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Leeds, City and Borough of Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Computec Consulting

Leeds, City and Borough of Leeds, West Yorkshire


I specialise in looking for and implementing simple solutions to complex problems. Rather than applying a "one size fits all" policy it is always best to look at the needs of the project, as expressed by the customer, and work to find a solution that is



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As one who has been around in the world of computing for longer than most, I most appreciate being able to continue work indefinitely as a software engineer. Being able to work part-time and from home is a definite plus and modern communications make this increasingly an option when customers and service providers are not located near each other.

Computer programming is at is best when seen as a creative process, not a rule-driven exercise. As with musicians, designers and other artists, programmers get deep satisfaction in seeing their products come to life, knowing that it is their own skills that made it possible. What counts is "inspiration", not "perspiration".

Most advertised programming jobs are from larger companies, in places that can only be described as "software factories" where the work tends to be repetitive and compartmentalised. Having worked in several of these I find there's often little willingness to listen to any views critical of the way things are done, even when it's quite evident that change is needed. The rules are often set by those who put a desire to follow a specific technical strategy ahead of taking a holistic view of the requirements.

With my own business I can look for smaller projects, working directly with an individual or a small company to identify an effective solution to a given problem, without worrying if it conforms to corporate policy.

I listen to your story
I become familiar with your requirements
I work with you to develop a strategy
I write code that avoids unnecessary complexity
I involve you in all stages of the process
I provide comprehensive documentation