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I’m a registered and qualified Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach practitioner with a track record of several years in practice. I have worked with clients who’s had a range of health challenges, including; diabetes, arthritis, weight loss, obesity, cancer, HBP, eczema, digestive issues and the like.



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Health does not only span to what we eat but also stretches to all aspects of our lives, which can include our environment, work life, relationships and the kind of material we pay attention to. The food we eat is, however, very important to our health as it provides the raw material required for maintenance for our body's. An unhealthy diet within a stressful environment will quickly deplete our vitamin and mineral resources and eventually leave us vulnerable to all sort of diseases.

Helping clients restore their health. One of my missions as a practitioner is to help people live longer, disease free.

I had health challenges of my own and it was these health challenges that woke me up to the importance of good health.

I have an array of knowledge when it comes to health and wellbeing and I am constantly learning about an area that I am really passionate about. As a practitioner, part of my duty is not to just help solve whatever health challenge that a client is experiencing but to educate the client so that he/she can become independent to deal with his/her own health issue without relying on me as a practitioner. I also look for the source of the health challenge rather than just treating the symptoms.