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We build custom nutrition workout plans for our clients.. We personally write them ourselves after payment is received and we have all the info we require to make the plan. You’ll also become our client for 12 weeks so you get our guidance and we monitor you also.

All plans are on sale at the moment!

Please go and see the new prices on and let us know what you think.

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Composelimited Reviews

Composelimited Reviews

Review of Composelimited by India Lewis
5 05/06/2019 India Lewis

The support, attitude & advice/motivation is amazing. No judgement just pure support. My Personal Trainer is amazing & is really motivational & supportive. The company itself has very polite staff & are all so lovely and great for any advice and motivation. 100% recommend to many people who want to make a change to benefit themselves ranging from weight loss to toning up & achieving what you personally want. Many friends have had amazing experiences also! Want to say a massive thankyou!!!!!

Review of Composelimited by Leah scott
4 25/05/2019 Leah scott

Amazing, workout plans are quite hard however very effective and left me seeing a difference in just a week! definitely recommend and is worth the money. i do find it hard to stick to the diet plan though so i try but stick to normal healthy eating.

Review of Composelimited by Sophie Wainwright
5 24/05/2019 Sophie Wainwright

Well for starters I am loving my workout plan provided by Composelimited. The communication is on point & they take a lot of consideration and care for their customers. Would recommend!

Review of Composelimited by Aimee
5 23/05/2019 Aimee

Absolutely amazing! So kind & helpful, fast at replying to all messages and has helped me gain more confidence in my body! Defiantly recommend x

Review of Composelimited by Caitlin Heyslop
5 23/05/2019 Caitlin Heyslop

This company has honestly changed my life, I’ve only been following the plan for 4 weeks and the changings are amazing. It’s an amazing company

Review of Composelimited by Ella Griffiths
5 23/05/2019 Ella Griffiths

Compose limited are an amazing company and they have amazing fitness plans! I have been using their plans for a couple of weeks now and I can already see a massive difference 😍😍

Review of Composelimited by Macie
5 23/05/2019 Macie

I’ve seen such a huge difference since using the plans, my confidence had sky rocketed, my figure is becoming how I want it to be, it can’t get much better than this!

Review of Composelimited by Jade
4 23/05/2019 Jade

So far, my experience with Compose has been nothing but good! In fact, amazing. They are very helpful and always so so supportive!!

Review of Composelimited by Leila
5 23/05/2019 Leila

Great company with lovely people behind it, very happy to be working alongside them! X

Review of Composelimited by Chloe
4 23/05/2019 Chloe

Really enjoy working alongside such a great workout programme and diet plan! Only been using a couple weeks and already seeing a progress

Review of Composelimited by Kia lee Williams
5 23/05/2019 Kia lee Williams

Amazing! The team is lovely and helpful, there plans are by far the best around!!

Review of Composelimited by Brooke Fernie
5 23/05/2019 Brooke Fernie

I feel like compose limited are great to work for they’re friendly to chat to and always there to answer you if you need any help or questions answered. They respond fast and easy to each message you send always with the best quality. I rated them 5 starts as I’ve really enjoyed working alongside them even for the short time I have and can’t wait to continue my work with them

Review of Composelimited by Graci Whelan
4 23/05/2019 Graci Whelan

The best online workout plans!!!

Review of Composelimited by Alexa
5 23/05/2019 Alexa

The BEST fitness plans and the most amazing people behind it. These plans have helped me so so much & cant thank them enough!

Review of Composelimited by Emmie Newton-Hobbs
5 19/05/2019 Emmie Newton-Hobbs

I’ve just signed up and the service was so good!

Review of Composelimited by Becca Bromley
5 09/05/2019 Becca Bromley

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the gym workout & the easy nutrition plans. I feel so much more confident. After having 3 children & 3 lots of surgery I never believed I could get my body as toned as it’s getting. I’ve always been a cardio person & now I realise how important the weight training is too.

I’ve lost 4 inches from my bust, I’ve gone from 34 inches to 30 inches.
My waist has gone from 30 to 26 1/2 😳
Hips have stayed the same at 34 inches.

