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Creative Carpet Repair is one of the most reputed company in America and having an experience since 2004. We offer a 100% unlimited, unconditional, lifetime labor guarantee on all residential carpet repair work performed by our company.

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Ziaur Rahman

27 March 2019

I was very impressed with Maria’s professionalism, thoroughness and good attitude. Her service-level was exceptional and I’m very pleased with the results. Creative Carpet Repair Carpinteria is my new “go-to” for all upholstery and carpet repairing services. More...


Daniyel Cristian

25 February 2019

Terrific service! Thanks to Maria and her crew, this was a top notch experience. I will definitely be using Creative Carpet Repair Carpinteria for additional services, when the need arises.


Joshua Little

25 February 2019

Maria was great! Friendly, efficient and the carpet looks great. Thank you so much.


Sedrick Eich

25 February 2019

Tim Snow was awesome. Thoroughly explained and cleaned, taking time time focus on the stubborn areas. Will definitely have him back. Thank you so much!


Gina Becker

27 December 2018

Maria was very gracious in setting up our first appointment and Steve made our carpet repair look easy. He was able to blend in a new piece of carpeting in with our 10 year old carpet. I have had a very good experience using Creative Carpet Repair. More...


Jerry Kort

27 November 2018

Steve was amazing, as usual! He is very thorough, fast, careful and lots of fun to talk to! He is a great character representation for your company!


Vincent G. Stocks

28 September 2018

I contacted Maria to do a quick repair and restretch of a carpet in a rental of mine that needed to be done immediately. Maria came out on short notice and completed the job quickly, professionally and did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend Creative Carpet Repair and will definitely use them again in the future. More...


Jhon Keats

28 September 2018

Their field specific knowledge was exactly what saved our carpet. They were extremely neat and thoughtful. The owner gave a fair price, all while giving us his most immaculate work. We have new carpet again! Thank you to a true carpetologist. More...


Jonathan P. Strawser

29 August 2018

Had Maria and her crew to clean our couch and some carpeting yesterday and they were and did a fantastic job. Prompt, friendly, and thorough. Carpeting and couch look wonderful and clean again after their efforts. Highly Recommended. More...


Joseph J Allen

30 June 2018

This was my first experience hiring a cleaning service. After years of doing everything myself, probably incorrectly and definitely poorly, it was a wonderful experience for someone else to do the work I dread with enthusiasm. They have an incredible attention to detail and my home is thoroughly and completely cleaned in very speedy time. They are very pleasant to have around, very kind and caring to our dog and leave us with a beautiful home every time. I can not recommend Maria's team enough! More...


Jennie Loya

27 May 2018

Tim came out within a matter of hours, did a repair and re-stretched my carpet in my home! Great job guys!


Brandon Cerrito

27 May 2018

Libby is a joy to work with. You can tell she is passionate about her work and really loves what she does. If you have red stains or bleach spots on your carpet look no further than Libby and her team of carpet dyeing experts at The Carpet Chemist in Myrtle Beach.


Hazel Yates

21 May 2018

Creative Carpet Repair is THE answer when you need expert advice and help with your questions. Tim took the time to explain different aspects of his business and knowledgable suggestions on what I needed to have done!


Stephen Ballard

17 May 2018

Thank you for the fast and friendly service!


mafuz ali

29 April 2018

Same day service! I will use Creative Carpet repair again when I acquire my fourth Labrador Retriever!


Edmund Disappoint

2 March 2018

Creative Carpet Repair is THE answer when you need expert advice and help with your questions. Tim took the time to explain different aspects of his business and knowledgeable suggestions on what I needed to have done!