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Coached By Josh

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Welcome to Coached By Josh.

We offer a professional service for 1-2-1 Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training at a private facility in central Birmingham (Postcode- B12SW). Currently we have 30 day trials available so that you can try the service, please scroll down for more information regarding the trial.

We support men and women that want to:

- Improve Strength,
- Loose Body fat
- Improve fitness
- Be healthier and more confident.
- Enjoy exercise and training

Do you want to try us for 30 days? We currently have a 30 day trial for £97 for both 1-2-1 PT and Group training (Please contact me directly to redeem and reserve your spot. I only have a select number of spaces each month).

To apply for our 30 day trial please follow this link and complete the short application form (copy and paste) >>>

Within the 30 day trial, you will receive coaching in the gym, nutrition support outside of the gym and guidance every step of the way to help you achieve your goal.

Please visit my Facebook and Instagram profiles to check out my clients results and see the type of training I do with my clients which keeps them coming back week after week.

For more information regarding the trial, please email or text me on 07595401065

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Coached By Josh Reviews

Coached By Josh Reviews

Review of Coached By Josh by Sara
5 25/02/2017 Sara

Great coach with an outstanding ability to appreciate and convey the intricacies of movement. This was particularly useful to me as a beginner not only to weightlifting, but, to the gym in general as it helped me gain a greater awareness of my body during training. Josh is a highly motivated and adaptable coach who has been able to help me develop and become more confident at the gym. The coaching sessions overall have been a very rewarding experience. It is incredibly satisfying to see myself grow stronger through these sessions. I particularly appreciate the effort that is placed in understanding and noting down my progress at the gym. This has been done through the use of FitBot which lists the details of your program as well as your past achievements in certain movements. The use of a videos to capture and relay my movement during sessions has also been highly useful for my improvement. Overall, I would highly recommend Josh to anyone and have been very lucky to have such a great coach. Starting as a true beginner with Josh after five months of training I have decided to take part in my first powerlifting competition.

Review of Coached By Josh by Megan
5 18/02/2017 Megan

For a programme focused on building strength and mobility that is tailored to you, you can't get better than working with Josh of Bulletproof Coaching. Many thanks for all your help, support and endless tweaks to my programme over recent months. I've seen huge improvements in my health and body.

Review of Coached By Josh by Jess Berry
5 10/02/2017 Jess Berry

I went to Josh with the goals of gaining confidence in lifting and improving my overall strength and performance.

We had one-on-one sessions every week and he also designed me a personalised structured program that I could work with outside of our sessions. The training sessions and program progressed over the weeks to greatly improve my performance ... to give an example when we started training together it was a struggle for me to deadlift 60kg without breaking my form, however within 10 weeks I was able to lift 84Kgs for reps!

Josh is very knowledgeable about what he does and was able to clearly explain to me the importance of the exercises we were doing in the warm up, the techniques required for the lifts, how I could improve my form, what he could see was limiting my performance etc, all from just watching during our sessions.

I quickly learned that training to improve performance was extremely motivating, rewarding, and yields great aesthetic benefits too! I looked better, felt strong and would definitely recommend coaching by Josh.

Review of Coached By Josh by Tim Rudkin
5 Tim Rudkin

Josh is an extremely patient and knowledgable personal trainer. He worked hard to produce the right training program for me and was an excellent motivator. He helped me win a local powerlifting competition and improved my techniques. Thanks Josh!

Review of Coached By Josh by Marcelo Blumenfeld
5 Marcelo Blumenfeld

Josh is a very good coach. With his programming and knowledge, I made excellent progress in my recovery from a heart surgery. Josh has always been very professional, keeping up with his clients often to tailor the programming to each case.