Thank you again!

Review of Composelimited by Chloe Fleming
5 21/04/2019 Chloe Fleming

It helps me improve my confidence and the quality it great

Review of Composelimited by Leah
5 18/04/2019 Leah

Super helpful and kind with 24hr support. I absolutely love my personalised plan and have seen results in such a short period of time.

Review of Composelimited by Sophia
5 16/04/2019 Sophia

I just completed my plan and i honestly couldn’t be happened with my results, i am so much more confident in every way and cannot thank compose enough

Review of Composelimited by Demi
5 13/04/2019 Demi

I really love the workout and meal plan. It’s really working for me and I would Defoo recommend Composelimited!

Review of Composelimited by Lucy Armstrong
5 12/04/2019 Lucy Armstrong

Been on the bum belly and legs plan for 10 days now and I honestly cannot belive the results!! Been on holiday for 5 of these days so treated myself for some nice food but still did the gym plan and home workouts every morning! So amazing and I can’t recommend enough!!!:)) very happy customer

Review of Composelimited by Olivia benson
5 12/04/2019 Olivia benson

Affordable diet plan! Works really well

Review of Composelimited by Gillian Kennedy
5 12/04/2019 Gillian Kennedy

The food and workout plan are so easy to follow, normally I don't stick to them due to not liking the exercises but they are so fitting to me! I used to nap every single day and now iv not need taking any feeling a whole lot better about myself and within myself! Thank you so much Compose.

Review of Composelimited by meg
5 11/04/2019 meg

it’s only been a week since i got the package and i definitely feeling more toned already. feel amazing and can’t wait to carry on better myself further. loving the workouts so far, i can really feel it in all the areas i want to! the support had been amazing, and the meals are really yummy!!

Review of Composelimited by Anna
5 11/04/2019 Anna

Composelimited gave me a great opportunity to build my body with the diet and help the trainer. I recommend to everyone Composelimited it works really well :)Thank You 😘

Review of Composelimited by Lily H
5 11/04/2019 Lily H

I have finished my first month and i am so pleased with the results, was really happy to see that a at home workout would make such a difference!!

Review of Composelimited by Freya
5 11/04/2019 Freya

Easy to work with, very clear with guidelines and expectations/ working system!

Positive with communication, answered all questions and available for support during it.

Review of Composelimited by Sophia
4 11/04/2019 Sophia

Started the plan less than 3 weeks ago and I’m already starting to see a drastic change in my looks. I’m so thankful that I started this plan and the support I receive is amazing.

Review of Composelimited by Caitlin Furneaux
4 11/04/2019 Caitlin Furneaux

Really good and helped me push myself a lot.

Review of Composelimited by megan
5 11/04/2019 megan

it’s great quality routines and with the help of the trainer you know what your doing every step of the way

Review of Composelimited by Michelle
5 11/04/2019 Michelle

I love having a plan to follow for the gym and nutrition, it's made it super easy. I have noticed a massive difference in a small time frame. Cant wait to have completed my 12 weeks plan and see the results. Would recommend them to anyone.

Review of Composelimited by Alicia
5 11/04/2019 Alicia

They have been so helpful all the way through my fitness plan, if I ever needed help they are always there to help! I’ve never been comfortable with my body until now!

Review of Composelimited by Tomos Williams
5 11/04/2019 Tomos Williams

Really helpful, never hesitated to asset questions and they were honest all along

Review of Composelimited by Lily
4 11/04/2019 Lily

Happy with my results! Strict nutrition and workout plan which are easy to follow! Any questions or queries were always answered. Could do with the specific measurement of food you’re allowed and would’ve liked more regular check ups, but overall a good plan to see results fast, if you stick to it!

Review of Composelimited by Georgia winter
5 11/04/2019 Georgia winter

The plan is unreal if you stick to it, life changer if you want to tone up and eat a clean diet. Couldn’t recommend more!!

