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Coco Creativ

London, London


Coco Creativ

London, London


Get the courage to stand out online!

Hi, I'm Olli the woman behind The Coco Creativ. You have questions about digital issues, social media problems, and website woes and I can't wait to help you find the answers.

My claim to fame is guidance and education;



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For content driven projects, I like to have a chat just to get a feel for what you're thinking about in regards to this project. I love when clients send briefs but hearing them speak about their project often helps me find a new creative approach to it. I'll provide sketches (if applicable) or drafts and once we've chosen the direction, I'll start doing my magic behind the scenes.

For coaching, clients fill out a form so I can learn more about their needs. I prepare our session(s) and then we get to work learn, growing and getting ready to thrive. I'll do a follow up session(s) at an agreed upon time.

Before we start I need to know your deadline, what you're trying to accomplish and achieve (a brief or something to guide me), any issues I should be aware of and what's your source of inspiration for your project. Please keep in mind, especially for content driven projects, inspiration doesn't mean copying. I do not copy work.

Helping people is the name of my game; I thrive when I am helping others. Whether it's showing someone how to accomplish a task that felt hard and daunting or creating design material that brings someone's vision to life, being able to help them get from point A to Z is an incredible feeling.

I come from a background where self-employment is valued and encouraged. Working for myself felt like a natural fit!

I'm patient, I explain what I'm doing and I'm on your side. I've worked with other designers and coaches who rush through the process because it's easy...for them! Not every client needs a breakdown of what's going on but I've found most people appreciate being kept in the loop, they appreciate someone who doesn't laugh at their questions and they feel comfortable when you are really on their side.