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CMS Architecture & Design

Flatiron District, New York, New York


CMS Architecture & Design

Flatiron District, New York, New York


CMS Architecture
+ Design PC

Architect and Real Estate Developer in the Historic Landmark District of TriBeCa, located in Lower Manhattan, Mr. Smith designed, developed, and sponsored several notable luxury residential and mixed-use projects.



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The conversion of Artist Lofts as described in the NYC Department of Building Code is different than most people think.
It depends on one of several categories of zoning restrictions the address is considered to be existing under and if it is subject to change of use and/or occupancy. You need to know your Lot and Block number and reference it with the Department of Buiding Website.

An Architect or Expeditor is the best choice to consult as the laws are tricky when it comes to conversions.

We always meet with the client and establish a Program or wish list for the project they intend on doing.
We discuss lifestyle and other practical considerations. As every project is unique, so is the process.
However, we always produce several design options based on the Program and follow up with the client in order to settle on one approved design direction and proceed from there.

Design is Problem Solving...it has many solutions to solve the problem.
Design Style is a personal choice for the client however, our Design problem-solving ideas tend to be more modern and out of the box than traditional...as does our Design Style.

We enjoy the challenge Design which is problem-solving and making people happy with the results.

I've always had my own company ever since I received my license.

I have 35 years of Design, Construction and Real Estate Development experience.