Review of Composelimited by Penny Barton
5 11/04/2019 Penny Barton

The diet and work out plans really changed how I trained, gave me more structure in my workouts and balanced my diet Iv seen incredible results since being on this plan and it just makes me more motivated to keep working hard to get the body I want!
Best thing Iv ever done throughout my fitness journey!
Lost over 3 & 1/2 stone and more motivated than ever. 💪🏻🤙🏻

Review of Composelimited by Marite Ungure
5 11/04/2019 Marite Ungure

I loved working with composelimited. They helped with my diet. Nutrition. Planned out my workouts. Am happy with my results and all thanks to composelimited

Review of Composelimited by Cara Connigale
4 11/04/2019 Cara Connigale

I really enjoy following compose limited work out plans, they’re really enjoyable but also challenging which I love. The results I’m getting just over a week are incredible and I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like once I’ve completed my 6 week plan. I would recommend this to all my friends.

Review of Composelimited by Paige Montgomery
5 11/04/2019 Paige Montgomery

It was really easy working with the plan and the coach’s! It was really sustainable and I saw massive improvements I never thought I could achieve!!

Review of Composelimited by Megan Rose Eldridge
5 11/04/2019 Megan Rose Eldridge

This plan is going so well! Makes me feel so much healthier and slimmer literally only a few days in!I feel really cleansed and the food is nice to eat! The cost of the recipes is ideal and suitable to me so doesn't feel like a burden to go buy the food. Really really love this company and what they offer. It doesn't feel like a proper diet as I enjoy doing it. The workouts fit in to suit me aswell so love love love.

Review of Composelimited by Anna Templeton
5 11/04/2019 Anna Templeton

By far the best workout and nutrition plan I've used. And it ACTUALLY gives you the results you want. I cannot recommend them enough, not only do you get the plan but they give you support also.

Review of Composelimited by Sarah Elizzabeth
5 11/04/2019 Sarah Elizzabeth

Literally feeling so good! My sister told me my bum is looking bigger! Which is my ultimate goal! I'm so happy and pleased.

Review of Composelimited by Hulya Gendj
5 10/04/2019 Hulya Gendj

Getting to work with Composelimited was a great experience overall! I found the meal plans very helpful and the detailed workouts very affective, my body is definitely looking a lot better then it did to begin with, I’m very happy with my results! And I would definitely like to try more fitness plans in the future with Composelimited! :D

Review of Composelimited by Charlotte Stansfield
5 10/04/2019 Charlotte Stansfield

Only just got started with them but really enjoyed my first workout and felt really good after it!! Can’t wait to keep going!!!

Review of Composelimited by Gemma Goulding
5 10/04/2019 Gemma Goulding

Can’t recommend enough 😍 got new confidence in myself and in my workouts at the gym!! Helping me in every way possible!!! Obsessed!

Review of Composelimited by JACK RAINE
5 10/04/2019 JACK RAINE

Really helpful with any questions I had and they went into detail and really made me understand what it was all about, came across really friendly and enjoyable to speak with about fitness goals! Overall a very good business

Review of Composelimited by Georgia Lyon
5 10/04/2019 Georgia Lyon

Such a fab company! So helpful and supportive!!!

Review of Composelimited by Molly marsh
5 10/04/2019 Molly marsh

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! great service! help always there within seconds of a reply! Seen great results and a lovely owner who’s always there to give great advice ! overall SO HAPPY!

Review of Composelimited by Kayley Hazel
5 10/04/2019 Kayley Hazel

honestly don’t know where I’d be without compose they’ve helped me a lot recently, their home workouts programme has given me a lot of confidence in myself, as I’m starting to see visible results already so Thankyou so much x

Review of Composelimited by Beth Jackson
5 10/04/2019 Beth Jackson

They have been so helpful throughout and have really helped me with my confidence and toning up! I know they are always on hand if I need any advice or if I’m struggling with anything, it honestly it like having a PT. Can’t thank them enough.

