if he didn't have the shots that they could take him in for that (for a reasonable fee) so I wouldn't have to cancel my meetings.I changed my dates of arrival and departure and they took it all in stride.  My dog didn't eat much, and was pretty happy to leave, but that's always been true - but they were obviously keeping an eye on him.  Overall I was impressed with the customer service. More...


Ju Ren P.

29 December 2014

Creature Comforts is not your most lavish 5* hotel, but the service makes up for it. I checked out the place before boarding my two dogs there. Granted, it doesn't have cameras, does looks a little old & run down, but do not judge a book by its cover.I am grateful that the staff took great care of my pups. Billy was the one who gave me a tour around the place and answered all my questions, he was the one who checked us in when my pups boarded, and he picked up ALL of my calls when i called to check on my pups. He is friendly, honest and genuinely caring towards dogs. To me, knowing my pups are in good hands really made me feel a whole lot better when I'm on vacation. The place is clean and tidy, and there is an outdoor area for the dogs to play. They do not allow the dogs to mix so i won't worry about fights & injuries. Also, there will always be someone at the compound 24/7 and that is a very important point, in case of emergency (fire, electrical trips, etc).I would definitely board my pups at Creature Comforts again! Thank you to the staff for taking good care of my dogs. They left the place happy and came home clean (free from ticks, fleas etc), and i am pleased. :) More...


Kylee E.

8 October 2014

I took my kitty here last year and was very nervous because he had never been boarded before. Unfortunately, he is a sensitive cat and was very nervous the first day, however, the staff was awesome with him! I had to board him because I was in between moving, so I went and visited him while he stayed there. ALL of the staff was friendly and super sweet. My kitty really enjoyed himself, despite having to be boarded up! They pay close attention to the animals and give full reports. I really appreciated that because I was nervous having heard horrid boarding stories from relatives and friends. Their pricing is also fair and my kitty's "room" was always clean when I popped in for a visit. I highly recommend Creature Comfort Pet Resort!The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the facility could use a little revamping. It doesn't smell too great in there, but it also is a boarding facility. A little paint on the outside would freshen up their look. However, this wasn't a huge issue for me because, overall, the facility seemed fairly clean. More...


Nicole M.

26 August 2014

Very affordable pet hotel, organized and friendly staff. Thorough tours are given before leaving your animal. I did not catch the name of the lady that helped us, but she was very knowledgable about dogs and gave us a few pointers on puppies. I had three of my dogs stay here at different times and felt very comfortable leaving them. They allowed my lab and smaller dog to stay in one kennel for a discounted fee. The outside play area is simple yet roomy. Take your animals here instead of a pet store hotel! More...


Adam P.

8 March 2014

My dog Sully loves it here and be is picky. He gets so excited when he knows he's going and as soon as we pull up he goes berserk trying to get in. All of the staff are so nice and our dog just loves them all do they take great care of him. I like how they take them outside to play. And are pretty accommodating with requests. One time when our dog was boarded there was a bad monsoon that knocked power out for a couple days and the road to the boarder was closed. But the staff was parking and walking a couple miles each way to take care of the animals. I think that shows their dedication and love for the animals. Sometimes it's tough to get through on phone but they are super busy with the dogs and at least you know your dog is in good hands.  Wish they had cameras though. More...


T C.

5 June 2013

This was the first place I boarded my new dog. While I was nervous it was obvious my dingo had a great time. When I picked her up she seemed happy, well fed, and the staff made remarks indicating they had interacted enough with her to know details of her personality, which was reassuring. Everyone I spoke with there was professional, friendly, and seemed to love where they work. I'm using them again in a couple of weeks. More...


Brenda R.

13 January 2013

As a card carrying "crazy dog lady"-I am pretty damn picky about where my furbabies sleep when not tucked into my bed. Creature Comforts specializes in reassuring neurotic pet owners (who satisfy their thwarted maternal instincts on  their canine companions!). When the suitcase comes out for travel, Bella and Bentley start the " Creature Comforts" cha cha as they know its time for another trip to "the spa".Staff know their names, food preferences and even wash n fluff  Bella's security blankie when needed! Treats, daily outdoor playtime and concierge service at very reasonable rates. Place is clean, staff are friendly and obviously love dogs. If you are the type of pet owner who has at least one outfit for your dog, has a car and wardrobe covered with dog hair, and have grossed out friends by giving your beloved a lick or two from your icecream cone, ( and then continued eating it )- this place is for you! More...


Matthew J.

19 April 2012

I must say this boarder is by far my favorite pick! Very nice, caring , and always remembers my dog by name , and everyone else that was there that day; but none the less I just have say my dog used to hate the boarding process: full of stress and always nervous...   But now: she is relaxed, but still excited about getting some preferential treatment or a few days while the mom and I are out of town ! Thnk you again and keep up the good work! More...



7 April 2012

I was concerned at first because of negative comments but I decided to check it out myself. I'm am so glad I did. This place is great, they really care and show great compassion. Please check this place out for yourselfs, you wont be sorry More...


Yolanda G.

7 June 2011

This was the first time we used someone other than friends/family to watch our dogs. The service was great from the beginning. It was easy to setup a reservation. The staff was friendly and our dogs were happy. They provide the food as well which was a plus. The only thing is is sometimes they are hard to get a hold of by phone. Other than that, this place is excellent! More...


Lashawn N.

9 November 2010

I give Creature Comforts on St. Martin 6 Stars especially Jenny. My dog Sandy loves going to the daycare when my Husband and I are away. Jenny treats my dog great and is very attentive to our needs as well as the dog.I refused to leave Sandy with anyone else. More...


Melissa D.

21 December 2009

I love Creature Comforts and, more importantly, so does my dog Bodhi. I have been bringing him there for two years and he is always happy to run into the building and head for their big backyard. He is also very content when I pick him up. And I have been to other places that are either not dog-people, or charge extra for every little thing, or don't exercise the pets enough. This place is a really breath of fresh air. All the people who work there are friendly and are 'animal' people. Whenever I call, they know my dog's name and which one he is and they tell me about his style of playing so I know they really do play with him and he loves them for it. Take a tour of the place yourself! You will see the good accommodations, the huge backyards, the friendly caring staff. Their prices are reasonable too. More...

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