Review of Coached By Josh by Sandra Campbell
5 Sandra Campbell

Josh is an excellent coach and highly recommended. He knows is stuff and how to deliver it . He did a detailed assessment on our first session and I very quickly began to see improvements. I used to avoid box jumping but in a few sessions I was stacking them up! He also gave great support with my nutrition and helped keep me on track. Thanks Josh

Review of Coached By Josh by Catherine Finch
5 Catherine Finch

Josh introduced me to Olympic weightlifting with endless patience and an incredible depth of knowledge. I couldn’t recommend him more, whether you’re just getting started or more experienced, looking to gain strength, tighten up your technique or generally boost your performance.

Review of Coached By Josh by Cat Shamel
5 Cat Shamel

If you are interested in learning or improving your Olympic lifts Josh is your man. Josh had a great deal of knowledge and experience and has helped me immensely in this area. Every week I feel my technique has improved under his guidance. Josh is also a lovely person. He is very approachable and he cares a great deal about making sure he understands what your goals are and he strives to get the best out of people.

Review of Coached By Josh by Daniel Tino
5 Daniel Tino

I first met Josh at university. We were both studying Sports Therapy. After a while we began training together and since then he has developed himself into one of the best trainers I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with. Josh bases his training on scientific evidence, he pays great attention to detail and is willing to continually develop and learn. He shows great care for those he is training. I would highly recommend Josh as a trainer and know that by following his guidance and with a little hard work, he will help to turn you into a faster, stronger and healthier person. With Josh’s help you’ll also be doing something new, unique and specific to you and your needs.

Review of Coached By Josh by Gregg Johnson
5 Gregg Johnson

I've known Josh for around 6 years, through playing rugby together at university and training together.

Josh has been programming for me for 4 years and I can honestly say that I've not looked back. Josh' s programme has helped me recover from a torn achiilies playing rugby, to now returning to training in 9 months.

With Josh' s guidance and expertise I'm now olympic weightlifting and squating again. I would 100% recommend Josh to anyone looking to take their health and fitness seriously.

What separates Josh from other coaches I've worked with in the past, is his ability to put the client first and use his knowledge and encouragement to create a specific programme to meet their needs. Josh isn't afraid to push his clients out of their comfort zones in order for them to achieve the best results possible.

Review of Coached By Josh by Saher Rehman
5 Saher Rehman

When I first started I was very nervous as I had no clue about fitness and different exercises. With josh’s motivation and friendly nature he really did help to get out of my comfort zone and reach my full potential. I would highly recommend josh he is everything you need in a coach.

Review of Coached By Josh by Harry Snell
5 Harry Snell

I've worked with Josh for about 2 years now in both his weight lifting and strength and conditioning classes. He has an extensive knowledge in how to program for performance based goals, and is very passionate in teaching and getting the best out of his clients. If you want to improve your fitness, get stronger or drop some body fat, Josh provides a service that you won't be disappointed with :)

Review of Coached By Josh by Megan Smith
5 Megan Smith

If you are looking for a Personal Trainer who responds to your needs with a personalised programme, looking at the whole of you, then Josh is the guy to work with.
Josh got me to a 100 kilo deadlift (and beyond!), front squatting without shoulder pain, box jumping (something I never thought I’d master) and gave me the chance to grow- muscle, in strength and stamina, mentally and as a person.
If, as a professional woman in her 40’s, I can do it, with Josh’s support, you can do it too!

Review of Coached By Josh by Soňa Klučková
5 Soňa Klučková

I value Josh as one of the best coaches I know personally. Been preparing with Josh for few weightlifting competition of mine. More than that he gives me a massive chance to learn how to coach weightlifting classes as I shadow and lead by his side, I am always impressed and amazed. He is very knowledgable and I always feel very welcomed to ask him anything about fitness. I am lucky to have Josh by my side on my competitions. I am so greatful for his coaching down there anytime, he s got my 100% trust. Very friendly and attentive person, lucky to met him.