Review of Composelimited by Chloe Ager
5 10/04/2019 Chloe Ager

Working with composelimited really helped me become confident in my figure! They’re the best! Highly recommend

Review of Composelimited by Hannah O’Neill
5 10/04/2019 Hannah O’Neill

Compose Limited has made me feel more comfortable in myself and also made me become a more healthy and fit person within!! Wouldn’t recommend more

Review of Composelimited by Amy
5 10/04/2019 Amy

Took me a while to get into it, but once I did I could see the difference within 2/3 weeks, delighted with how far I came along, and can’t wait to continue, Jordan gave me a great workout plan!

Review of Composelimited by Libby Kate
5 10/04/2019 Libby Kate

I’ve completed a 12 week workout & nutrition plan with compose and I can definitely say that I look & feel so different to how I did 12 weeks ago. I started in the hope to tone up and that’s exactly the result my plans given me. My coach is outstanding & has been there throughout every step of the way. Anything I need help with he’s there & checks up on me now and again too! Compose Limited hasn’t only changed what’s on the outside but also what’s on the inside. It’s resulted in me feeling more confident and a lot happier in my body & I feel that’s important to us men and women nowadays. I can’t wait to continue this journey onto my second plan and keep a long term relationship with this company. I can’t recommend enough :).

Review of Composelimited by Olivia seckef
5 10/04/2019 Olivia seckef

Amazing customer service! Would defiantly recommend to anyone who struggles with diets and to gain muscles! Really affordable and best plan used!

Review of Composelimited by Georgia
5 10/04/2019 Georgia

Such an amazing brand to work with! They really helped me get motivated at the gym and helped me over come my anxiety around the gym. The work out plan and diet plan were both incredible! I struggle with my weight and gaining weight as I suffered with anorexia, but since working with compose I have gone from 6 stone to 9 and a half! The meal plans were so affordable and yummy and I never felt bloated or guilty for anything I ate! I loved the plan so much I did it twice! I highly recommend the company to everyone and I’ve had a lot of my followers purchase the plan!

Review of Composelimited by Jess needs
5 10/04/2019 Jess needs

So easy to work with, easy guides to follow and motivating content put up. Extremely happy with my results!

Review of Composelimited by Molly Conlin
5 10/04/2019 Molly Conlin

Been doing my workout plan for a few months now and I’m absolutely loving it. Lovely company who are very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend

Review of Composelimited by Jen
5 10/04/2019 Jen

I love working for Compose, they are so supportive & always have time for any questions or advice. The plan that I’ve been doing is amazing and has really helped my body confidence and it’s so good working for a company with similar interests as me; nutrition and fitness.

Review of Composelimited by Chloe Akers
5 10/04/2019 Chloe Akers

Cannot recommend them enough!! The plans are so easy to follow. Helped me to lose over a stone and now build muscle. Jordan has been so helpful and has helped me whenever I need anything.

Review of Composelimited by Abigail
5 10/04/2019 Abigail

Compose has been amazing in helping me regain my confidence and help me reach my goals. I cannot recommend them enough, my coach has helped me every step of the way even at times I have struggled.

Review of Composelimited by Georgina Bradshaw
5 10/04/2019 Georgina Bradshaw

The compose limited team are so supportive, the plan i use is perfectly tailered to my goals and im really happy with my results so far! The plans are so detailed and easy to understand.
The team always reply quickly to any questions i have, and show me continued support through out my journey!

Review of Composelimited by Olivia J
5 10/04/2019 Olivia J

Compose limited helped me build my body confidence and helped me get in shape for my holiday !!

Review of Composelimited by Amber
5 10/04/2019 Amber

Such a good company!! Always help me with anything I need! The most amazing nutrition & diet plans which have helped me with my confidence xxx

Review of Composelimited by Hannah
5 10/04/2019 Hannah

In just one weeks I have noticed a difference, not only is my weight/ figure but I have so much more energy and I’m a lot happier!

Review of Composelimited by Sarah Cole
5 10/04/2019 Sarah Cole

After one week of my tailored fitness plan, I am already feeling so much more confident in myself. I always find putting on weight on my stomach and since joining this has stopped and I feel so less bloated. The exercises in the plan are so easy to follow and as someone who has such little spare time I find it so easy to either find space at home to workout or the plan also gives me detailed and fun gym exercises to do! A big thank you to Compose for putting this all together and being so supporting along the way!

