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comelite archietcture and structure

Londonderry County Borough, UK

comelite archietcture and structure  logo

comelite archietcture and structure

Londonderry County Borough, UK



We specialize in Architectural and interior design from medium complicate (residential, offices, cafe) and hard complicated facilities, like hotels, restaurants, and hospitals.

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Shrouq Al-Hadyan

21 May 2019

I had really a great experience with the design team of Comelite; i will start soon another project with their team as they made me a happy customer :-)


Abdullah Al jarallah

29 March 2019

We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.Sincerely, Khalid Al Jarallah More...


Mazen Aizouki

29 March 2019

Great job, happy to work with.



28 January 2019

I had great experience with CAS it was more then I ever expect they have great ideas, understanding of the needs, good communication that they don't take too much time. I was planning to let them work only in three main room (master bedroom, living room, guest room) but after I saw they ideas and work I meat them do the others. I'm amazed about their work and how will they are organized. So thank you CAS for what you did in my Villa and I can't thank you enough and of course I'll be back to you again..and again and again.. More...


Samer Almisehal

30 September 2018

Great Service! quick response, understanding of the needs. the team is very well organized and have strong experience in my needs. I designed my whole villa Landscape and my coffeeshop/lounge. both were amazing. More...


Ahmed Yusuf

31 August 2018

We used Comelite to design the interior of a new Mosque being built in the UK. They were excellent in understanding our vision and translating that into a breathtaking design. Deniz and her team were excellent and supportive every step of the way and still provide support as we diligently bring their design into reality. We have no hesitation recommending their services. Well done to the entire team! More...


Khalid Jo

31 August 2018

CAS are professional and have been very easy to work with. They have listened to my needs and they were able to capture the unique spirit of my private villa. I have been pleased with the creative Interior Design, Landscape Design and Exterior Lighting Design they have developed. I would highly recommend them. More...


Rizq Mahrous

23 July 2018

This great work is not by luck yet ,There is a professional CAS engineers who can make the change in your life .


Engr Abdullah Alajalein

23 July 2018

Perfect and fantastic (team & ideas).


Katy Smith

23 July 2018

I think Comelite is a unique company that have many experience and help there client to have the best, from the best.


Mahmoud Noureldin

23 July 2018

i thinkg all projects and blogs of comelite architectur and are very good fantastic and useful i suggest to all my friends visit cas
website for better interior and ex terior design More...


انجم النيزك

23 July 2018



Асам Ель Ших

23 July 2018

تصميم في منتها روعة الابداع
هذا هو زهرة الابداع FANTASTEK


علي آل الشيخ سويدان

23 July 2018

جميل جداً وراع هذه المشاريع والأعمال التي تقومون بها


Kamel Amis

23 July 2018

لباس نتمنی التواصل لاجل التقدم والاستفادة اكثر والاستثمار في بلدان اخری


Morad Titou

23 July 2018

تصاميم رائعة وبنايات فوق المستوى وهذا دليل على ثقافة البلاد والعصرنة .موفقين ان شاء الله


Noura Ganem

23 July 2018

I think all projects of CAS are fantastic.Always I read their articles and find them


Nathalie JN

23 July 2018

I thinks the New Year is just great and everyone should take a look and have a chance!!


Sandeep San

23 July 2018

They are amazing at delivering the right product in a right time.


Faysal Alhamwi

23 July 2018


Great Job and best among All.

Faysal Alhamwi


Rey Aponte

28 May 2018

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing a review on the services of CAS. I have used CAS for two of my projects, and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job and are always punctual. They designed the facade of a 16-story residential and commercial building and a residential interior for us. They have been very reasonably priced, and always do exactly what we ask of them. More...


Yousef AlSharif

28 May 2018

working with CAS, really it gives me a strong feeling of high commitment, agility in addressing your needs, professional final products.. honestly not only that.. gives me a strong feeling to proceeds in my own business in a quality that really matches with fabulous interior design, high class of furniture selection, and smart logo design. All what I mentioned is supported by a high professional staff relationship that let you feel " You are the only customer to them"! More...


Abdullah Ghubari

28 May 2018

Intelligent, agile, and very professional. Really experienced with many styles and backgrounds designs. It is really easy to communicate with true professionals who know what they are doing. I liked they are very detailed and provide beautiful high-end products that makes it easy to implement not just designs that only good on paper. My favorite part is that they will warn you of misguided thoughts you suggest that might ruin your project without you even knowing. That and they actually care and become part of your project. More...


Turki ALqonaibit

20 April 2018

I had A great experiance working with CAS. They are professional, meet the customer's needs and they know the Saudi culture very well. its also been a great pleasure working with Fiona Cooper who takes very good care of her customers More...


hosam suliman

21 November 2017

I would like to thanks all CAS team , working with CAS was a great experience ,
they have high ‎commitment ,professional staff, you will feel with them that you are the only customer to ‎them ‎
I am sure it won't be the last project with CAS More...


سلطان إبراهيم

18 September 2017

My experience working with CAS was more than wonderful. Great communication, attractive designs, out-of-the-box ideas. The ability to access the client's perception and turn it into reality. Thanks CAS and I look forward to working with you soon. More...


Fadi Saab

13 August 2017

My Overall Experience with CAS and its team is phenomenal, Excellent communication, they are in different continent but you don't feel that, they are near by in each step, they are fast and efficient, 100% value for money, most important is they respect deadlines, it is out of this world experience, I will strongly recommend them, and I will definitely work with them again.
Thank you Comelite Team From the United Arab Emirates.


