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Reading, Berkshire



We are passionate coaches who are dedicated to helping people on their life journeys. We help our clients build a greater level of awareness of themselves and their worlds, allowing them to step into the next growth point. We have extensive experience working with individuals on a 1:1 basis as well as working with teams.


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17 September 2019

I reached out to Dave to help with my career plan which directly led to a 2 level up promotion!

I wanted a change, but wasn't sure what this should be, and how to go about doing it. He asked perfectly framed questions making me explore deeply, meaning decisions I did make I was 100% comfortable with.

The result of 2 coaching sessions with Dave allowed me to identify what I enjoyed and didn't about my current role, and how I could use this to decide my next move. I discussed a very different role, and by identifying my values, skills etc I felt confident to apply and I was offered the role.

2 months in, and I haven't looked back. Thank you for giving me the confidence to apply.



17 September 2019

Coach to Create ran a fantastic Mindfulness session with my team at NOW TV. They worked with us prior to the event to understand what we wanted to get out of the event such as opportunities to talk to team members we don't often get chance to, and being left with practical tips for in the moment mindfulness.

The session they planned for us was bespoke and well thought out where each activity flowed nicely and built on our experience and learning. The feedback from the team was very positive, with all saying they had taken away key tips, and implemented them, for example how to be more present in the moment and active listening.

I highly recommend Coach to Create in running team coaching events; they are personable, professional and very knowledgeable.


Katie White

12 September 2019

Dave has been an amazing personal coach to me over the last six months or so. While respecting my boundaries about what I'm willing to discuss, he's helped me understand that my work life and personal life inevitably impact eachother, and since I've stopped looking at them so distinctly I've been more myself at work and more relaxed at home. This, combined with his coaching and support with techniques to grow my confidence has not only helped me improve my performance immeasurably at work, but I'm also a lot happier in general. I've gone from having a significant case of imposter syndrome, to feeling like the world is my oyster. Thank you Dave! More...

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I love getting deeply connected with my clients so I can help them better understand their world and supporting them on their journey of growth.

I love to have the flexibility to support people in many different areas and background while also have a balance across my own life.

I have a lot of experience in supporting people to enhance and grow their lives. I have trained as a developmental coach and I am passionate about helping my clients to realise their true potential for a happy and fulfilled life.



To help clients explore the various elements of their lives and to gain a wider perspective on what their next life step may be. Then supporting them on their journey to a happier and more fulfilled life.

To help clients with the current challenges they are facing in their lives and to explore how they act and interact with that world. From here we then can move into a space where we can identify and make changes to that world to the greater good of the client.

To help clients truly understand what they want from a career, explore where they are on that journey and create a path for how they reach can their ambitions. We create tangible steps to building up the client and helping them reach their career potential.

We work with Leaders to help them understand and define the type of leader they want to become. Working closely to explore the possibilities available to them for reaching their leadership potential.

We work with organisation to help them achieve success and face into the challenges of the ever changing and demanding markets that they exist in. We help our clients face into the area's of importance for them and these have included; Product Strategy, Agility, Innovation, Culture, Talent Acquisition & Growth, Financing etc. We meet them where they are and help them take that next step for success.