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Couples Counseling: Robin Temple

Longmont, Boulder

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Couples Counseling: Robin Temple logo

Couples Counseling: Robin Temple

Longmont, Boulder

1 hire on Bark


For the last 25 years I have been passionately teaching seminars and counseling couples to empower them to have satisfying, enduring and fulfilling love. I have a private practice in Longmont and Boulder, and offer a free 30 minute consultation online or in person.


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Becca Armstrong

1 February 2019

Robin and Michael are experts in guiding couples in healing, transforming, and expanding their relationships. I consistently see them empower and guide couples into more expanded wonderful loving relationship together, even when the couple may be experiencing the most significant states of woundedness and turmoil. I highly recommend their workshops and couples counseling. More...

Thank you Becca! Your expert opinion means a great deal to us!



31 January 2019

Robin and Michael are wonderful. My husband and I did a workshop over a weekend. After 21 years of marriage, we figured a tune-up would be a good idea. The tools they taught are great and extremely useful. More...

I so appreciate your endorsement!



30 January 2019

My husband and I attended a 2 day workshop with Robin and Mark. We had been married 22 years and were seeing many couples getting divorces. Our relationship was strong, but we wanted to make sure we were still on the right track. We loved how effective the tools are and how easy they are to implement. I wish we had these skills earlier in our marriage. Everything was also very private. Any discussions or opportunities we had to explore the tools were done between the two of us, with assistance as needed. No one needs to worry that they will have to speak to the group about an issue. It was a very safe environment and very comfortable for those who are not comfortable with the idea of "therapy". If you want to improve your communication with a loved one I strongly recommend giving their workshops a try. More...

Thank you so much Lisa!

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Sometimes it takes so little to shift the trajectory from one of pain and distance to one of passion and connection--just a few practical skills that can be taught in a weekend can make all the difference. The universal feedback from graduates is "if only I had learned this earlier! What a difference it would have made in my relationship(s) if only I had learned these tools earlier in life! It is my greatest privilege to be able to help couples bridge differences and step back from the brink (or well into) separation and divorce, and discover a whole new level of satisfaction and pleasure was possible. This is especially rewarding when there are children involved whose lives will be changed by a couples splitting up, when it was preventable!

Working as a crisis interventionist in the high schools, I saw very little hope for really helping teens unless I could help their parents' marriages. Going through a divorce myself after 10 years with 3 children, I was passionate about finding out how to prevent the breakdown of intimacy and help couples build enduring, passionate love.

Most therapists do not have specific training in how to help couples effectively and efficiently. I have been a Master Teacher and Trainer for the last 25 years and have trained hundreds of mental health professionals and clergy in effective methods to help couples (see www.PAIRS.com.) My husband and I are certified in a dozen other approaches to couple's education and have taught powerful and potent weekend seminars to over 1000 couples over the last 25 years.
I specialize in distressed couples, creating a safe and effective approach for them to confide and empathize with one another and resolve long-standing differences. And we are all about creating rapid and enduring shifts in intimacy in the minimum amount of time.