Brad Benedetti

11 August 2017

CAS has been a lifesaver in designing out entire building and office space. They are patient and take the time to truly understand what we were looking for, even when we didn't know ourselves. Instead of pushing their design ideas on us, they listened and kept making changes along the way until we landing on the perfect design! I can say enough great things about the team and support they gave us along the way. More...


Walid Hamed

10 August 2017

I want to thank all CAS team members for the excellent job done on our new restaurant. Your interior design services were outstanding and very complete. We were particularly pleased with your recommendations and ideas, your services were excellent and very complete.... I am sure it won't be the last project with CAS. More...



7 August 2017

Superb service from CAS really caring company.
Very efficient and are really knowledgeable with regards to the planning system.
Great service, informative website, great for busy people like us!!
We just clicked the blue button and filled out a few details, CAS then got in touch with us and it all happened very quickly after, recommended service.

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Before you go ahead with your garage conversion, you need to know all the legal issues involved. There are three main things that you need to check first - if you go ahead without permission you could be forced to return everything to its original condition, at your own cost.
1. Restrictive clauses in your lease
2. Planning permission. Check with your local authority as the precise rules do differ
3. Building Regulations - If you plan to convert any part of your house into a room to be used as habitable space, you will need to comply with government building regulations.

Step 1: Carry out an assessment of your garage and decide how you can utilize the space
Step 2: All planning and building regulations and requirements will need to be considered. You may need planning permission from your local authority if the work involves converting your garage into a habitable space.
Step 3: Obtain a written contract from your contractor/builder/garage conversion company which clearly states everyone’s responsibilities and what you need to pay on completion of the project.
Step 4: Once the contract is in place and you have all permission approved you can start by clearing out the garage space.
Step 5: It’s highly likely that a garage conversion will involve the installation of at least one new external cavity wall and this stage of the conversion would be an ideal time to do so.
Step 6: Now that the majority of the building works have completed, you can begin to decorate your new space.
Step 7: Once you’ve decorated your newly converted garage, you and your family can begin to reap the benefits of the additional space in your home!

You have to measure from the floor to the highest point in the ceiling, if it reaches 2.3m then you should be ok to convert your loft.

Step 1. The Idea:
The first logical step is to decide what you want from your conversion or extension, and what purpose you want it to serve to you and your family. This will help guide the design process. Work out a rough budget and try and think of some general concepts as to what sort of style and look you want to achieve.

Step 2. The Design:
This is arguably the most important part of the process, as a project is unlikely to be successful if the design and planning stage is flawed. It’s at this point that you will want to seriously consider hiring an architect. Builders, while essential for the practical side of a project, cannot offer the same level of design insight, planning experience, and project management skills that a trained architect can offer. Architects listen to your personal thoughts and requirements and aim to incorporate them into the design of the project, in addition to ensuring that the plans comply with any rules and regulations.

Step 3. The Approval:
Some extension and loft conversion projects won’t need planning permission if they adhere to certain guidelines. These guidelines can be found online. Your architect might be able to help you decide if you need planning permission, and how to apply.

Step 4. The Building Regulations:
Whether you need planning permission or not, you will still need to ensure your plans adhere to standards laid out in the Building Regulations 2010. These regulations cover both new builds and also extensions and conversions, and these are there to ensure that your planned build is safe and structurally sound. If you’re unsure of anything concerning these regulations, then your local council or your architect should be able to help.

Step 5. The Contractors:
Try and select contractors that specialise in conversions and extensions.

Step 1: Consultation and understanding of clients inquiry
Step 2: Furniture and Space plan
Step 3: Concept presentation
Step 4: Sourcing
Step 5: Working drawing package

Scandinavian is my favorite
But we have 4 other interiro designer
Violet: Minimalist design
Rayna More: Traditional
Anila: Modern
Deniz: Contemporary

See clients reaction after the design
See clients final home/property after the construction and see the final result

The beauty of life
Experiences, both good and bad, define each of us as we are today. I use these experiences to assess situations from all angles and deliver solutions that work.
My belief is simple – provide a personal, honest, ethical, high-level service.

I am going to make them happy and make sure they will enjoy their life
I hope I could do more, but as much as my profession allows me I will do my best to convert their dreams into reality with my team
I love what I do
Whether I’m consulting to assist a business with challenges that they face or am designing a brand or a website, my creative thinking, passion for what I do, believe in the people I do it for, and 100% effort 100% of the time drives success.



We combine extraordinary quality with clear design standards combined with an obligation to the environment. During the design stage, we offer custom levels of service, a range of products, and a depth of knowledge to personalize the design experience for our clients. Through various combined efforts with architects and the growing knowledge over many projects, we continue to deliver spaces that fulfill our clients’ needs and appeals to their sense of style. Read more here: http://www.comelite-arch.com/interior-design/

With our long history of successful work with various companies, both domestic and abroad, we continue to provide design excellence clearly focused on being visually engaging, contextually responsive to the community, and timeless. Read more: http://www.comelite-arch.com/architectural-design/

The way we redesign the shipping containers redefines the boundaries of space and repurposes its entire functionality. Not only does our Converted Shipping Container series gives our clients a better way to conceive and operate their businesses, it also provides them newer, more mobile solutions that help with the overall management. Our design-by-context approach with the containers provides the perfect solution for adaptability, flexibility and versatility. We manufacture our Converted Shipping Container series as individual construction entities and ship them to the clients along with the accompanying furniture if ordered. http://comelite-arch.com/container/