Review of Composelimited by Izzt Travers
5 09/04/2019 Izzt Travers

Really recommend Compose. Finding it easy to follow, I love the food plan and the workouts are hard work but I really enjoy them and already feeling more confident, happier and better within myself! 5 Stars.

Review of Composelimited by Emily Rose
5 09/04/2019 Emily Rose

End of week 2 with Compose. I'm feeling so much healthier already. I love my custom plan and the team keep me motivated everyday.

Review of Composelimited by Hannah
5 07/04/2019 Hannah

I'm loving it so much. I'm only 4 days in but I'm actually really enjoying going to the gym and having something to do there and actually know what I have to do because I used to hate it cause I would have no idea what I was doing and would feel a right div infront of everyone else but now I have my own plan to follow it's so much better. I also find it really achievable as well because they aren't really long work outs so they're really easy to fit in and I feel really accomplished when I've done them! Highly recommend the company.

Review of Composelimited by Freya
5 07/04/2019 Freya

Always struggled with bloating, the plan has helped reduce this so much and the support is AMAZING! I literally Whatsapp my coach everyday and he's always replying within an hour to help me at anytime. The workout plan is very detailed with diagrams and instructions for each exercise. I cannot recommend this company enough. Don't bother wasting money hiring an actual PT, you get it all with Compose. Best £9.99 I've ever spent!

Review of Composelimited by Isabel
5 04/04/2019 Isabel

I’ve been following compose ltd’s plans for over 4 months now and I love going to gym having a set plan and knowing what I have to do. The results I’ve seen myself are amazing and honestly couldn’t recommend them enough (especially the 12 weeks legs abs and booty plan!)

Review of Composelimited by Lauren Wood
5 04/04/2019 Lauren Wood

Amazing support, really good plans and easy to follow! See results clearly and can’t recommend enough

Review of Composelimited by Rosie patey
5 03/04/2019 Rosie patey

It’s amazing they give you all the advice and everything you need. So helpful and help is always on hand

Review of Composelimited by Jodie Reynolds
5 03/04/2019 Jodie Reynolds

Such amazing workout plans I have seen results within 3 weeks and I am so happy I would definitely recommend

Review of Composelimited by Mandy
5 03/04/2019 Mandy

Amazing quality service absolutely love compose!! Shouldn’t recomend it more, toned up significantly since useing the workout and meal plan!

Review of Composelimited by Louis C
5 03/04/2019 Louis C

Top class service. I was able to receive support at all hours of the day and my results were unbelievable. I highly recommend Compose to anyone looking to get in better shape.

Review of Composelimited by Stephanie Pearce
5 03/04/2019 Stephanie Pearce

Such a good and easy company to follow, really motivating and an inspiration for making you feel positive about how you look in a few weeks.

Review of Composelimited by Olivia
5 03/04/2019 Olivia

I absolutely love This company it has been great for my diet and tailored to my goal I can see the results every day if you are stuck or plateau with your diet and fitness this is the company to come to. They are friendly and with you all the way ! Can answer all your questions and needs the care given in this package was well thought out go for it and get your body ready for summer don’t regret passing up this opportunity!!

Review of Composelimited by Natalie  Edwards
5 03/04/2019 Natalie Edwards

Composelimited is the only workout and nutrition plan that I have found effective. All the exercises have been well thought out and I’ve never felt better after doing my workout. My personal trainer Jordan is amazing with checking in with me weekly, assessing my progress and always being available for advice on my bums and tums plan.
I couldn’t recommend composelimited more when getting that summer body ready!!!

Review of Composelimited by Jesse
5 03/04/2019 Jesse

Amazing plan, honestly see improvements within days!! X

Review of Composelimited by Kenziann
5 03/04/2019 Kenziann

Amazing business ! Been using for a few weeks now and have seen such a difference would definitely recommend to anyone ❤️

Review of Composelimited by Hollie campling
5 03/04/2019 Hollie campling

Honestly, composelimited boosted my confidence so much!! Can’t thank them enough for keeping me motivated. Everyone should try this

Review of Composelimited by Courtney
5 03/04/2019 Courtney

Such a lovely company to be involed with they have given me so much support in my fitness journey and nothing is ever to much to Ask, the coaches are so kind and so literally everything they can to help! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a fitness program they have literally saved my self esteem 1000% recomend.

