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Abigail and Wilfrid Carré

18 April 2010

Marta provided full coverage of our wedding day in the London area, from the beginning of my preparations to the end of the evening – and then came to France to cover our wedding blessing and reception there a week later. <br /><br />When we were looking for a wedding photographer, we knew we didn’t want to spend hours posing or to be bossed around – we just wanted someone with an artistic eye to record<span id="moreReview114789" class="hide"> things as they actually happened. We chose Marta because we could see from her website that she is a true photojournalist whose images are honest and poetic, sensitively reflecting the particular atmosphere of each occasion. We also liked the fact that she would provide all the digital files of the images on a DVD for us to use as we wished, rather than reserving the copyright for herself. Finally, we did not have a lavish budget to spend, and were having to spread it across two ‘dos’ so that none of our friends or relatives would be excluded (my husband being French, and me English). We found Marta’s charges reasonable for the hours and expertise involved, and she was definitely worth every penny – plus she was not only ‘willing’ to travel, but actually relished it.<br /><br />Marta went beyond the call of duty, and made everything feel stress-free – rare in wedding planning. Not only did she record every memorable moment of the preparations, ceremonies and receptions, but she also captured many moments and details that we wouldn’t even have known about if it weren’t for her ... and at various points she seems to have been in two places at once! We still don’t understand how she managed to do all this, without ever making her presence felt or interfering with the celebrations themselves.<br /><br />The only problem we’re faced with now is deciding which, among the huge number of beautiful photos, NOT to print! We can spend hours looking through them as all our memories are brought flooding back.</s More...


Ms Eliza Kopalak

13 April 2010

I feel very lucy to have found Marta. The style and aesthetic of her photography is brilliant! <br />It was great to have her on that special day. Thank You


Bart Plouval

4 April 2010

I would highly recommend Contemporary Wedding! We love all the photos Marta took during Our Day.


Magdalene Gosling

4 April 2010

The photos Marta took at our wedding are amazing! <br />Every time we look at them, all the memories are instantly brought back. We would recommend her to every one who wants to have memories captured, and not only the posed, boring wedding photos :)<br />Thank you Marta! More...


Mary Owkland

4 April 2010

From the first meeting with Marta (contemporary wedding owner and main photographer) we knew she would be the right choice.<br />Her quiet yet confident presence at the ceremony and the reception was exactly what we were looking for in a photographer - not disturbing the guests not us - but quite the opposite - she was all smiling and just capturing decisive moments instead of arranging everyone.<span id="moreReview111725" class="hide"> <br />But it was only when we saw the photos we knew that she is a genius! <br />The photographs are thousand times more beautiful that we would imagine! She somehow managed to capture all the important moments and more - hidden smiles, gestures and looks that we would never know they existed if not the photographs. <br />Every time we look at our wedding album, we are flooded with memories and gratefulness to Marta.<br />I would recommend her with all my heart!</span> More...

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