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There comes a time when the entrepreneur can no longer rely on his nimble action or adept response rate to “manage” his business. And, there comes a time when a manager who’s feeling inadequate to the job can no longer rely on his or her one-size-fits-all leadership style and lack of tools for communication to do a good job well.

How have you gone about structuring and defining your business, your department(s)? How are you making it “franchis-able”?

Can we make leaders? Can we make ourselves into leaders? Of course, we can! Don’t believe me? Check out Harvard’s educational offerings starting at $48,000 a class.

I am a Phase 2 Transitional coach. In case you don’t know what that is, It’s the transition of a company from leader-centric to business-centric, from "cowboy" style to structure and systems, from doing everything at hand and putting out the fires in front of you to getting back to your specialty and adding the skills of leading to your toolbelt. Its transitioning from a start-up that’s been busy to a thriving company with systems, structure, people with skills who have your back, and common vision and goals, communicated well… or not.

Being a good leader is simply a compilation of good habits and actions that each of us wants to hone, no matter our field or level of management. Because good leadership development includes a collection of skills that we can all use in self-management and personal development!

What about your team? This is going to seem pretty intuitive. But how many of us practice consciously developing the culture in our businesses and our teams? How many of us know how? What systems do you have? What skills have you honed? Have you built a team that can stand without you? If you ever want a life outside of work, this is imperative. It is also courageous as it reminds one that none of us are invaluable. And thank goodness! You get to leave without disaster taking over!

And lastly:
How well do clarify your intentions, ensure your team has all the skills and tools needed, and champion your people on their successes?
What tools do you use to measure success? How well do you use and share them? Are you choosing lead measures and effecting change quickly?
Do you know how to hold your team(s) and yourself to what you said you’d do? Do you have systems for holding people accountable and for supporting their failures?

Are you convinced the activities you have chosen to affect your goals are relevant activities for gaining results?
What tools are you using to support you and your team; keeping your eyes on the ball? What are you doing to keep your goals top of mind?

We offer solid frameworks for your particular business situation to help you find the answers you seek to the individual and complex problems of your company. Then we execute them and learn, in real time, what working and what's not. And then! We make some choices on what to do about it. All the while you're building your toolbelt for success and the future.

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Coach Kat Nesbit & TEAMS Reviews

Coach Kat Nesbit & TEAMS Reviews

Review of Coach Kat Nesbit & TEAMS by Kat Nesbit
5 Kat Nesbit

I happen to think my program and I are pretty cool stuff!

Coach Kat Nesbit & TEAMS

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Coach Kat Nesbit & TEAMS Q&A

Coach Kat Nesbit & TEAMS Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I love seeing clients realize their brilliance and capabilities. I love watching my clients discover that any shortcomings they might have are simply not devastating. Skills can be learned. Tasks can be delegated. People can help. I love seeing my clients feel their successes.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I started getting promoted to management positions very early in my twenties and quickly discovered I sucked at it. I was micro-managing and short tempered. I squished people regularly. As a perfectionist, my next logical step was to become an expert leader and manager. I did. I'm a reformed perfectionist now and sleep quite well. So does my team.

Why should our clients choose you?

I'm highly skilled and deeply dedicated to my clients. I have to be. I have a big ego. Your opinion of me counts even when I like to pretend it doesn't.
I bank more CCE hours per year than any coach or trainer I know… at about 100. I have trained with Cynthia Lloyd Darst, Andrew Neitlich and most recently (2016) Judith Glazier, training in C-IQ Coaching. I attend the World Business and Executive Coach Summit annually and have since its inauguration in 2010. Every year I choose at least one live event in my field to attend. In 2016 & 17, I attended the first (and 2nd) annual Growth Conference. It was packed with science stuff and practical application – great event! In 2018 I went to a client conference hosted by Mel Abraham. I haven't decided yet for this year!
I am not a woo-woo, feel good coach. I shoot from the hip and I aim true. Some would say I can be too direct. I was once given the nickname sandpaper. If you are looking for life coaching or, personal affirmation, I am not the coach for you. I show up with great compassion and care for my clients; a deep understanding of the science behind how the mind works and I push you. If you are ready to build yourself as a leader and your business as a legend you are in the right place.
I think what sets me apart from other business coaches is my life-long learning philosophy; allowing me to ever and again bring fresh ideas, fresh tools and the newest science to the process of our coaching experience. My serial entrepreneurial affliction brings a solid business background to our conversations. Oh, and my college education was in Accounting and Marketing and I’ve found these to be very handy skill sets over the years.
The other thing is my extensive list of tools. I have frameworks for every business "what" and for the "how", I have spreadsheets, workbooks, templates, examples, forms; 20 years of doing at my disposal.
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