Review of Composelimited by Brianna
5 03/04/2019 Brianna

I’d be lost without them , have progressed so much and Jordan is great help

Review of Composelimited by Caitlin
5 03/04/2019 Caitlin

Great plan available, nutrition plan update is so much better than the old one, bringing in more interesting meals than plain boring meals!! Coach (Jordan) is great and encouraging and any issues he answers so quickly

Review of Composelimited by Daniel Bohm
5 20/03/2019 Daniel Bohm

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Review of Composelimited by Isabella
5 20/03/2019 Isabella

Compose Limited is SO easy to work with. The workouts are UNBELIEVABLE, it totally changed my whole mindset and the way the gym. I’ve seen more progress the last 3 months than I had the previous year. The ab and booty plan is the best workout plan I have EVER seen. I can not recommend them enough. The compose team will get back to any question you have about any workout so quickly and efficient. They genuinely could not make getting a fit toned body any easier. I would 10/10 recommend to anyone.

Review of Composelimited by Steve

This review has been reported. We are currently assessing the review in accordance with our reporting processes.

Review of Composelimited by Belle
5 10/09/2018 Belle

I can’t thank you enjoy for helping me over the last two weeks! Both the nutrition plan and that diet plan have really helped me and shown me that if you put your mind to something then you will see a difference! Normally I’m so picky with foods but you have me such a variety to chose from which made it easy and enjoyable! And also with me not having a gym available the home workout you provided helped immensely! #noexcuses!! I’ve felt so much more lively, awake and healthy especially with my 7am starts every day so I am honestly so grateful !! Here’s to the next 10 weeks 🥦🌽🥒

Review of Composelimited by Abi
5 10/09/2018 Abi

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my plan. What you have done for me meal wise and workouts at home has been fantastic. You writing me a plan has made me feel a lot more motivated and better in myself. For me to loose 4 pounds in one week is a great achievement for me and it's gives me motivation to do more and more and to stay very disciplined. Again, I'll keep showing you up dates but couldn't thank you enough for helping me and motivating me to loose weight thanks so much xxxx

Review of Composelimited by Emilie
5 10/09/2018 Emilie

Love having a structure to follow at the gym and definitely seeing results, especially increased upper body strength which I always struggled with before 💪🏼 the nutrition plan is helping me to eat clean whilst still able to eat things I like 🤩

Review of Composelimited by Cerys
5 10/09/2018 Cerys

I feel more toned then I ever have and could probably say for the first time in my life I actually have abs! I am really struggling with my anxiety at the moment which makes it really hard for to go into the gym some days as the thought of people looking at me does really stress me out. The plan hasn’t just helped me physically but it is slowly but surely increasing my mental stability also. I don’t always get to the gym when I would like to but if I can’t I try and go for a jog or even just a long walk 😌 x

Review of Composelimited by Ellie
5 10/09/2018 Ellie

Amazing service! The plan really helped me get my goals and also made me feel more motivated in life. I would highly recommend.


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Composelimited Q&A

Composelimited Q&A

How important is a healthy diet to someone’s health and wellbeing?

Very important, it’s essential to have a healthy diet to not only look better but to feel better within yourself.

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

Buy giving them a personalised custom workout and nutrition plan that’s built for them and their body goals!

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

Everyone’s different but we feel that a good caloric intake and exercising atleast 5/6 times a week.

What do you love most about your job?

I love being able to help people and teaching my team on how to do that aswell I wake up everyday with a smile on my face knowing that I’m able to change peoples lives in a matter of weeks!

What inspired you to start your own business?

I realised that not a lot of PT’s do online coaching and the ones that do charge huge price monthly! Our prices are one time payments and you get a better personal service from one of our qualified coaches

Why should our clients choose you?

We have helped over 100 people so far reach their goals.

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