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Computers of Charleston Offers the Following Services:

Free Diagnostics
Virus Removal
On Site Service
Web Design
Networking for Small/Home Offices
Network Security
Drone / Aerial Photography / Videography Services
Computer Repair

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Elizabeth Strott

20 March 2019

Robert was very knowledgeable, fast, friendly and helped me repair the issue I was having with my computer. I would recommend him and Computers of Charleston to anyone! Thank you!


Molly Hughes

16 March 2019

I would like to thank you for restoring my old iPod. You have given me back one of my favorite activities that I thought hopeless to retrieve. Your service was prompt and your prices amazingly lower than I expected. Thank you again and again. I would highly recommend your services! More...


Lorie Hunter Adams

8 February 2019

I have used Computers of Charleston twice. Both times each issue was resolved promptly and at reasonable cost. I highly recommend this business.


Bernard Brisbane

6 February 2019

Always helpful and fast. Would not go anywhere else! Thanks Robert.


David P

4 February 2019

Robert is extremely knowledgeable. He coached me through a decision regarding whether to keep a computer or replace it. He spent valuable time doing this, and didn’t charge me a dime. Thank you.


Filipe Guiesup

31 October 2018

I've always recommended this computer shop to others--and they've always thanked me for it. Robert is always straightforward and he's never misled me or anyone I've sent to him. I like to call them the "Gerald's Tires" of computer repair because Robert doesn't charge for really simple repairs sometimes. (There have been times I have had to insist on giving him money!). There just aren't too many business operators that treat their customers like that left. Thanks, and sorry it took me so long to get to writing you guys a review! More...


Diane Quinn

4 August 2018

Thank you Brian!!! You have been a huge help to a not so tech savy Grandma.


Kasia Hart-Buncumb

4 August 2018

Awesome people !!!!!


Peggy Robinson

4 August 2018

thx guys for gettin me up n running again!!!!!! ya'll are the best!!!!!!


Ali Taylor

4 August 2018

Love the service! Fast and reliable! Always support local businesses!!! Will be using them again!!!


Amire Solomon

4 August 2018

Fast and reliable service!!! Family friendly environment. My computer was acting up really bad but they were able to get it running like brand new. I would recommend this repair shop to anyone. More...


Andy Shoemaker

4 August 2018

It was a pleasure doing biz with Brian & Robert. Took my LT to them this a.m. to get swept & reset and got it back this afternoon ready to go. I love working with people that do what they say they're going to do, but more so in a timely manner. "Under Promise & Over Deliver" must be in their Mission Statement. Thanks Gents & know you'll be referred. More...


Ken Tye

4 August 2018

I have used several computer repair services in the past and these guys are without a doubt the best.......they truly do fine work and they are quick....dropped off my laptop in the morning and picked it up that afternoon..... More...


Scottie Simmons

4 August 2018

Wonderful staff, professional, punctual and precise at the job they do! Totally happy with my equipment and I will suggest you guys to all my family and friends!! Community love!!


Elaine Seibert Jackson

4 August 2018

We have taken our CPU to be checked out or repaired a couple of times since we have had it. This company does excellent work at a reasonable price. I have no reservations about recommending them to anyone who needs work done on their computers. More...


Isa Wojtkowski

4 August 2018

They are the best!!!!! Honesty is their policy!!!!


Lynn Mehler Green

4 August 2018

Computers of Chas fix and transfer business files for me. Also set me up to receive Windows 10.

Will always take my laptop to them in the future!


Carol S.

3 November 2016

My computer was embarrassingly polluted with antiviral programs and had been backed up by so many mechanisms, that it was running out of space. I had grandchildren pictures and videos that I couldn't even get to see. Finally, my 3 year old grandson managed to break the on-off switch and I panicked, swallowed my pride and stopped by Computers of Charleston. I thought I'd get them to at least start it and then I'd somehow save it to a new computer.     These guys know what they're doing and are nice enough to help a 70 year old grandmother choose a new computer and transfer her special stuff on to it. I couldn't be more impressed or happier with them. God bless them! More...


Lynn Mehler Green

25 October 2015

Computers of Chas fix and transfer business files for me. Also set me up to receive Windows 10.

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Speaking from a personal standpoint, I believe that keeping a website simple is what makes it great. Typically a customer comes to your website seeking basic information: Who you are, what you do, how to contact you, and when you are available. In my opinion, a lot of web developers try and over complicate their websites with too many "bells and whistles" that just distract from the main purpose of your website: information.

A good website will lay out the things I mentioned above in an easy to navigate fashion that adapts to whatever device they're using to view the site (phone, tablet, laptop, computer, television).

I ask what the client wants their site to have--what message they'd like to convey and how they'd like to convey it. I ask them what ways their customers can interact with them and try and figure out the best way to achieve that goal via the website because you can have visitors to your site, but getting them to reach out to you is the most important part.

Quite a bit, and it's best to call, come in, or send an email to get all the pertinent information.

I enjoy problem solving the most about this job. Also, hearing things like "Great job!" or "You gave me exactly what I was looking for!" doesn't hurt.

A lot of companies, as I mentioned, tend to over complicate things. I browse job offerings often for other companies and they all share a common theme: up sell / over sell. I don't believe in that, at all. In fact, the last thing I'd ever consider myself is a salesman. I'm here to help and apply my skills to get you to your goal. Other than that, I'm not interested in selling you anything other than what you've asked for and delivering on what I promised to do. Keeping it simple, honest, and reliable.



Aerial Photography, Aerial Videos

Virus Removals / Cleanup

Data Recovery Services

Computer repair services (laptops, PC, Mac)