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Sankofa Tafari

25 February 2019

Bad weather can make you seek shelter in just about anywhere. For me, this was a lucky find. Somebody is spending a lot of time in their on site kitchen, which by the way was very clean. The selection of food is large. And vegetarian friendly. They also make dishes on order. Nice selection of sandwiches and I thought that was awesome also. The staff is well informed and will give u a sample on a small spoon. That’s the trap lol. I’ll go here on nice weather days also now that I know about it. #nyc #kingofcoffeenyc #sankofatafari #lionofthebx More...


Jeff Yablon

26 May 2017

The negative reviews seem to be from people with specific and often questionable situations. I can tell you that we needed catering for 30 on one day notice and these guys not only delivered but did so professionally. And the food was solid.Especially impressed that the "cater waiter" was far more; she was an actual qualified chef who knew how to handle and present food.Truly impressed. More...


Mony Nation

26 May 2017

I have tried several of the dishes and have been more than satisfied each time. The sweet potato puree and pesto pasta(forgot actual name) are really great. The staff is friendly and give great suggestions if you are overwhelmed with the many choices. More...



26 May 2017

The place is very clean, the people are personable, the service is impeccable,the selection and presentation of the food is outstanding, but most of all thefood is absolutely delicious!!Thank you, for being there for me, my family and friends!!!! More...


Matthew Fisher

26 May 2016

Very tasty prepared foods, though some dishes get very expensive very quickly, like brussel sprouts. The chicken meal is a fantastic deal, and they often have Jewish holiday foods like latkes.


Kathryn Martini

27 May 2014

The pretzel rolls are the most amazing brunch treat ever. Lots of veggie sides and the quinoa cakes are pretty amazing too. Friendly, Brooklyn-style staff. Also, their Event Manager, Sara will go above and beyond for your event, definitely the key to a successfully catered and staffed party! More...

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