Review of Coached By Josh by Stephen Welch
5 Stephen Welch

I have been coached by Josh and would not hesitate to do so again or recommend him to anyone else. Outstanding, understanding, assessment, knowledgeable, positive, limits, progression, safe, technique, posture, planning, programme, research, interesting are all attributes that you could use for the man. I met Josh through a contact in Judo after I was looking for some help with pre-hab on a hip condition prior to having it replaced! The pre-hab was amazing and I learnt so much that I had never considered or knew of. Its led me to a greater interest in the science of the human body - as mine slowly falls apart!! We continued with re-hab after the hip-replacement and things went really well. I always felt safe with Josh and he kept the sessions fun. I also really appreciate the way he researched my requirements and I felt the training was very specific to my needs. Getting involved with Josh was a stroke of luck and I have already recommended him to several other people. Keep up the good work mate :-)

Coached By Josh

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Coached By Josh Q&A

Coached By Josh Q&A

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

We realise that fitness should be personal. We do fitness to look, feel and perform better and ultimately live a larger life to accomplish extraordinary achievements.
Clients of Coached By Josh achieve their fitness goals with the support of myself by their side throughout the entire process. I design the clients fitness journey so that they make progress inside and outside of the gym on a weekly and monthly basis.
Whats the first step to achieving my fitness goals?
An initial but detailed consultation between myself and the client takes places so that trust and a relationship can be built. Current nutrition and lifestyle habits are discussed along with fitness goals.
What happens after the initial consultation?
The client will undertake a series of physical assessments to measure their limitations and current ability. This allows me to deliver the correct exercises within the programme so that the client remains safe, but also include exercises that will help achieve the clients goal.
Whats next?
Once I have all the information needed, I create a training programme designed around the clients goals which is either delivered through personal training, small group training or remotely online.
By having weekly exposure to myself, a training programme designed around your goals and advice on nutrition/ lifestyle habits within an exciting but supportive gym environment, clients achieve amazing results.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

Taking accountability for yourself. Yes, I can tell you what to do in the gym for an hour. But you have the remaining 23 hours by yourself by which to make a positive impact to your lifestyle and nutrition.

Will-power only gets you so far. Building a habit over a period of time will last you a life time. Be smart, and make small positive changes.
The secret to looking, feeling and performing better is consistency with exercising on a weekly basis, eating good nutrition along with the support of myself by your side and a community of similar individuals with the same goals motivating each either for success.

What do you love most about your job?

I get a tremendous amount of self satisfaction seeing men and women accomplish extraordinary achievements in the gym, and then use their new found strength and fitness to perform tasks that were once unimaginable, outside of the gym.

What inspired you to start your own business?

In a society full of fitness businesses, celebrities and Instagram models trying to sell quick fixes and fast track transformations we are neglecting to teach the individual a vital lesson.... hard work and consistency!
How is it morally right to feed from someones insecurities and market specifically to them that they can have their dreams come true in just 8 weeks or if they take this magic pill all their problems will be go away?
A band aid solution should not be adopted within fitness. It should not be marketed to the mass that a life full of poor nutritional and lifestyle habits along with little exercise can be remediated in as little as an 8 week transformation.
If anyone is to be successful in their life long fitness journey, it should be educated that it takes years of nurturing and growing through a learning process.
The lesson is to love the journey and realise the progression within the gym corresponds to the growth that we encounter through our lives as we mature.
This is why at Coached By Josh, we do things properly. We educate our clients and truly care about their progression. I want my business to make an impact to many men and women, so they can live healthy, long and prosper.

Why should our clients choose you?

I'm a friendly and out going individual with your best interests at heart. I offer a free face to face consultation to anybody interested with working with me.
If you are interested with how I can help you achieve your fitness goals, I will send you a questionnaire to complete. I will get back to you ASAP to arrange a time for us to meet and discuss your answers.

Services provided by Coached By Josh

Coached By Josh Services

Personal Training

Personal Training which includes programming, nutrition and lifestyle support. Assessments and consultation every 4-6 weeks to measure progress.

Small Group Training

Work in a small group whilst following your own programme designed around your goals under the supervision on a coach on the gym floor. Includes programming, nutrition and lifestyle support. Assessments and consultation every 4-6 weeks to measure progress.

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